The Missouri Department of Natural Resources operates under its Quality Management Plan (QMP) when collecting or overseeing the collection of environmental sampling data. This plan requires that any subgrantees, contractors, or, in some cases, the regulated community, who generate environmental data develop Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) or other appropriate quality management tools. The QMP covers all intramural and extramural monitoring and measurement activities that generate and process environmental data for use by the department, including Brownfield Assessment activities and activities at sites participating in the Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program (BVCP).

Quality Assurance Project Plans
The BVCP developed two documents for use by contractors conducting Brownfield Assessments: The BVCP also developed two documents for use by BVCP participants and their consultants: The contractor or consultant will sign the applicable generic QAPP and submit it with the site-specific work plan. The work plan will specify all of the details regarding site activities and will reference the generic QAPP. If the contractor or consultant wants or needs to deviate from the generic QAPP, the SSQA form may be submitted. The BVCP will review, and if acceptable, approve and sign the SSQA. >Activities that may be conducted under the generic QAPP and with the oversight of the BVCP include Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, site characterization, remedial action and risk management.