Below are links to public comment and involvement opportunities that exist within the Hazardous Waste Program.

Permits - Lists public notice and public participation opportunities currently available for Missouri hazardous waste facilities.

Superfund - Designed to clean up contaminated property where releases of hazardous substances have occurred in the past or are threatening to occur due to past practice.

Hazardous Waste Rules in Development - A listing of rule developments being considered by the Hazardous Waste Program.

Federal Facilities - Provides oversight and review of investigations, management and remediation of hazardous (chemical and radiological) substances at federal facilities in Missouri.

Hazardous Waste Forum - The Hazardous Waste Forum is a stakeholder group that includes representatives from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, industry, consultants, environmental groups and other regulatory agencies. The group meets regularly to evaluate and recommend opportunities and changes to law, regulations and department programs and procedures.

Department Public Notices - This page has links for all of the department's environmental programs public notice and comment opportunities.