EPA ID# MOD981505555

MoDNR Contact: Abby Sawyer, 573-526-5397 or 800-361-4827
Facility Contact: Michael Wertz
Last Updated: Aug. 28, 2019

  • Former Company Name: ILWD Inc.
  • Type of Facility: Permitted Commercial Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment.
  • Wastes Handled: Corrosives, cyanides, heavy metal bearing wastes, metal sludges, oils, organics (included halogenated solvents), paints, pigments and phenols, as well as various F-, K- P- and U-listed hazardous wastes as specified in the Part A application.
  • Treatment and Disposal Methods: Fuel blending.
  • Location of hard copies of hazardous waste permit application, Part I and Part II Permits, modification requests, reports, etc. and supporting documents:

Current Activities

Final Permits Issued: On Aug. 27, 2019, the department issued a final hazardous waste permit to Heritage. Heritage has been operating at the site under a department-issued Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Facility Part I Permit and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-issued Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments Part II Permit. On March 30, 2016, Heritage submitted a permit application to the department and EPA, to renew their existing hazardous waste permits. After a thorough technical review of the permit application and opportunity for public comment, the department issued a final Part I Permit. The final permit allows Heritage to continue storing and treating hazardous waste. EPA decided not to issue a Part II Permit, since EPA has no site-specific conditions for the facility, beyond those contained in the final Part I Permit, and Missouri is fully authorized for all permitting activities at the facility.

EPA intends to terminate the current Part II Permit upon issuance of the Part I Permit. Any parties adversely affected or aggrieved by the department’s decision to approve the final Part I Permit, or specific conditions of the final Part I Permit, may be entitled to pursue an appeal before the Administrative Hearing Commission by filing a written petition by Sept. 26, 2019, as more fully described on page 5 of the final Part I Permit.

The public can review and copy paper copies of the final Part I Permit, summary and response to comments received during the public comment period and supporting documents at the Mid-Continent Library System’s Claycomo Branch, 309 N.E. Hwy 69, Claycomo, Mo. (during normal business hours) or the agency locations above.


The Heritage Environmental Services LLC site is located on about 4.5 acres at 8525 NE 38th St. in Kansas City, Missouri. The facility was first built in 1986 by a company named ILWD Inc. In late 1986, ILWD changed its name to Heritage Environmental Services. Since early 1988, Heritage has operated a commercial hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage and treatment facility at the site, which acts as an “in-between” facility. Heritage transports to their facility, a variety of hazardous wastes produced by several industrial, individual and government customers. Heritage stores and treats listed hazardous waste, as well as ignitable, corrosive, or reactive “characteristic” hazardous waste. The wastes are stored in tanks and containers until blended to produce supplemental fuels for energy recovery. Heritage stores the fuel in containers or tanks until shipped off-site to cement kilns and other permitted facilities to be used as fuel.

Heritage also collects, consolidates and stores wastes that cannot be fuel blended, which are ultimately shipped off-site for processing or disposal at other facilities designed and permitted to handle that waste. Heritage currently operates six hazardous waste container storage areas, with a combined maximum capacity of 62,320 gallons; four 30,000-gallon hazardous waste fuel blending tanks; two 7,713-gallon aqueous hazardous waste and wastewater treatment tanks; and two 14,404-gallon hazardous waste holding tanks.

According to applicable federal and state hazardous waste laws and regulations, all hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities are required to investigate and clean up releases of hazardous waste and hazardous constituents to the environment at their facility resulting from present and past hazardous waste handling practices. Investigations conducted in 1990, concluded that corrective action was not necessary at the site at that time.

In 2005, Heritage investigated a potential area of concern due to a trailer fire inside the facility processing building, which caused firewater to escape the building. Potentially impacted soil at the facility was tested and it was determined that no further corrective action was necessary.

Heritage currently is operating under a department-issued Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Facility Part I Permit, effective Aug. 27, 2019. The Part I Permit was originally issued with an EPA-issued Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments Part II Permit in 1992, and reissued in 2006. EPA decided not to reissue the Part II Permit in 2019, since EPA had no site-specific conditions for the facility and Missouri is fully authorized for all permitting activities at the facility. The Part I Permit allow Heritage to store and treat hazardous wastes in containers and tanks. The regulated units under the current permits consist of six hazardous waste container storage areas and eight hazardous waste storage/treatment tanks.