These financial assurance templates are a publication of the department's Hazardous Waste Program, Permits Section. They are provided as a courtesy to assist with sample language for hazardous waste resource recovery, interim status, and treatment, storage and disposal facilities required to provide financial assurance. Click on the document name to view the language. Text in blue and red are instructions and should be deleted from your final document.

Every attempt is made to ensure the document wording is accurate and up-to-date. However, the Permits Section is unable to guarantee the accuracy of the sample language in terms of the current regulations. All users are encouraged to check the regulations directly. The instruments listed in federal regulations 40 CFR 264.151(a) through (n) are incorporated and modified by Missouri state regulations 10 CSR 25-7.264(1) and (2) to the language in the following lists of documents. Both the federal and state laws must be examined together to gain a clear understanding of the financial assurance requirements. Copies of the federal and state laws can be viewed at the departments' regional offices, the Missouri State Library, the U.S. Depository Libraries and most public libraries.


Note icon.Note: Instruments b, c, and d must be accompanied by a standby trust fund using the language of Instrument a.


Note: Instrument k must be accompanied by a standby trust fund using the language found in Instrument n.