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The Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program, or FUSRAP, was initiated in 1974 to identify, investigate and clean up or control sites that were part of the Nation's early atomic energy and weapons program. Activities at the sites eligible for the program were conducted by the Manhattan Engineer District or the Atomic Energy Commission, both predecessors of the Department of Energy.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was assigned management of the program by Congress in 1997.

The program's project in Missouri covers multiple sites in the St. Louis area both in St. Louis County and in St. Louis City. The sites listed below were contaminated with radium, thorium and uranium through processing, transportation, storage and management practices from 1942 to 1973. There have been over 100 vicinity properties surrounding the St. Louis Downtown Site, the St. Louis Airport Site and the Hazelwood Interim Storage Site that require additional investigation to determine if contamination exists at concentrations requiring remediation. The total estimated volume of contaminated soils, sediments and debris are approximately 1 million cubic yards.

For more information contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, FUSRAP Project Office, 8945 Latty Avenue, Berkeley, MO 63134, 314-260-3905.

St. Louis Downtown Site, or SLDS
This 45-acre active chemical manufacturing facility (Mallinckrodt Inc.) is located approximately 300 feet west of the Mississippi River and north of the St. Louis Downtown area. Mallinckrodt Chemical Company Plant processed uranium for the U.S. government nuclear weapons complex between 1942 and 1957.

St. Louis Airport Site, or SLAPS
Starting in the mid-1940’s, radioactive wastes and processed residues were stored at the St. Louis Airport Site, on 22 acres of property in St. Louis County north of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, in both uncovered bulk storage piles and materials containerized in drums. The waste material at the St. Louis Airport site was sold in 1956 and shipped to a facility at 9200 Latty Avenue. A majority of the material was dried and shipped to an out-of-state reprocessing facility. The St. Louis Airport site was placed on the Superfund National Priority List in 1989.

Hazelwood Interim Storage Site, or HISS
Starting in 1966, some of the airport site material was purchased, moved and stored at another site, later known as the Hazelwood Interim Storage Site, located about 3.2 miles northeast of Lambert-St. Louis Airport. The Hazelwood Interim Storage Site was placed on the Superfund National Priority List in 1989.

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