Old Farm Supply Building
Photo courtesy Washington Historical Society

So you've shared the location of an abandoned Farm Supply Store with the department - what happens next?

Employees from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Superfund section will travel to the site to determine the exact coordinates. If contact has been made with the property owner and permission granted, they may also test the soil for contaminants.

In addition to selling grain and seed, many farm supply stores sold agriculture chemicals. While many farm supply stores were responsible with the handling of these chemicals, just the possibility there may be contamination could be keeping redevelopers away. The perceived threat of contamination can also contribute to lending institutions being hesitant to extend loans on the property.

After an initial assessment by the Superfund section, the property can be transferred to the Department's Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program. This program is dedicated to returning underused properties in Missouri to a productive part of communities.

If contamination is found, the Department will work with the property owner to determine the best and most cost effective way to clean up the property. The Department can provide assurances the property has been cleaned up to standards safe for its intended use, a green light for redevelopers and investors to start work on the property. 

Old MFA building in Springfield.Redeveloped MFA building.
A former farm supply building in downtown Springfield was redeveloped through the Brownfields Program
from a crumbling structure, left, to a state-of-the-art research facility, right. Although this example is from a
larger city, similar results can be and have been accomplished in smaller towns.

Department staff knowledgeable in clean ups, tax credits and other financial assistance associated with environmental cleanups will be available throughout the process to offer guidance and help. The goal is to get these properties once again working for your community, and we'll help in any way possible along the way.