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Links to other state information and resources

Bromine Science and Environmental Forum     
Q and A on the European Commission Decision to Exempt Deca-BDE from RoHS (12/05)

California State
The Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 (Implementation Update) (3/06)

Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition
2006 Consumer Electronic Product Recycling Bills (State and Federal) (4/06)

The Council of State Governments
Northeast Regional Electronics Management Project

E-cycle St. Louis
Best Management Practices Research (8/03)
Collection Site Registration Application Package (2005-06)

Electronic Manufacturers' Coalition for Responsible Recycling
End-of Life Management of Electronics: Implementation of an ARF-Financed and Stakeholder-Managed System (5/05)

Electronic Resource Recovery Council of the Recycling Alliance of Texas
Texas E-cycling Standards (TEST)
BMP's: Guidance for Individuals, Households and Organizations with Limited Computer/Electronic Resources
BMP's: Guidance for Large Organizations with Substantial Computer/Electronic Resources

The Environment Agency, Chemicals Assessment Unit, Wallingford, UK
Update of the Risk Assessment of Bis(pentabromophenyl) Ether (Decarbromodiphenyl Ether) (5/04)
Addendum to the May 2004 Environmental Risk Assessment Report for Decarbromodiphenyl Ether (08/05)

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Midwest Regional Electronic Waste Recycling Policy Initiative

Regional Consumer Electronics Task Force
Best Management Practice Summary (9/03)     

State of Illinois
A Report on Electronics Equipment Disposal and Recycling (05/06)

State University System of Florida, Florida Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
Characterization of Lead Leachability from Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) Using the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Report #99-5 (12/99)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Cathode Ray Tube and CRT Glass Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Geological Survey
Brominated Flame Retardants in the Environment (11/04)

U.S. Government Accountability Office
Report to Congressional Requesters: Electronic Waste, GAO-06-47 (11/05)

University of Florida, Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences
RCRA Toxicity Characterization of Computer CPUs and Other Discarded Electronic Devices (7/04)

Washington State Legislature
PSI Fact-Sheet: Product Stewardship Financing Models, Washington State Electronics Recycling Law (3/06)
Senate Bill 6428: Providing electronic product recycling through manufacturer financed opportunities. (2005-06)
               *This is the "Bill as Passed Legislature"

Waste Age
Let's Do It Right!  For e-waste, a wait-and-see approach might be best. (01/06)