Last updated May 3, 2017

The Hazardous Waste Enforcement Unit works to ensure compliance with hazardous waste laws and regulations.

The unit also assists Missouri hazardous waste generators to encourage proper management of hazardous waste. It produces fact sheets and technical bulletins to help hazardous waste generators manage common problems encountered with hazardous waste and other potentially toxic substances. For a complete list of technical bulletins that are available on the web, visit the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Publications, Videos and Other Media page. The following is an example of some of the technical bulletins that are currently available online:

The unit coordinates the efforts of regional office staff conducting hazardous waste regulatory compliance inspections to assure priorities established by the state and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act are addressed. The unit is the state's primary contact for hazardous waste enforcement issues and, as such, works closely with EPA on enforcement, coordination, training and tracking activities.

For additional information, contact the Hazardous Waste Program's Compliance and Enforcement Section at 573-751-7560. If you would like information and updates on compliance issues, visit DNR Enforcement and Compliance Assistance Newsletter Generators Subscription to sign up for the hazardous waste generator electronic newsletter.