The "Manufacturer Responsibility and Consumer Convenience Equipment Collection and Recovery Act," found in the Missouri Revised Statutes, Sections 260.1050 to 260.1101, RSMo., was passed by the Missouri legislature and signed into law in 2008. This act requires computer manufacturers to implement recovery plans for the collection and recycling or reuse of certain computer equipment at no additional cost to households or home businesses. The Missouri legislature delegated the authority to enforce the requirements of the act to the Department of Natural Resources and required the department to put the law into effect by publishing a rule. The resulting Electronics Scrap Management rule, which is located in the Code of State Regulations at 10 CSR 25-19.010, became effective April 30, 2010.

How This Rule Applies to You

This rule applies to computer manufacturers, retailers and consumers and covers computer equipment used by an individual for personal or home business use. This rule does not apply to computer equipment from businesses, including charities, non-profits, schools, churches and public and governmental agencies.

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The Rule in a Nutshell

The Electronics Scrap Management rule clarifies the responsibilities of computer equipment manufacturers, retailers and the department for providing collection, recycling and reuse of certain computer equipment. Before manufacturers can sell their computer equipment in Missouri, they must have a department approved recovery plan that specifies how they will collect and recycle or reuse their unwanted equipment at no cost to the consumer. If a computer equipment manufacturer does not have a department approved recovery plan, neither the computer equipment manufacturer nor any retailer is authorized to sell that computer equipment in Missouri. The computer equipment manufacturers listed on the department's Registered Computer Equipment Manufacturers List have a department approved recovery plan and can sell their computer equipment in Missouri.

The Electronics Scrap Management rule contains the procedures for manufacturers to submit and implement their recovery plans. The department is responsible for making sure the computer manufacturers, retailers and recyclers manage the equipment according to state laws and regulations.