Last updated July 11, 2018

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has facilitated an advisory team of diverse stakeholders with a common goal of working together to build trust between the community and agencies and that has the opportunity to review and respond to proposed remedies and solutions. The team will be the voice for the entire community in regard to the TCE contamination in Camdenton.

What is a community-led Advisory Team?
A community-led Advisory Team is a diverse group of people who represent all aspects and interests of a community that has been impacted by environmental contamination. Members of the public can participate on your community’s Advisory Team in the following ways:
1. Interested Party– attend Advisory Team meetings occasionally to keep up on developments at the site, ask questions and voice your concerns and opinions.
2. Presenter—present research or expertise on topics relative to the mission of the advisory team.

The department received a total of 20 applications from citizens with interest in participating on the Camdenton Community Advisory Team (CAT). The department has chosen the seven member core team members. Core group members are: Don Barrett, Dale Bland, Danielle Farson, James Gohagan, Jannea Hazama, Scott Martin and Jerry Rogers.

The mission of the Camdenton Industrial TCE Contamination Advisory Team (CITCAT) is to meet as needed to investigate the misuse of chemicals as related to industrial manufacturing; to play an intermediary and transparent role between the community, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and potential responsible parties (PRPs); and create an open dialogue between the community, the department and PRPs. The CITCAT will make recommendations and report findings to the department. The CITCAT will also strive to ensure that current/future generations and the environment of Camdenton are protected for all its citizens.

In response to the discussion held during the Jan. 9, 2018 CITCAT meeting, the department will place documents with current information or work plans for review by the CITCAT on this webpage. One of the goals of the advisory team is to be a focal point for the exchange of information among local communities and state regulatory agencies involved in the investigation and cleanup of sites. These documents represent current activities at Camdenton sites for the CITCAT to review and relay the information to the local community to keep citizens up-to-date. (posted 01/10/18)

newJuly 10, 2018 CITCAT Meeting (posted 07/11/18)

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May 8, 2018 CITCAT Meeting (posted 05/21/18)

April 10, 2018 CITCAT Meeting (posted 04/19/18)

March 13, 2018 CITCAT Meeting (posted 05/04/18)

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Jan. 9, 2018 CITCAT Meeting

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