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Why develop this rule?
Federal and state laws require businesses to meet standards for handling hazardous waste. CESQGs, businesses that generate or accumulate very small quantities of hazardous waste, may be exempt from many of these requirements. According to federal law, CESQGs are allowed to treat or dispose of their hazardous waste on-site or transport it to an off-site treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSD), resource recovery facility, sanitary landfill or a facility approved by the state.

A law enacted in 1994 bans CESQG waste in Missouri sanitary landfills. The ban has helped lower the amount of toxic and otherwise dangerous materials going into garbage trucks and Missouri landfills. As a result of the ban, CESQGs pay costly fees for proper management using permitted commercial TSD facilities, dispose of their waste in out-of-state landfills or dispose of their waste illegally in Missouri landfills.

What will this rule accomplish?
The workgroup will develop a rule for the safe and economical handling of CESQG waste, encouraging public and private entities to establish CESQG facilities throughout the state. This new rule would create a streamlined licensing or certification process for businesses to accept CESQG waste, instead of the current, more burdensome, permitting process. The goals of this rule are the following:

  • provide more alternatives than the current laws,
  • promote recycling of CESQG waste,
  • assist businesses that generate CESQG waste,
  • eliminate illegal disposal in Missouri landfills and
  • reduce disposal in out-of-state landfills.