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The Budget and Planning Section obtains and oversees the financial resources necessary to operate the Hazardous Waste Program. This involves developing and tracking budgets, drafting legislative fiscal notes and preparing and administering grants and cooperative agreements. For more information, call 573-751-3176. The Budget and Planning Section is also responsible for the following activities:

The Budget and Planning Section coordinates personnel issues for the program and serves as the liaison between the Hazardous Waste Program and the Personnel Office.

Hazardous Waste Generator Registration
Businesses or individuals who generate more than 220 pounds (100 kilograms) of hazardous waste per month or accumulate more than 220 pounds (100 kilograms) of hazardous waste at any one time are required to register as hazardous waste generators with the State of Missouri.

Generators must submit a Notification of Regulated Waste Activity form 780-1164 to obtain federal and state generator identification numbers. For information concerning hazardous waste generator registration, call 573-751-3204.

Generator Reporting
Generators who have an active registration with the Hazardous Waste Program are required to report the amounts of waste they produce using the Generator's Hazardous Waste Summary Report. Large Quantity Generators must report quarterly and Small Quantity Generators report annually.

Biennial Reporting
Large-quantity generators and permitted TSD facilities are required to complete the biennial report. This year Missouri is using "Easitrak" by American Resource Management Inc. Use of this service is free to reporters.

Generator Email Reminders
Sign up for electronic report reminders and other reporting news.

Hazardous Waste Fees and Taxes
Depending upon the amount of hazardous waste generated, a generator may be required to pay fees and taxes. These funds are used in part for cleanup work at abandoned hazardous waste sites and emergency responses to hazardous substance spills.

Used Oil Regulations
As of Aug. 28, 1994, used oil is no longer considered a hazardous waste provided the used oil is recycled. The improper disposal of used oil causes needless damage to ground and surface water and wastes a valuable renewable resource, making us more dependent on imported oil. If you have questions concerning the management standards for used oil and used oil contaminated material, call 800-361-4827 or 573-751-3204.

Records Management
The Budget and Planning Section also maintains the Hazardous Waste Program files. Records management staff conduct in-house file reviews for Hazardous Waste Program staff and respond to requests from the general public for file information. For information on file reviews, call 573-751-3043.

Additional Information
Copies of the Missouri Revised Statutes, including the Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Law and the Petroleum Storage Tank Law are available online through the Missouri General Assembly. For more information or an order form, call 573-751-3176.

Paper and online versions of the Code of State Regulations are available from the Missouri Secretary of State's website and office. You can call at 573-751-4015. Hazardous Waste Program regulations, 10 CSR-25, are available online.

Budget and Planning Publications