Spill Number Incident Location County City Cause Call Date
1711220708SEH Highway 90 McDonald Noel Unknown/Undetermined 11/22/2017
1711221215SMC Railroad Mile Post S7.1 St. Louis St. Louis Mech. Malfunction/Failure 11/22/2017
1711221111SMC 204 West Third Street Dent Salem Improper Disposal 11/22/2017
1711220908SMC 60 North Turkey Ridge Road Montgomery Montgomery City Mech. Malfunction/Failure 11/22/2017
1711211204BLK 24279 State Highway 51 Stoddard Puxico Other 11/21/2017
1711211108ECT 1 brookings drive St. Louis St. Louis Mech. Malfunction/Failure 11/21/2017
1711201220ECT Corner of Lightning bug land and eagle road McDonald Goodman Other 11/20/2017
1711201020KAH 111 Fairgrounds Road Phelps Rolla Mercury Pickup 11/20/2017
1711171642KAH 2024 South Noland Road Jackson Blue Springs Leaking Tank System 11/17/2017
1711171222SMC 644 East 10th Pettis Sedalia Improper Disposal 11/17/2017
1711161520BLK 800 North Topping Avenue Jackson Kansas City Mech. Malfunction/Failure 11/16/2017
1711151800KAH 3937 Park Avenue St. Louis City St. Louis Fire/Explosion 11/15/2017
1711151932KAH Levee Road (across from Riverfront Park) Clay Kansas City Vehicular Accident 11/15/2017
1711151449KAH 3540 Regal Place St. Louis City St. Louis Improper Disposal 11/15/2017
1711150305SEH 1202 South Missouri Street Macon Macon Vehicular Accident 11/15/2017
1711141708SEH Highway 412 South and Main Street Dunklin Senath Mech. Malfunction/Failure 11/14/2017
1711140919BLK Milepost 281.7 Scotland Gorin Railroad Accident 11/14/2017
1711141107BLK 101 Missouri 51 Stoddard Puxico Mech. Malfunction/Failure 11/14/2017
1711142200SEH Rock Island Railroad Bridge at Gasconade River Osage Rural Osage County Fire/Explosion 11/14/2017
1711131146ECT Highway 30 and melody hill drive Jefferson Dittmer Confiscated Drug Lab Mat. 11/13/2017
1711131135ECT Main street Jackson Levasy Railroad Accident 11/13/2017
1711130943SEH 205 South Kings Highway Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau Unknown/Undetermined 11/13/2017
1711100641SEH 292 West Baker Road McDonald Stella Discharge/Air Emission 11/10/2017
1711101029SEH 32nd Street Pettis Green Ridge Discharge/Air Emission 11/10/2017
1711100642SEH 467 North Raccoon Road Newton Stella Discharge/Air Emission 11/10/2017
Spill Number Location County City Cause Call Date
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