Brian Allen

Brian Allen is director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Environmental Services Program, which employs 93 people. The program has five sections: Air Quality Monitoring, Chemical Analysis, Water Quality Monitoring, Environmental Emergency Response and Administrative, which houses an occupational health and safety consultant. In addition, three quality assurance professionals in the director’s office perform independent audits within the program.

Before becoming director in 2016, Allen served 10 years as chief of the Environmental Emergency Response section. He led the department’s response to the tornado in Joplin, supported the department’s efforts related to the drought of 2012, and coordinated the department’s response to other declared disasters.

Allen joined the department in 1991 as a staff member of the Field Services Unit within the Environmental Services Program. He conducted investigations and collected samples for other department programs, primarily the Hazardous Waste Program. He was promoted to chief of the Field Services Unit in 2004.

Allen currently serves on the Missouri Emergency Response Commission, and he has represented the department on the Region 7 Regional Response Team, the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, and multiple committees regarding training, exercises, hazard mitigation, and emergency planning.

Allen earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a minor in biology from Columbia College. A resident of Columbia, he is married with three children.