Address: 5012 South Charleston Ave.
               Springfield, MO 65804
CPhoto of South Charleston air monitoring siteounty: Greene
Pollutants no longer monitored: Sulfur dioxide (SO2),
ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM10)

The department most recently monitored sulfur dioxide at the South Charleston site, but it ceased operating the station
at the end of December 2016. The state used the South Charleston site to monitor ambient SO2 concentrations near Springfield's
James River Power Station. However, in the last several years, design values had decreased steadily, and in October 2015,
the power station switched its fuel from coal to natural gas, which caused design values to decline further. EPA approved
the department's plan to cease monitoring.

Graph of design values from all SO2 sites, beginning in 2003

The 2016 Air Monitoring Network Plan discusses the plan to cease monitoring.