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Pollutants Monitored: Inhalable Particulate (PM2.5)

Inhalable Particulate (PM2.5)

Updated: Only historical data shown below. Instrument has been discontinued.

National Ambient Air Quality Standard: (24-hour samples; one taken every third day)  A three year average of the 98th percentile 24-hour averages equal or greater than 35 ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter) and/or a three year average of annual averages equal or greater than 15.0 ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter).

Exceedances allowed without a violation being recorded: two percent of daily observations

Disclaimer: Yearly and quarterly data shown below has been subject to data review and validation procedures by the reporting agency. Monthly data and data shown graphically is raw, unreviewed and unvalidated data.

Inhalable Particulate (PM2.5)

The units for all averages in this chart are micrograms per cubic meter.
Year First Maximum
24-Hour Average
Second Maximum
24-Hour Average
2002 30.3 29.3 12.4
2003 40.3 32.6 12.5
2004 29.2 27.5 10.23
2005 37.2 37.2 12.86
2006(instrument removed late 2006)
Third Quarter
22.5 19.6 10.5

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