updateThe Missouri Department of Natural Resources completed its draft plan to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) from mobile sources and posted it in early April. The draft beneficiary mitigation plan outlines Missouri's vision and goals for spending $41 million from the Volkswagen Trust. The department also completed draft guidelines for implementing the plan.

The department developed the draft documents, using input from the VW Trust Advisory Committee and from Missouri citizens. Since October of 2017, the department has received comments and suggestions during meetings, via surveys and through emails and letters.

The department will accept public comments on the draft documents through May 4, 2018. Use the link in the first graphic box, below, to access the documents and links. This link also will allow you to access materials from the public meeting about the drafts. The department held the meeting on April 20, 2018, in Jefferson City.

The department's updated fact sheet about the VW Trust contains information on the settlement, about public outreach and on the two draft documents.

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