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On Public Notice

Proposed Area Boundary Recommendations for the 2010 Sulfur Dioxide Standard: December 2020 Designations

Missouri is proposing to recommend boundary designations (e.g. attainment, nonattainment, unclassifiable) for the 2010 1-hour Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) standard. These recommendations address two areas of the state containing a total of three sources identified as meeting criteria specified in the federal Data Requirements Rule for round four of SO2 designations. The proposed recommendations are based on technical evaluations of these areas using air quality monitoring data. The evaluation also includes air quality modeling to inform the recommended boundary for the area containing the violating monitor. The air program intends to submit these recommendations to EPA by May 1, 2020. EPA must finalize designations for these areas by December 31, 2020. This action will not be submitted for inclusion in the Missouri State Implementation Plan.

Proposed Area Boundary Recommendations for the 2010 Sulfur Dioxide Standard: December 2020 Designations

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A public hearing is scheduled for this action on March 26, 2020. Comments about this action will be accepted through close of business on April 2, 2020.

Proposed for Adoption

Air Quality Control Region Priority Reclassification Request – Multipollutant

Pursuant to 40 CFR 51 Subpart H, Prevention of Air Pollution Emergency Episodes, this action requests reclassification of several Missouri Air Quality Control Regions to lower priority classifications for carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter. The action also increases the priority classification for sulfur dioxide in the Southeast Missouri Intrastate Air Quality Control Region, and requests exemptions for emergency episode contingency plans in portions of regions that are designated attainment for the applicable pollutants. The request is based on the three most recent years (2016-2018) of certified ambient monitoring data.

A public hearing was held for this action on Dec. 3, 2019. Comments about this action were accepted through close of business on Dec. 10, 2019.

Summary of Comments and Responses

Priority Reclassification Request – Multipollutant; Revised in response to comments and Proposed for Adoption at the March 26, 2020 Commission meeting.