With this template for quality assurance project plans (QAPPs), the Air Pollution Control Program (APCP) of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources intends to provide a standardized format for all plans outlining projects to monitor air quality in Missouri. Using the template and following its outline will facilitate review and approval of a project-specific QAPP.

For help completing a QAPP, contact the Air Pollution Control Program. You can reach the supervisor of the air program's Air Monitoring Unit at 573-751-4817. For assistance with issues regarding standard operating procedures (SOPs), contact the Environmental Services Program (ESP). You can reach the supervisor of ESP's Air Quality Assurance Unit at 573-526-3315.

General Instructions:

  1. Underlined sections in italics contain instructions, not words that need to be included in the QAPP. Replace these sections with the specific information requested.
  2. Sections in normal font contain recommended wording to be used in conjunction with the project-specific information that is requested. Incorporate these sections into your QAPP.
  3. If the information requested is in a standard operating procedure related to a specific project, you have the option to reference that standard operating procedure or provide the information in the QAPP. However, you must list sections and subsections with specific SOPs. If you do reference them, attach them to the QAPP as appendices.
  4. Appendices contain standardized requirements as needed. Remove items that do not apply to a specific project.
  5. For document control, edit the header by inserting the project name, date, and revision number. Note that the original QAPP should be revision 0.
  6. To ensure all elements of the QAPP have been properly addressed, the Air Pollution Control Program uses a checklist based on this template. You may access the checklist via the third link, below. Please note that deviating from the template and guidance documents make reviewing more difficult and could cause delays in the review and approval phases.

Specific Instructions for Completing Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)

QAPP Template, revised September 2016

QAPP Checklist