According to 10 CSR 10-6.060 (7), any new major stationary source, or major modification to a stationary source, must obtain a Section 7 nonattainment area permit for each pollutant that it proposes to emit if the area has been designated nonattainment for that pollutant and the projected emission rate exceeds the major source thresholds. 

The Section 7 nonattainment area requirements differ from those that are required under the Section 8 Prevention of Significant Deterioration permitting program. In order to obtain a Section 7 nonattainment area permit, the applicant must agree to the following items:

  • Emissions must be controlled through the application of the lowest achievable emission rate. 
  • Emission offsets must be obtained.
  • All sources owned by the applicant must be in compliance with all applicable air quality standards.
  • A Class I visibility assessment must be made.

Because these requirements are pollutant specific, guidance pertaining to the air quality analysis and emissions offsets will not be provided on this website. If it is determined that a nonattainment area permit is required, the applicant should contact the department’s Air Pollution Control Program for guidance.