The Missouri Emissions Inventory Questionnaire (EIQ) is a paper-based system that allows you to submit emissions data on the forms below to fulfill state reporting requirements. The information that you supply helps our office track air quality throughout the state and determine fees.

EIQ Excel Workbook
EIQ Forms:

Recent revisions to the emissions reporting requirements may affect your business. For more information see the Revised Emissions Reporting and Fee Rule.

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The EIQ consists of required forms and supplemental worksheets. Worksheets are process specific and required only if a facility has the applicable process. To determine which forms are applicable to your operation see the Overview of EIQ Forms.

Note icon. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or higher to print the PDF forms.

EIQ Excel Workbook

This Excel® Workbook has replaced the Word® Fill-In forms for ease of use. They have several capabilities not possible in either Word Fill-In forms or hardcopy versions: Automatic calculations, comment boxes and instructions, copy/paste and linking capability and editing capabilities for future submissions. Click on the individual PDFs below if you need a specific form.

EIQ Forms

EIQ Forms 1.0

EIQ Forms 2.0 and Related Worksheets

EIQ Forms 3.0

EIQ Form 4.0