Project # 8608-2017

Contractor: Marschel Wrecking
Contact Person: Jeremy Frye
Phone: (636) 326-4940

Owner: City of Washington
Project Site: Frick Meat packing Plant
Project Address: 805 & 819 Locust St
City: Washington
Regional Office: SLRO
Demo Start Date: 07/31/2017
Demo Complete Date: 09/29/2017
Total # of Days: 60

Comments: Asbestos type and quantity not listed on notification;

Present Use: Vacant/Vacant
Prior Use: Meat Packing Plant/Residential
Asbestos Type: Floor Tile;Roof Flashing;Mastic;
Asbestos Qty: FT-300sf;RF-510lf;M-1320sf;
Amendments: N/A
Inspections: N/A
Postmark Date: N/A
Date Received: 07/11/2017

Paid: Yes