Project # 8460-2017

Contractor: Sam A. Baker State Park
Contact Person: Martin Kator
Phone: (573) 522-6380

Owner: MODNR Sam A. Baker State Park
Project Site: Boat Ramp Old Pit Latrine-flooded
Project Address: RR 1 Box 18150
City: Pattterson
County: WAYNE
Regional Office: SERO
Demo Start Date: 05/26/2017
Demo Complete Date: 06/15/2017
Total # of Days: 20

Comments: fee waived due to recent flooding;

Present Use: none
Prior Use: latrine
Asbestos Type: -
Asbestos Qty: -
Amendments: N/A
Inspections: N/A
Postmark Date: N/A
Date Received: 05/15/2017

Paid: Yes