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ID# Contractor Name Project Site County Type of Asbestos Notification Date
3079 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. The Procter & Gamble Company St. Louis City 600sf n-f floor tile/mastic under negative ceramic tile 05/22/2019
3078 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Lincoln County R-III School Lincoln 60sf n-f 12"x12" tile/mstc, 124sf n-f 9"x9" tile/mstc, 7lf n-f pipe insul 05/21/2019
3077 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 638 Jeffco Blvd. (will demo) Jefferson 180sf non-frbl fiberboard & mastic, non-frbl window glazing-approx 19 windows 05/21/2019
3076 NJW Construction Corp. Two Family Flat House St. Louis City None. 05/17/2019
3075 David Rensch Construction Webster County Jail Construction Project Webster 231=14sf rf tar, 229=16lf rf tar/1140sf trnst, 208-14=1891sf flr tile/14sf rftar 05/16/2019
3074 ARSI, Inc. P#1917-2, Callaway Hills Elementary School, Gym Callaway 60sf Cat. I non-frbl VCT & mastic-Gym 05/16/2019
3073 Spray Services, Inc. Beaufort Elementary School Franklin 18580sf n-f floor tile & mastic, 2100sf n-f wall caulking 05/16/2019
3070 ARSI, Inc. P#1911 Central Methodist, Holt, 229-232,329-332 &429-432 Howard 150lf pipe insulation on steam/domestic water pipes in 2nd/4th floor bathrooms 05/15/2019
3072 Z & L Wrecking Company Vacant Residence (abate 5/29-31, demo 5/29-7/29) St. Louis City 15sf frbl duct wrap. 05/15/2019
3071 ARSI, Inc. P#1916-2, Parcel 1, MO-24, MoDOT Job#J2P2182 Chariton 120sf frbl sheet vinyl flooring, 5sf Cat. 1 non-frbl roof flashing 05/15/2019
3069 CAMCOR Environmental, LLC Pierce City Middle School (High School Bldg A) Lawrence non-frbl transite panels outside of Gym 05/13/2019
3068 ARSI, Inc. P#1947, Single Family Residence, Basement Audrain 42ea frbl ACM fittings 05/09/2019
3067 ARSI, Inc. P#1903-13, MU Chemistry Bldg-Ground Flr Rstrm/Mchncl Chs Boone 7ea frbl pipe insulation fittings-Ground Floor Restroom & Mechanical Chase 05/09/2019
3066 ARSI, Inc. P#1903-12, MU, Heinkel Bldg-Suite 22 Boone 1929sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT & mastic 05/09/2019
3063 ARSI, Inc. P#1918, St. Boniface House, Basement & Exterior Osage 4700sf n-f transite siding on house, manual rmvl 50sf frbl duct wrap in basement 05/07/2019
3065 City Utilities of Springfield Water Main Relocation for Primrose Street Widening Proj. Greene 2536lf non-frbl 8" & 10" asbestos cement water pipe 05/07/2019
3064 ARSI, Inc. P#1946, Single Family Residence, Exterior Osage 1920sf n-f transite siding 05/07/2019
3061 ARSI, Inc. P#1937 Hyder Apartments, Units 32 & 100 Cole 200sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic 05/02/2019
3062 ARSI, Inc. P#1944, Elks Lodge, Basement Area Cole 2032sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic-Basement Area 05/02/2019
3060 ARSI, Inc. P#1945, Single Family Residence, Main Level Hallway Cole 40sf non-frbl VAT on wood-Main Level Hallway 04/30/2019
3059 ARSI, Inc. P#1703-9 MU,West Wing-2nd Flr Microbiology Rms 2W09D,E&F Boone 8lf frbl thermal insulation systems 04/30/2019
3058 ARSI, Inc. P#1903-11,CP181441,WA11,MU Medical Science Bldg-Rm M345B Boone 128sf n-f VAT/mastic-Room M365 04/30/2019
3057 ARSI, Inc. P#1940, Single Family Residence-Kitchen Cole 112sf n-f VAT on wood-Kitchen 04/29/2019
3056 ARSI, Inc. P#1903-10, MU, Ellis Library-Basement Mechanical Room Boone 130lf frbl thermal systems insulation-Ellis Library Basement Mechanical Rm 04/29/2019
3055 ARSI, Inc. P#1899-35, American Auto Supply, throughout building Maries 2920sf n-f VAT,116lf n-f ext wndw clk,48lf n-f wndw glaze,280lf n-f roof flshng 04/26/2019
3054 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. 905 South 3rd Street St. Louis City 3875sf non-frbl HVAC tar paper 04/26/2019
3053 B & R Insulation Inc. Northwest Missouri State University-Power Plant Nodaway 100sf frbl boiler insulation 04/24/2019
3052 ARSI, Inc. P#1816-6, MoDOTJob#J5P3185,Bridge A-2751-Under Tube Rail Miller 7sf Cat II non-frbl insulating compound under tube rail post 04/22/2019
3051 ARSI, Inc. P#1938-2, Harry S Truman Veterans Hospital, Room C231 Boone 126sf non-frbl VAT & mastic-Room C231 04/18/2019
3050 ARSI, Inc. P#1932 Missouri S&T, South Central Rgnl Prfssnl Dvlpmnt Phelps 3217sf non-frbl tile/mastic-1st/2nd Floors Professional Development Center 04/18/2019
3049 ARSI, Inc. P#1816-1, MoDOTJob#J9P3071,Bridge K-0722-Deck/Curb Joint Butler 192sf Cat. I non-frbl Deck & Curb Joints 04/16/2019
3048 Denton Excavating dba Midland Wrecking, Inc. Residential Jackson None. 04/15/2019
3047 ARSI, Inc. P#1935, Woodhaven Well House, CPWSD #1 Boone 100lf wndw glzng,40sf pipe wrap,2000sf cmnt roof pnls,40lf wall clk,40lf pipe i 04/15/2019
3046 ARSI, Inc. P#1811 Central Methodist University, Clingenpeel Edu Bld Howard 3700sf n-f VAT, 13 light fxtr bckngs, 110lf pipe insul in basement water pipes 04/12/2019
3045 ARSI, Inc. P#1960-1, Fulton State Hsptl-Guhleman-West Bldg-Kitchen Callaway 24lf frbl pipe insulation-Kitchen Radiant Heat Line 04/12/2019
3044 ALM Environmental Services & Construction LLC Perkey Building (will demo) Bates 154sf frbl linoleum 04/12/2019
3043 GreenTrac, LLC Vacant Lot (concrete removal) St. Louis City None. 04/12/2019
3042 ARSI, Inc. P#1841-3, Single Family Residence-East Exterior Addition Cole 350sf Cat. II non-frbl transite 04/11/2019
3041 ARSI, Inc. P#1916-1, MoDOTJob#J8P0605H, Bridge A-3108,Under Tube Ra Greene 26sf n-f insulating compound under tube rail post on left side of bridge 04/10/2019
3039 ARSI, Inc. P#1931 Resthaven Convalescent Home-Mchncl Rm-Wtr Heater Pettis 100sf frbl water heater tank insulation 04/09/2019
3040 ARSI, Inc. P#1927, Single Family Residence, Exterior Randolph 6340sf Cat. II non-frbl roof shingles & siding 04/09/2019
3038 ARSI, Inc. P#1934-2A, Callaway Energy Center Callaway 1000sf mud/soil containing small amounts n-f cement transite debris-cooling towe 04/04/2019
3037 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 964 Grandview Lane (house) Franklin 1940sf non-frbl transite siding 04/04/2019
3036 ARSI, Inc. P#1903-9 MU Women's & Children's Hospital-Rm 1026 Restrm Boone 18sf non-frbl black mastic-Room 1026 Restroom 04/04/2019
3035 Harvey Brothers Trucking & Wrecking Co., Inc. Single Family Residence Platte 600sf non-frbl floor tile 04/03/2019
3034 Wellington Environmental United States Post Office Perry 10lf non-frbl window glazing (6 window panes) 04/01/2019
3033 ARSI, Inc. P#1899-36 Former International Shoe Factory 1st Flr Offc Cole 64sf non-frbl VCT-1st Flr Office 04/01/2019
3032 ARSI, Inc. P#1916-1, MoDOTJob#J8O2397,Bridge A-3107 G06,Under Tube Greene 26sf n-f insulating compound under tube rail post 03/29/2019
3031 ARSI, Inc. P#1930, Dollar General/Single Family Residence Boone 199sf non-frbl vinyl sheet flooring-1st floor NW mud room & upper level bathroom 03/28/2019
3030 Marschel Wrecking LLC House (will demo) St. Louis City None. 03/26/2019
3029 ARSI, Inc. P#1922, Rockbridge High School, Gym Water Fountain Boone 10ea frbl mudded fittings-Gym Water Fountain 03/26/2019
3028 CENPRO Services, Inc. Anhueser Busch-Building 207 (CENPRO Job#: ABP19-4) St. Louis City 1675sf floor tile/mastic, 74lf window/door caulk, 60sf duct coating 03/25/2019
3027 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1914, Kappa Kappa Gamma Bsmnt Storage Rm-Original Hous Boone 26lf frbl TSI-Basement Storge Rm, Original House 03/25/2019
3026 Wellington Environmental BMO Harris Bank (section for demolition) St. Louis City 67lf frbl pipe insulation, 5000sf non-frbl floor tile 03/22/2019
3025 Spray Services, Inc. University of Missouri-Columbia, Tucker Hall Boone approx 750sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 03/21/2019
3022 MoDOT (CANCELLED) 7 Bay Block Maintenance Bldg on Concrete Pad Crawford 198sf non-frbl transite 03/20/2019
3021 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. City Utilities of Springfield-Bus Depot Greene 22/5sf frbl vinyl sheet flooring 03/20/2019
3023 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1903-6,CP181441,WA#8,Univ of MO, Tucker Hall-Rms 303A&B Boone 1714sf n-f VAT/mstc, 50sf n-f Fume Hood 03/20/2019
3024 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1903-7, CP181441,WA#9, Univ of MO, Tucker Hall-Room 403 Boone 888sf n-f VAT/mstc, 50sf n-f Fume Hood 03/20/2019
3020 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1841-5 Single Family Residence-Exterior & Interior Cole 20lf frbl seam tape, 35sf frbl sht vnyl, 240sf nf VAT/mstc, 12sf nf chmny flshng 03/18/2019
3019 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1929, The Washington Coffee Shop Franklin 100sf boiler insulation 03/15/2019
3018 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1943-1, Ameren Services, Control Bldg Exterior Walls Cooper 4sf Cat. II non-frbl transite 03/15/2019
3017 Z & L Wrecking Company 1442 Burd St. Louis City None. 03/14/2019
3016 Z & L Wrecking Company 1904 E. Linton St. Louis City None. 03/14/2019
3015 Cardinal Environmental Oper Corp A3206 Elsberry High School Lincoln 6399 SF Floor Tile and Mastic 03/08/2019
3014 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1949-2, Single Family Residence-Roof Audrain 80lf Cat. I non-frbl roof flashing 03/06/2019
3013 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. Former Linn Elementary School Osage 1749 sq ft Floor Tile, 3 Friable Mudded Pipe Joints 03/05/2019
3012 Environmental Operations, Inc. Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis St. Louis City 25lf frbl pipe fittings 03/04/2019
3011 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. #1924, Single Family Residence-Basement Boone 928sf n-f vinyl plank flooring & asbestos containing floor tile 03/04/2019
3010 Abatepro, Inc. 4559-61-63 Oakland Avenue St. Louis City 140lf n-f window glaze, 140lf n-f window caulk 02/27/2019
3007 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1949-1, Single Family Residence-Exterior/Basement Area Audrain 1400sf n-f transite, 10lf frbl TSI, 4sf n-f flashing 02/25/2019
3006 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1949-1, Single Family Residence-Exterior Audrain 2020sf n-f transite, 4sf n-f flashing 02/25/2019
3008 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1903-4, MU Micro Lab, Fume Hood Boone 60sf n-f transite, 2lf frbl TSI debris 02/25/2019
3009 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Union Station Warehouse St. Louis City 145sf/103lf frbl mud jnt fttngs,2155sf flr mstc,1500lf rf tar,180lf clk,4350lf g 02/25/2019