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ID# Contractor Name Project Site County Type of Asbestos Notification Date
2998 Z & L Wrecking Company Vacant Residence (abate 3/11-14, demo 3/11-4/30/19) St. Louis City 1100sf n-f transite (removed before demo) 02/18/2019
2996 Wellington Environmental Big Brick Buildings ML, LLC St. Louis City 125sf frbl linoleum 02/13/2019
2995 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. St. Agnes Cathedral-Former Convent Building Greene 270sf n-f floor tile/mastic, 700sf n-f transite 02/13/2019
2997 CENPRO Services, Inc. Millipore Sigma (M19-13) St. Louis City 565sf frbl floor tile, 970sf n-f floor tile mastic 02/11/2019
2994 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1921, St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Altar Cole 600sf non-frbl VAT & mastic 02/11/2019
2993 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. The Rung Project St. Louis City 2500sf nf flr tile-2nd flr,5100sf nf rf flshng, 570sf nf trnst sdng,2500lf nf cl 02/07/2019
2992 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. House Demolition@3101 & 3059 Rock Creek Road Jefferson 120sf frbl flr shtng,10sf frbl dct seam tp,1200sf trnst sdng,320sf flrtile,30lf 02/04/2019
2991 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Jesuit Archives St. Louis City 1250sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 02/02/2019
2990 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. St. Vincent DePaul Society St. Louis City 800sf non-frbl transite panels 02/02/2019
2989 GenCorp Services Tower Grove St. Louis City 144sf nf flr tile/mstc,75sf nf flr tile,2500sf nf roofing,465lf nf roof flshng 02/01/2019
2988 CENPRO Services, Inc. Chase Park Plaza, Hotel Guest Rooms St. Louis City 3000sf n-f floor mastic by manual wet methods 02/01/2019
2987 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1937 Hyder Apartments, Units 133, 241 & 323 Cole 300sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic 01/30/2019
2985 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1915, House-Basement Cole 200sf frbl sheet vinyl flooring-Basement 01/28/2019
2984 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1920, Guitar Building, Attic Boone 8lf frbl thermal systems insulation-Attic 01/28/2019
2986 MAB Environmental 2 Houses St. Louis City 9 windows n-f window caulking & 20 windows n-f window caulking 01/28/2019
2982 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1903-1 MU Women's & Children's Hospital-OB Triage Reno Boone 260sf n-f VAT/mstc-OB Triage 01/25/2019
2978 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Windsor Henry 10000sf n-f roofing felts 01/22/2019
2975 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Deepwater Henry 1525sf n-f roofing felts 01/22/2019
2977 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Milo Vernon 50sf n-f flashing on northwest corner 01/22/2019
2976 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Hume Bates 1400sf n-f roofing felts 01/22/2019
2979 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Cherryville Crawford 1500sf n-f roofing felts 01/22/2019
2980 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Bloomfield Stoddard 15sf n-f roof flashing at roof hatch 01/22/2019
2981 Weathercraft Inc. Radio Tower Roof Replacement-Lawrenceton Ste. Genevieve 15sf n-f roof flashing at roof hatch 01/22/2019
2983 MAB Environmental 4773 Thrush Avenue St. Louis City 1200sf n-f transite siding 01/18/2019
2974 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1903-3,1903-2,CP181441, MU Medical Science Bldg-Mch Rm Boone 1903-3,15lf frbl thermal systems insulation-Mechanical Rm-Basement 01/18/2019
2973 Z & L Wrecking Company 3154 Ohio (Vacant House) St. Louis City None. 01/17/2019
2972 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 141 East Main Street Old Monroe Lincoln 150sf non-frbl 9"x9" floor tile 01/17/2019
2971 OA-FMDC-MSHP GHQ Vehicle Maintenance Bldg-Radio Shop Cole 3-8sf floor tile 01/14/2019
2967 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Single Family Residence Greene 140sf frbl sheet vinyl flooring 01/10/2019
2969 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1812-6, Unilever Home & Personal Care-Lower Level Roof Cole 200lf n-f roof felt perimeter flshng; 01/10/2019
2968 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-4, MU Memorial Student Union, Ground Floor Boone 12sf frbl thermal systems insulation 01/10/2019
2966 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1910, House at 813 Maupin-Basement Boone 30sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT 01/09/2019
2970 City Utilities of Springfield City Utilities of Springfield-Future Asbestos Abatements Greene Unknown 01/09/2019
2965 Wellington Environmental Henry Kitchen/Bath St. Louis City 4800sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 01/08/2019
2964 GenCorp Services N. Pine Street Phelps 30sf frbl boiler wrap, 4000sf non-frbl floor tile, 20lf frbl pipe insulation 01/07/2019
2963 Richter Excavating & Plumbing, LLC Vacant Residence Johnson None. 01/04/2019
2962 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. City Utilities of Springfield-Substation N13 Greene 30sf non-frbl transite 01/03/2019
2961 Wynes Excavation & Demolition Inc. Burned Vacant Residence (will demo) Buchanan siding 01/02/2019
2960 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1837-2, Jefferson City Housing Authority-Units A,B,C&D Cole 25sf n-f VAT & mastic, 40ea frbl fittings 01/02/2019
2959 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-28, 1708 Missouri Boulevard Cole 1700sf non-frbl VAT & mastic 01/02/2019
2958 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-40, Former Cenex Station, Roof Lafayette 50sf non-frbl roof flashing 01/02/2019
2957 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1919, St. Francis Xavier Rectory, Main Level Living Rm Cole 780sf non-frbl VAT & mastic-Main Level Living Rm, Dining Rm & Office 01/02/2019
2956 Z & L Wrecking Company 2516 W. Hebert (Vacant House) St. Louis City None. 12/28/2018
2723 Abatepro, Inc. Vacant House at 1906 Garden St. Louis City 75lf n-f window glaze 12/15/2018
2955 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 217 E. Capital Avenue Cole 3113sf non-frbl 9" x 9" mastic 12/13/2018
2954 Environmental Operations, Inc. SLU-ISE Building St. Louis City 400lf n-f transite pipe (abandoned water line duct bank) 12/12/2018
2952 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 621-33 North Skinker Blvd. St. Louis City <1cf frbl vrmclt remnants,3320sf nf mstc,10lf nf rope gskt,20lf nf ext door clk 12/10/2018
2953 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. St. Louis University-Tegler Hall St. Louis City 2600sf non-frbl fire doors (108 doors) 12/10/2018
2951 CENPRO Services, Inc. Anheuser-Busch Companies-Bldg 181, 6th Floor Mechanical St. Louis City 110sf fireproofing 12/06/2018
2949 GenCorp Services Concannon (Norfolk Southern) Randolph 12lf non-frbl boiler sealant 12/05/2018
2950 Mid America Environmental Solutions City of Sarcoxie Demolitions Jasper 4lf frbl sink texture undercoating, 40sf frbl linoleum 12/05/2018
2948 CAMCOR Environmental, LLC Ozark Center Renovation Newton 76sf frbl sheetrock/mud/tape, 2217sf non-frbl floor tile & mastic 12/03/2018
2947 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1826-2 Ft. Leonard Wood-Bldg 986, Readiness Cntr-Roof Pulaski 500sf/11ea non-frbl asbsts roofing tar materials around mechanical penetrations 11/29/2018
2946 Abatepro, Inc. Vacant House at 439 Antelope St. Louis City 3200sf n-f transite, 640sf n-f floor tile & mastic 11/29/2018
2945 INSCO Environmental, Inc. Missouri City Plant Stack Clay 20000sf non-frbl tar coating on interior wall 11/28/2018
2944 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1833-2 Harbison Walker Refractories #4 Dryer/Chem Bon Audrain 50sf frbl dctwrk insul-Chem Bond Dryer, 50sf frbl insul #4 Dryer/Chem Bond Dryer 11/26/2018
2943 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1875, Single Family Residence-Basement Area Cole 200sf n-f vinyl asbestos tile, 10sf frbl seam tape 11/21/2018
2942 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Maramic Fire & Safety Greene 7013sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 11/20/2018
2941 Boulder Construction LLC House Cape Girardeau None (Midwest Env. Studies removed non-frbl linoleum/roof flashing on 11-8-18) 11/19/2018
2940 None required Liberty Garden Apartments Warren None. 11/16/2018
2939 Z & L Wrecking Company 1502 Palm Avenue (Vacant House) St. Louis City None. 11/14/2018
2938 Environmental Resources of Missouri Inc. Northwest R-1 School District (former Admin. Bldg) Jefferson 8sf frbl window caulk, 500sf non-frbl floor tile 11/13/2018
2937 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-20, University of MO, Middlebush Hall-Room 125 Boone 40sf frbl drywall, 20lf frbl TSI 11/13/2018
2936 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Fairbanks Building Greene 450lf nf flr mstc,600sf nf trnst ceiling brd,7lf/1lf frbl thrml pipe/fttng insl 11/07/2018
2935 City Utilities of Springfield City Utilities of Springfield-Main Campus Lobby Greene 100sf non-frbl floor tile mastic 11/05/2018
2933 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1838-9,1838-10 Harry S Truman Veterans Hsptl-B008/D10 Boone #1838-9/1838-10,210sf/132sf nf crpt,VAT,mstc,10/31-11/2; 1838-11,4lf TSI,12/14; 10/30/2018
2932 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1841-4 Single Family Residence-Exterior Dormers/Gables Cole 600sf Cat II non-frbl transite 10/26/2018
2930 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-24, Single Family Residence-Bsmnt, Bathrms, Roof Callaway 2lf frbl seam tape, 65sf n-f tile/mstc, 75sf n-f roof tar 10/25/2018
2931 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1842-3, Ameren Services, Control Bldg Exterior Walls Adair 5sf Cat II non-frbl transite 10/25/2018
2934 Flexton Contracting Co. 2-Story Vacant Single Family Residence St. Louis City None. 10/22/2018
2928 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. 4208 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive St. Louis City 29sf frbl window caulking, 1sf non-frbl 10/22/2018
2927 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Buzzi Unicem Jefferson 4828sf non-frbl transite panel 10/19/2018
2929 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1823-6 Columbia College-Single Family Rsdnc-1st/2nd Fl Boone 150sf non-frbl vinyl asbestos tile 10/18/2018
2926 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-45, Pershing Memorial Hospital Linn 1600sf vinyl asbestos tile & mastic adhesives 10/18/2018
2925 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1852-1, U.S. Postal Service, Retail & Sorting Area Randolph 650sf Cat. I non-frbl plank flooring & mastic 10/18/2018
2924 City Utilities of Springfield Gas Main Relocation for Gelven-Withers Stormwater Projec Greene 950lf Cat II non-frbl 2" ACM gas pipe 10/18/2018
2923 MAB Environmental 3937 Schiller (ACM) St. Louis City 1000sf non-frbl transite siding 10/17/2018
2922 Hillsdale Demolition Contracting 2200 Washington Ave St. Louis City 790sf non-frbl transite paneling 10/17/2018
2921 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1441, Ameren Union Electric Company, Operating Center Audrain 128sf Cat. I non-frbl roof flashing 10/16/2018
2920 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1874, Single Family Residence, Kitchen Boone 200sf frbl sheet vinyl on wood subfloor, 16sf n-f VAT on wood subfloor 10/16/2018
2919 Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement, Inc. Former Mayview School Lafayette 11070sf nf rfng/flshng,9330sf nf flrtile/mstc,1237sf nf jnt cmpnd,672lf nf glzng 10/16/2018
2918 Brock Industrial 4353 Duncan Complex St. Louis City 90sf frbl sheet flrng,800sf/250lf rfng,635sf flrtile/mstc,5sf trnst,2220lf clk 10/11/2018
2916 Parkland Environmental Group, Inc. Former Businesses Nodaway 33sf n-f floor sheeting, 934sf n-f transite siding, 36sf n-f 9x9 floor tiles 10/09/2018
2917 Environmental Works, Inc. MRI Global Jackson 200sf n-f asphalt roofing, 15sf n-f sealant on CMU wall 10/09/2018
2915 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. Former Howsmon/Christman Annex & Addition Jasper 35sf/200lf est. frbl TSI pipe & tank insulation 10/05/2018
2914 Hunt Vac Services 408 North Sarah St. Louis City 10sf frbl vbrtn dmpnr,15sf frbl sht flrng,15lf frbl TSI,6624sf/40lf nf ftile/clk 10/02/2018
2913 Wellington Environmental GSA Federal Building Marion None. 10/01/2018
2912 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Pepperdine Building Greene 50lf/50lf frbl thrml pipe/ftng insul,504sf flrtile/mstc,5320sf rfng,700sf sheet 09/30/2018
2910 Bellon Salvage & Rehabbing Co. House St. Louis City 18 windows/5 doors-caulk, 565sf floor tile on concrete, 420sf floor tile on wood 09/27/2018
2909 Titan Environmental Services MRI Global Abandoned Research Bunker Jackson 60sf non-frbl transite panels 09/27/2018
2908 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-14,#CP181431,UMC, University Heights-Bldg 1,Apt C Boone 100sf n-f VCT & asbestos containing mastic 09/25/2018
2907 Abatepro, Inc. Vacant House at 345 Whittier St. Louis City 600sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 09/25/2018
2906 Z & L Wrecking Company Vacant Residence (abate 10/15, demo 10/15-11/15) St. Louis City 125sf frbl duct wrap 09/21/2018
2905 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1816-2, MODOT-Bridge A2466, Job#J3S3068 Saline 23sf non-frbl insulating compounds under 23 tube rail attachments 09/21/2018
2904 Unknown demo cntrctr-will notify us Abandoned Residence to be demo Ripley unknown amount floor linoleum 09/20/2018
2903 CENPRO Services, Inc. AMEREN-General Office Building (GOB) (UEMO18-53) St. Louis City 40sf frbl transite, 100sf non-frbl transite 09/19/2018
2902 Titan Environmental Services 1901 Swift Ave Commercial Building Clay 650sf non-frbl transite siding 09/14/2018
2901 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1860-10, Fulton State Hospital-Hearnes Bldg D-Office Callaway 100sf non-frbl carpet mastic-Office 09/14/2018
2899 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-16, CP181441, MU Medical Science Bldg-Rm M521 Boone 235sf floor tile/mastic, 3ea frbl fittings 09/10/2018
2898 Tom's Trucking, LLC Vacant 2-Story Residence St. Louis City None. 09/10/2018
2900 Security Storage Service, Inc. Former Wright's Auto Greene 450sf non-frbl transite walls 09/10/2018
2897 Environmental Restoration LLC International Paper Transite Roofing Panel Removal St. Louis City 14000sf non-frbl transite roofing panels 09/06/2018
2896 Abatepro, Inc. 8001 Van Buren Street/Apex Metals St. Louis City 1000sf n-f floor tile/mastic, 800lf n-f roof flashing 08/31/2018
2895 GenCorp Services Chouteau Avenue St. Louis City 7922sf non-frbl transite roofing 08/30/2018
2894 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1849-3 Single Family Residence-Living/Dining/Entry/Clo Audrain 690sf Cat I non-frbl VAT 08/27/2018
2893 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1805-1, Single Family Residence Cole 330sf frbl vnyl flrng,30sf VAT,20lf dct,4ea glzng,18lf clk,1450sf sdng,2sf flshg 08/27/2018
2892 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-26, Scooters Coffee, Exterior Boone 450sf n-f exterior transite, 100sf n-f mastic 08/24/2018
2891 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1805-1 Single Family Residence, Roof/Kitchen/Stairwell Cole 150sf frbl sheet vinyl, 150sf n-f VAT, 10sf n-f flshng mtrl chimney/roof vents 08/23/2018
2890 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1871, St. Francis Xavier Rectory, 2nd Floor Bathroom Cole 300sf non-frbl VAT & mastic-2nd Floor Bathroom Area 08/22/2018
2889 Allan Cook Old Dentist Office Newton 100sf non-frbl transite siding 08/20/2018
2888 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-22, 2 Structures, Red Barn & White Barn Pettis 225sf non-frbl ceiling panels, 910sf non-frbl transite siding 08/20/2018
2887 Z & L Wrecking Company 1517 Fairmount St. Louis City None. 08/16/2018
2886 Z & L Wrecking Company 3725 Hebert St. Louis City None. 08/16/2018
2885 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1838-7 Harry S Truman Veterans Hsptl, Nuclear Medicine Boone 35 frbl asbestos containing fittings-Nuclear Medicine-Basement 08/16/2018
2884 Abatement Specialists Houses Franklin 4500 sf Transite siding 08/15/2018
2883 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1867, Single Family Residence, Kitchen Marion apprx 460sf asbestos containing non-frbl sheet-vinyl on wood sub-floor, Kitchen 08/13/2018
2882 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1841-2, Single Family Residence, Basement thru 2nd Flr Cole 30lf frbl ductwork 08/13/2018
2881 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1841-2, Single Family Residence, Basement Cole 200lf frbl pipe & boiler, 70sf frbl boiler jacket 08/13/2018
2880 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 5009 Daggett Avenue St. Louis City 140sf frbl underground storage tank 08/10/2018
2879 US Environmental Solutions LLC Single Family Home St. Charles 340sf non-frbl 9" x 9" asbestos floor tile 08/09/2018
2878 Spartan Services LLC 08-699 (will demo) Sullivan 225sf frbl sht flrg,225sf flrtile/mstc,32sf rf flshg,760sf prch rfng,400lf glzg 08/07/2018
2877 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1868, First State Insurance Agency Marion 2600sf Cat I non-frbl floor tile/mastic 08/07/2018
2876 B & D Yardbuilders Residential Structure (will do wet demo) Jasper 2700sf 08/06/2018
2875 MAB Environmental 2607-09 Cass (vacant house to demo) St. Louis City 700sf non-frbl mastic/adhesive 08/03/2018
2874 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1861, Community R-VI High School, Boiler Audrain 3sf insulation (inactive boiler) 08/03/2018
2873 J.T. Holman Construction, LLC (demo contractor) City of Madison Demolition CDBG Project #2016-ND-03 Monroe 409sf n-f flooring, 7476sf n-f siding, 980sf n-f roofing, 60lf frbl pipe wrap 08/03/2018
2871 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-11, Parkade Elementary School-Janitor Office Boone 100sf n-f VAT & mastic-Janitor Office 08/02/2018
2872 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-13,MU P#CP181441,WA#2 Stadium-Visitors Locker Rm Boone 2525sf n-f carpet, VAT & mastic-Football Stadium Visitor's Locker Room 08/01/2018
2870 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1816-5, Mo Dept Transportation, Abandoned Structures Lawrence 4sf n-f transite, 4lf n-f caulk/glzng, 70sf frbl sheet vinyl (Interior/Exterior) 07/31/2018
2869 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1854, Cara Holt Family Residence, Exterior House/Shed Texas 1700sf n-f transite siding (Exterior House & Shed) 07/31/2018
2868 Z & L Wrecking Company 6437 Alabama St. Louis City None. 07/30/2018
2864 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-10, Fairview Elementary School, Mechanical Room Boone apprx 100sf frbl asb-containing refractory material inside abndnd incinerator 07/27/2018
2867 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. Harry S Truman Veterans Hsptl-renovate Ward 6 Surgery Boone 50ea frbl fittings, 9200sf n-f VAT/mastic 07/27/2018
2866 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1836-2, Stephen's College, Pillsbury Science Center Boone 1770sf n-f VAT/mastic-2nd Floor-Rooms 201,203 & 209 07/27/2018
2865 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1823-5, Columbia College, Exterior Yard Boone 30lf frbl direct bury steamline TSI 07/27/2018
2862 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1841, Single Family Residence, Bathroom & Exterior Cole 60sf frbl vinyl asb tile on bthrm floor, 1300sf n-f cementous siding on exterior 07/26/2018
2863 Wellington Environmental United States Post Office Jasper 140lf frbl pipe fittings-Basement 07/26/2018
2860 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1841 Single Family Residence-Roof,Hallway,Kitchen Roof Cole 25sf frbl vinyl asb tile, 120sf n-f roof mtrl/tar ctng, 4sf n-f roof tar flshng 07/25/2018
2861 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1864, Single Family Residence, Throughout Cole 105lf frbl thermal insulation wrap & the associated duct work 07/25/2018
2859 The Gehm Corporation UPRR Former MP Shops Site Pettis <4 cu yds frbl transite, roofing material, TSI, gaskets, Bakelite, floor tile 07/24/2018
2858 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-3, MU Hospital & Clinics, Basement Mchncl GE-08 Boone 4000sf non-frbl transite-Basement Mechanical GE-08 07/20/2018
2857 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1806, Columbia Power Plant, Basement Boiler #7 Boone 2lf frbl thermal system insulation-Basement Boiler #7 07/20/2018
2856 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1860-9, Fulton State Hospital-Guhleman Bldg, Basement Callaway 7lf frbl 6" water line-Basement Main Water Line 07/20/2018
2855 Z & L Wrecking Company 4965-71 Dr. Martin Luther King St. Louis City 30sf non-frbl floor tile 07/20/2018
2854 New Horizons Enterprises LLC 22301 SW Woods Chapel Road Jackson 725sf n-f transite, 13lf n-f roofing tar, 36lf n-f window glazing 07/19/2018
2853 GenCorp Services St. James the Greater St. Louis City 70sf non-frbl caulking 07/18/2018
2852 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1853, Family Residence Cole 130sf frbl sheet flooring 07/18/2018
2851 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1837, Hyder Apartments, Units 106,120,128,141,234,320 Cole 350sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic 07/18/2018
2850 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-21, Single Family Residence, 2nd Floor Audrain approx. 22sf frbl ceiling plaster-2nd floor 07/17/2018
2849 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1849-2, 426 N. Kentucky Audrain 96sf frbl sheet vnyl,96sf n-f VAT,2600sf n-f roof tar,600sf n-f perimeter flshng 07/17/2018
2848 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1836-1, Stephens College-Firestone Baar Chapel, Bsmnt Boone 106lf frbl thermal systems pipe insulation-Firestone Baar Chapel Bsmnt Mchncl Rm 07/13/2018
2847 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1862, Former Lodge, Throughout Interior Camden 136lf frbl pipe ACM, 6sf wall patch 07/12/2018
2846 24/7 Enviro Solutions Davis Paint Clay 22lf frbl pipe wrap 07/10/2018
2844 Midwest Service Group UMC-Vet Med (18-0-380) Boone 336sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 07/09/2018
2843 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1828-1&2, 3M Medical Solutions, Hallway E-Rms 206-212 Boone 1250sf Cat I non-frbl VCT & asbestos containing mastic adhesive 07/09/2018
2845 Nabholz Construction Bass Pro Shops Greene None. 07/09/2018
2842 Abatepro, Inc. 1384 Jeffco/Harbor Freight Future Site Jefferson 750sf n-f black mstc, 1130sf n-f flr tile, 900lf n-f base adhsv, 800lf n-f caulk 07/04/2018
2841 JDW Contracting & Trucking Louisiana St. Louis City None. 07/03/2018
2840 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1860-6 MO State Capitol Bldg,Senate Office-Rms 319/320 Cole 10lf frbl asbestos containing pipe insulation from the Radiant Heat Line 07/03/2018
2839 GenCorp Services Berthold Avenue St. Louis City 150lf frbl asbestos pipe knuckles 07/03/2018
2838 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. Moberly Dormitory Randolph 1500sf n-f VAT/mastic, 5sf n-f transite panel 07/03/2018
2837 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1863, Cole County R-1 School, Hallway to Steps Cole 20sf non-frbl VAT & asbestos-containing mastic adhesives 07/02/2018
2836 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1817-4, JCPS, Simonsen Junior High, Roof Cole 11500sf non-frbl roofing material 07/02/2018
2835 B & D Wrecking Single Family Residence St. Louis City 2sf frbl duct wrap 07/02/2018
2834 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1859, Single Family Residence-Basement Cole 850sf non-frbl VAT/mastic, 3lf frbl seam tape 06/29/2018
2833 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1856, St. Joseph Cathedral School, Gym Bathrooms Cole 350sf Cat. I non-frbl mastic adhesives-Gym Bathrooms 06/29/2018
2832 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. City of DeSoto Jefferson 70sf frbl pipe insulation 06/29/2018
2831 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1858, Missouri S&T, Emerson Hall-Room 212 Phelps 805sf non-frbl vinyl composition floor tile & asbestoss containing mastic 06/27/2018
2829 Midwest Service Group 800 Cap-au-Gris (18-0-356) Lincoln 200sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 06/26/2018
2830 Site Worx Construction Co. Single Family House Jackson None. 06/26/2018
2828 Mid-America Environmental Solutions City of Sarcoxie Demolitions Jasper 40sf frbl linoleum (111 S. 7th), 4lf frbl sink texture under ctng (709 Franklin) 06/25/2018
2827 Koncen Construction Company LLC Mt. Vernon Middle School Lawrence 9x9 tile & mastic assumed to be asbestos 06/24/2018
2826 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1852, United States Postal Service Airport, Throughout Boone 150 holes through asbsts-containing mtrls to accommodate renovations by others 06/19/2018
2825 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-5/1822-6, Hickman High School, Kitchen/CASA Bldg Boone 1554sf n-f VAT/mstc(1822-5),520sf nf VAT/mstc,2 bnks wndws nf clk/glzng (1822-6) 06/18/2018
2824 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1853, Family Residence, 1st & 2nd Floors Cole 120sf frbl sheet flooring, 100sf non-frbl transite 06/18/2018
2823 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1851, St. Patrick Church, Boiler Room Phelps 270sf non-frbl VAT/mastic 06/14/2018
2822 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1837 Hyder Apartments, Units 134, 317,318 & 324 Cole 400sf non-frbl VAT/mastic 06/13/2018
2821 Z & L Wrecking Company 2926 Pennsylvanian aka 2915 Crittenden St. Louis City None. 06/13/2018
2820 Z & L Wrecking Company 3829-31 Ashland, 3835-37 Ashland, 3863-65 Ashland St. Louis City None. 06/13/2018
2819 Northwest Builders, Inc. Missouri Dept. Natural Resources Office Bldg-Break Room Cole 1700sf non-frbl floor tile mastic in break room (tile is not asbestos) 06/12/2018
2818 City Utilities of Springfield Grand Street Bridge Replacement & Road Widening Greene 60lf non-frbl 4" ACM gas pipe 06/12/2018
2817 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1835, Our Lady of the Lourdes, Basement Cafeteria Boone 3200sf mastic adhesives 06/08/2018
2816 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-4 Parkade Elementary School-Abandoned Incinerator Boone 100sf frbl asbestos containing refractory material inside abandoned incinerator 06/08/2018
2815 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence@4933 Geraldine (abate 6/28-29,demo 6/29-7/30) St. Louis City 6sf frbl duct wrap, 300lf frbl window caulk 06/06/2018
2814 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-8 Rock Bridge High School, Gym Stairwell Closets Boone 25 mudded fittings-Lower level gym stairwell closets 06/06/2018
2813 Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement, Inc. Former School Building Lewis 17580sf nf flr tile/mstc,5200sf nf rfng,1125sf nf trnst sfft,2850lf nf wndw clk 06/05/2018
2812 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1850, Commercial Building, Basement, 1st & 2nd Floors Cole 2000sf n-f mstc on tarpaper, 2130sf n-f floor tile/mstc,100sf frbl boiler insul 06/04/2018
2811 US Environmental Solutions LLC House Franklin 1500sf non-frbl transite siding 06/01/2018
2810 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1841-1 Single Family Residence, Exterior/Kitchen/Bthrm Cole 1200sf non-frbl transite siding, 230sf frbl sheet vinyl 05/31/2018
2809 Gateway Construction Services, Inc. Owen Development LLC St. Louis City 3000sf n-f floor tile, 3114sf n-f black mastic, 40sf n-f asbestos panel 05/30/2018
2808 Z & L Wrecking Company Vacant Residence@4212 E. Kossuth (will demo) St. Louis City None. 05/30/2018
2807 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-4, Russell Blvd Elementary School-Abndnd Incnrtr Boone 100sf frbl asbestos containing refractory material inside abandoned incinerator 05/30/2018
2806 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1823 Single Family Residence, Bsmnt, Hallway, Exterior Boone 12lf frbl ductwork, 24sf n-f floor tile, 8sf n-f roof tar 05/29/2018
2805 Wyandotte Corporation Residence Jefferson 1050sf frbl transite siding 05/22/2018
2804 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1816-3, MODOT-Bridge A2641R, Job#J4P2360 Cass 11sf Cat. II non-frbl insulating compounds under 28 Tube Tail Attachments 05/21/2018
2803 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. MO State Fairgrounds Groundskeeper Residence Pettis 200lf frbl duct wrk, 300sf n-f lnlm/mstc, 24 windows n-f glzng, 1 sink n-f mstc 05/16/2018
2802 Godi's Excavating, LLC House Dent None. 05/15/2018
2801 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Single Family Residences (2) Greene 10lf frbl dct tape,10lf frbl wndw glzng,25sf flrtile/mstc,25sf mstc,1500sf trnst 05/15/2018
2800 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1846, Single Family Residence, Throughout Camden 1050sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic 05/15/2018
2799 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1845, Kelly's Port, Inc, Sea Breeze & Honey Moon Units Camden 600sf n-f vinyl asbestos tile 05/14/2018
2796 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-7 University of MO, Rollins to Kentucky Steamline Boone 220lf of buried steamline, Tiger Avenue 05/11/2018
2798 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1781, Gamma Phi Beta, 1st & 2nd Floors Boone 1777sf n-f VAT/mastic, 2219sf n-f VAT 05/11/2018
2797 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1844, McLovin Enterprises, LLC, Exterior & Interior Camden 1216sf n-f transite siding, 12lf n-f vent pipe 05/11/2018
2795 Midwest Service Group MO S&T-Emerson Electric Hall (18-0-284) Phelps 713sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic, black bench top (5x14) 05/09/2018
2793 Environmental Operations, Inc. Former St. Louis Auto Body, Inc. St. Louis City 205sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic, 30lf non-frbl window caulk 05/07/2018
2792 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1723-1, Columbia College, Single Family Residence Boone 420sf n-f VAT, 3sf n-f roof tar, 30sf n-f roofing with tar edges 05/07/2018
2794 AT Abatement Services Inc. N Kansas City School Dist-Old Main High Schl/Field House Clay 512sf n-f transite, 560sf n-f floor tile, 50sf n-f fire doors, 75lf frbl piping 05/07/2018
2789 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1839, Single Family Residence, Basement Area Audrain 280lf frbl piping-Basement Area 05/04/2018
2791 Godi's Excavating, LLC Mobile Home and 2 Outbuildings Phelps None. 05/04/2018
2790 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1840, Office Building (will demo) Boone 102sf n-f VAT, 4lf n-f roof cement, 1ea sink coating 05/04/2018
2788 B & D Yardbuilders Residential Structure Jasper frbl plaster on walls/ceiling (unsafe, fire damaged bldg-will wet demo) 05/03/2018
2787 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1860-4, Missouri School for the Deaf-1st & 2nd Floors Callaway 8000sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic-1st & 2nd floors 05/03/2018
2786 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1837, Hyder Apartments, Various Rooms Cole 200sf n-f VCT & asbestos containing mastic 05/02/2018
2785 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1806-1 City of Columbia-Fire Station #4, Apparatus Bay Boone 10sf Cat. II non-frbl cementious panels 05/01/2018
2784 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. KOLR Broadcast Facility Webster 1500lf non-frbl floor tile & mastic 04/27/2018
2783 Abatepro, Inc. 4027 Winnebago (house to be demo) St. Louis City 70lf frbl duct tape, 150lf non-frbl caulk 04/27/2018
2782 Spartan Services LLC 08-679 Phelps 600sf frbl vermiculite insulation less than 1% 04/27/2018
2781 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1860-3,PMHC1800076,Fulton State Hospital-Guhleman Bldg Callaway 8 frbl asbestos-containing valves, elbows & fittings-West Ward G2-1st Floor 04/27/2018
2780 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1816-1, MODOT-Single Family Residence Butler 76sf non-frbl VAT, 16lf non-frbl transite 04/26/2018
2779 Midwest Service Group Elantas PDG-Reactor St. Louis City 40sf frbl flue insulation, 85lf frbl TSI fittings 04/25/2018
2778 Talbert ICS, Inc. St. Charles Plaza, Suite #2472 St. Charles 2000sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 04/25/2018
2777 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-7, Blue Ridge Elementary School, Hallway Boone 1 frbl roof drain mud fitting-Hallway 04/20/2018
2776 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1860-5 Broadway State Office Bldg 1st Flr S. Maint. Rm Cole 15lf frbl ACM insulation 04/19/2018
2775 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1812, #1812-3 Unilever Home & Personal Care Cole #1812 8ea frbl fttngs-Chiller Line AC #4; #1812-3 10ea frbl fttngs-Mezzanine; 04/18/2018
2773 Harvey Brothers Trucking & Wrecking Co., Inc. Single Family Residence Jackson None. 04/13/2018
2774 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1831, Ameren Missouri, Gerald, MO Substation Wall Franklin Drilling 3/4" hole in transite wall of substation 04/13/2018
2769 Midwest Service Group Killark Electric-Building 11 & 12 (18-0-221) St. Louis City 1870sf nf flrtile/mstc,512sf nf trnst pnls,550sf nf roof flshng,350lf nf wndw cl 04/12/2018
2772 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence@4475 Lee (will demo) St. Louis City None. 04/11/2018
2771 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence@1826 Warren (will demo) St. Louis City 15lf frbl pipe insulation 04/11/2018
2770 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence@4919 Geraldine (will demo) St. Louis City 2000sf frbl transite 04/11/2018
2768 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-8, #CP131822,WA#97, University of MO Boone 1200sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic-Basement Rms/Corridor/Storage Rms 04/10/2018
2767 US Environmental Solutions LLC Ray Underdown Franklin 1100sf non-frbl transite siding 04/06/2018
2766 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-10, Phi Kappa Psi, West Addition Basement-2nd Flr Boone 3050sf non-frbl Cat. I VAT/mastic 04/06/2018
2765 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1829 Deborah Goldman Residence-Bsmnt Living Area/Bthrm Callaway 300sf n-f VAT/mastic, 50sf assumed frbl sheet vinyl-Basement Living Area/Bathrm 04/05/2018
2764 CENPRO Services, Inc. Parker Hall (M18.67) Phelps 1350sf non-frbl transite, 200sf non-frbl floor tile 04/03/2018
2763 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-11, Hawthorn Bank, Main Bank Drive Thru Cole 6lf frbl pipe insulation in the chase 04/02/2018
2762 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1824, Sigma Pi Fraternity, Bsmnt Mchncl Rm & Exterior Phelps 25sf non-frbl vinyl asbestos floor tile, 1720sf non-frbl transite siding 04/02/2018
2761 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1815, Single Family Residence-Kitchen,Living Rm,Exteri Callaway 310sf n-f VAT/mastic, 1765sf n-f cementous siding-2nd flr Kitchen/Living Rm/Extr 03/30/2018
2760 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1821, Kaufman Residence Phelps 200sf non-frbl asbestos flooring 03/30/2018
2759 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-2 University of MO, Training Room, Rms 272-282 Boone 16ea frbl mud fittings on domestic waste lines-Men's/Women's Locker Rooms 03/30/2018
2756 Midwest Service Group UMC-Gentry Hall (18-0-164) Boone 165sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 03/27/2018
2757 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1806-3 City of Columbia Steam Tunnel-Steam Pipe 8' un Boone 16lf frbl steam pipe 8ft underground 03/27/2018
2758 CENPRO Services, Inc. AMEREN (UEP 18.18) St. Charles 90lf frbl pipe insulation 03/27/2018
2755 Midwest Service Group South City Catholic Academy (18-0-170) St. Louis City 800sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 03/22/2018
2754 Abatepro, Inc. MoDOT Project J6P2345m Hwy 110 & Hwy 21 Realignment Jefferson 960sf non-frbl transite 03/20/2018
2753 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1819, St. Andrews Catholic Church, Church Crawlspace Moniteau 150lf frbl pipe insulation-Church Crawlspace 03/16/2018
2752 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-12, Single Family Residence, Front Entry/Exterior Callaway 3sf frbl sheet vinyl from NW entry, 60lf n-f window glazing from front exterior 03/13/2018
2751 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-5, Single Family Residence, Exterior Callaway 1200sf n-f transite,16ea n-f windows,170lf n-f window caulk,6sf n-f roof flshng 03/13/2018
2750 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1805 Capital Region Medical Center SW Campus Boiler Rm Cole 5 frbl fittings/repair damaged ACM in various areas-Boiler Rm,1st/2nd flr hllwys 03/09/2018
2749 Chouteau Building Group One Story Single Family Brick St. Louis City None. 03/09/2018
2748 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 29382 Hwy B Warren 1750sf non-frbl transite 03/08/2018
2747 CENPRO Services, Inc. Former YMCA Building St. Louis City 4500sf non-frbl floor tile mastic, 1950lf non-frbl window caulk 03/08/2018
2746 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-6, UMC Mumford Hall-Rooms 205-213 Boone 960sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mastic-Mumford Hall Rooms 205-213 03/07/2018
2745 Dewayne Birk, Birk Trucking Old House Cape Girardeau 20sf non-frbl floor tile 03/06/2018
2744 Dewayne Birk, Birk Trucking Old Farm House Cape Girardeau None. 03/06/2018
2743 City Utilities of Springfield Parkhill Avenue Water Renewal Project Greene 30lf non-frbl asbestos cement water pipe (4" and 6") 03/05/2018
2741 Industrial Salvage & Wrecking Co, Inc. Single Family Home Clay N/A due to fire-man on site 03/02/2018
2742 ALM Environmental Services & Construction LLC Music Store Bates 140lf or less frbl duct tape, 8625sf n-f floor tile/mstc, 100sf n-f carpet glue 03/02/2018
2740 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1814, Former Red Lobster, Roof Boone 10sf asbestos-containing roof tar 02/28/2018
2739 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1810, Prenger Foods, Rear Storage Area Boone 3200sf non-frbl Cat. I vinyl asbestos tile 02/23/2018
2738 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-8, 900 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor Boone 170sf n-f floor tile, 220sf n-f vinyl asbestos tile/mastic on 1/4 underlayment 02/21/2018
2737 Hunt Vac Services 6682 Oakland Avenue (Vacant Residential) St. Louis City 175lf frbl TSI 02/20/2018
2736 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1838 Harry S Truman Veterans Hsptl Dental Clnc 163/166 Boone 25ea frbl mudded pipe joints on 4 VAV boxes-Rms 163/166 02/20/2018
2735 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Single Family Residence Greene 650sf frbl ceiling & wall texture 02/18/2018
2734 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Commercial Office Building Greene 100lf frbl thermal fitting insulation, 2600sf non-frbl floor mastic 02/18/2018
2733 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-3, Rock Bridge High School, Room 117 Boone 2lf frbl pipe insulation-Room 117 02/14/2018
2732 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1823-2, Columbia College, Single Family Residence-Bsmt Boone 12lf frbl duct tape residue-Basement 02/14/2018
2731 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1823, Columbia College, Single Family Residence-Roof Boone 1sf n-f roof flashing 02/14/2018
2730 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1823-1 Columbia College, Columbia House-Student Suppor Boone 150sf frbl duct wrap 02/14/2018
2729 Spray Services, Inc. Washington State Park, Cabin 2 Jefferson 126sf frbl flooring 02/09/2018
2728 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1808, Audrain County Jail, Control Room Audrain 380sf n-f Cat I vinyl composition floor tile w/asb containing mstc-Control Room 02/08/2018
2726 CAMCOR Environmental, LLC Residence Jasper 650sf frbl ceiling texture 02/05/2018
2725 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1807, Freeman Mortuary, Mechanical Room Ceiling Cole 25sf n-f transite ceiling panels-Mechanical Room Ceiling 02/05/2018
2727 Vern Bauman Contracting Residence Ste. Genevieve None. 02/05/2018
2724 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822-2 Two Mile Prairie Elementary School-Strg Rm 110 Boone 80sf n-f VAT/mastic-Storage Room 110 02/02/2018
2722 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1817, JCPS-Moreau Heights Elementary School Cole 20ea frbl fittings-Kitchen, Cafeteria & Basement 02/01/2018
2721 Thunder Abatement, LLC Don & Carol Hagen-Residence Clay 2262sf frbl popcorn ceiling w/vaulted ceilings,500sf frbl popcorn ceiling-garage 01/26/2018
2720 Midwest Service Group Lasalle Park Apartments (18-0-045) St. Louis City 45383sf non-frbl floor tile 01/26/2018
2719 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1795, First Christian Church, Basement Fellowship Hall Howard 1750 n-f VAT & mastic 01/25/2018
2718 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-3,MU#CP170621,New School of Music-Fine Arts Annex Boone 683sf VAT/mstc,56ea wndw glzng,55ea firedrs,1005sf rfng felt,10sf wtrprf membran 01/24/2018
2717 Josh Murdoch Lake Chateau Multi-Family Structure (badly fire damaged) Camden 3sf frbl mastic 01/22/2018
2716 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-1 Grace Evangelical Free Church Office,Kitchen Cole 295sf n-f sheet flooring, 315sf n-f VAT, 105sf n-f cementous wall panels 01/22/2018
2715 AT Abatement Services Inc. American Inn Hotel Clay 2200sf frbl texture 01/19/2018
2714 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-2, UMC, Room 282 D1 Hearnes Center Boone 7lf asbestos-containing pipe insulation, Room 282 D1 Hearnes Center 01/16/2018
2713 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1899-2 First United Methodist Church-Bsmt Rm107/Coffee Cole 2750sf non-frbl VCT, VAT & Mastic-Bsmt Room 107 & Main Level Coffee Room 01/12/2018
2712 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 180sf frbl duct wrap, 400sf non-frbl floor tiel 01/12/2018
2711 Hillsdale Demolition Contracting Mendenhall Bldg St. Louis City 1900sf n-f floor tile, 145sf n-f pipe wrap, 400lf n-f window caulk 01/10/2018
2710 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1784, 800 E. Cherry Street, 2nd Floor Boone 740sf non-frbl VAT & mastic 01/08/2018
2709 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1797, Bishop's Residence, Basement Cole 16sf frbl sheet vinyl on concrete, 2lf frbl thermal systems insulation 01/08/2018
2708 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1794, Delta Tau Delta, Basement Phelps 56sf non-frbl vinyl asbestos floor tile/mastic 01/05/2018
2705 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-13 CP131822,WA#91,Univ of MO-Clark Hall Lounge 9i Boone 300sf n-f VAT/mastic-Clark Hall-Lounge 9i & H 01/03/2018
2707 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1822, CPS-West Middle School, Bathroom Chase Boone approx. 6 frbl fittings-Bathroom Chase 01/03/2018
2706 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1803-1,MU#CP131822,WA#92, UMC Mumford Hall-2nd Floor Boone 1010sf non-frbl carpet, VAT & mastic-Rooms 200,200A,201,201B & 203 01/03/2018
2704 Titan Environmental Services Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center Butler 2100sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 12/28/2017
2703 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City None. 12/27/2017
2702 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-53 Jefferson City Housing Authority-4 Plex Unit Cole 720sf n-f vinyl floor tile/mastic-Unit C, 16 frbl fittings-Unit A 12/27/2017
2701 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Gasket Removal Greene 25cd non-frbl transmission gaskets 12/22/2017
2700 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1722-8, CPS-West Middle School, Room 113 Boone 730sf non-frbl VAT/mastic-Room 113 12/22/2017
2699 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1796, Our Lady of the Lourdes Church-Girls/Boys Restrm Boone apprx. 25 asbestos-containing mud fittings on domestic water lines 12/22/2017
2698 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1705-5 Capital Region Medical Center, 2nd Flr Vending Cole 4 frbl mudded fittings-2nd Floor Vending Area/Operating Waiting Room 12/21/2017
2697 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1780, New Bloomfield R-III School, Hot Water Lines Callaway 52ea frbl pipe fttngs, elbows & tees of frbl thermal systems insulation 12/21/2017
2696 E & K Target Store T-1392 Jackson None present. 12/19/2017
2695 Jerry Bumgarner Trucking Sunville Apartment-4 Single Rooms & Well House Greene 20sf non-frbl linoleum 12/18/2017
2694 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Building 2101, Fort Leonard Wood Pulaski 3200sf non-frbl floor tile mastic, 3200sf non-frbl floor tile 12/18/2017
2692 Hillsdale Demolition Contracting 3921 N. Taylor St. Louis City 12lf non-frbl window caulk 12/17/2017
2693 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1789, Missouri Pharmacy Foundation Cole 200sf non-frbl VAT/mastic 12/12/2017
2690 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1767 Amtrack LaPlata Station House Interior Rstrms&Ext Macon 2650sf Cat. II non-frbl transite 12/07/2017
2691 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 40sf non-frbl duct wrap/tape 12/07/2017
2687 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-47, Hyder Apartments, Room 107-Kitchen & Closet Cole 96sf non-frbl VCT & asbestos containing mastic 12/06/2017
2689 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-7, Three Single Family Residences Audrain 1330sf n-f cementous siding, 1sf frbl duct wrap, 17ea n-f asb-cntng window glzng 12/06/2017
2688 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1793, Tan Tara Resort, Multiple Buildings Camden 9880sf non-frbl VAT & mastic-Bldgs 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 12/06/2017
2685 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Bryant Walkway Boone 70ea frbl mudded pipe fttngs, 72518sf n-f flr tile/mstc,348 wndws/70 doors caulk 12/04/2017
2686 CENPRO Services, Inc. AMEREN-Labadie Power Plant (UEI 17-86) Franklin 1000sf non-frbl loose exhaust fan coating/outdoors 12/01/2017
2684 Midwest Service Group Hilton at the Ballpark-Starbucks (17-0-470) St. Louis City 150sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 12/01/2017
2683 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1792, First Baptist Church, Corridor Adair 160sf Cat I non-frbl Vinyl Asbestos Tile & asbestos containing mastic 11/27/2017
2682 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-30, Campus Lutheran Church, Roof Boone Cat. II non-frbl transite roof shingles (no amount given) 11/22/2017
2681 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1790, Lakota Coffee, Basement Boone 6ea frbl asbestos pipe fittings 11/21/2017
2680 CENPRO Services, Inc. Missouri American Water (M17.131) St. Louis County 200lf non-frbl window caulk 11/21/2017
2679 Premier Demolition, Inc. Single Family Residence (will be demolished) Jefferson 6500sf n-f joint cmpnd/textured ceiling, 412sf n-f flooring, 3000sf n-f transite 11/20/2017
2678 Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement, Inc. Largent Residence Jackson 100sf frbl ceiling texture 11/20/2017
2677 Rockin' J Customs ADM Milling Co St. Louis City 4sf non-frbl Transite 11/16/2017
2676 CRS Contracting Vacant One-story House with attached garage St. Louis None. 11/13/2017
2675 Midwest Environmental Studies Raw Mill Baghouse & Process Modification Cape Girardeau 4000sf non-frbl cyclone tank jacket 11/09/2017
2674 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1782, Fayette High School Ag Bldg, Front Entry Hallway Howard 260sf non-frbl non-asbestos vinyl composite tile with asbestos containing mastic 11/06/2017
2673 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1783, Single Family Residence Cole 185sf Cat I non-frbl VAT & non-frbl asbestos mastic 11/06/2017
2671 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Single Family Residence Greene 1200sf n-f ceiling texture 11/06/2017
2672 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Intersect Arts Center St. Louis City 3686sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 11/03/2017
2670 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1606-2, Former McAdam, South Showroom Area Boone 2300sf n-f Cat I asb cntng floor tile, 8ea Cat II n-f windows w/asb cntng glzng 11/02/2017
2669 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-44, Moberly Water Filtration Plant Randolph 1lf frbl asbestos pipe wrap 11/01/2017
2668 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1778 Ascent-Rt. Z, Vacant Single Residences-Main/Guest Boone 24ea n-f windows w/caulk & glazing, 3ea frbl light fixtures, 50lf n-f roofing 10/30/2017
2667 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1777 Former Gas Station Living Quarters,Restroom, Roof Taney 860sf n-f vinyl asbestos tile, 20sf Cat. I n-f roof tar at penetrations 10/26/2017
2666 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1776, Cassidy United Methodist Church, Closet/Exterior Christian 90sf n-f vinyl asbestos tile, 600sf n-f transite siding-Closet & Exterior 10/26/2017
2665 Gateway Construction Services, Inc. Carnahan Courthouse St. Louis City 64sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 10/26/2017
2664 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1725-G, Hubbell Power Systems Boone 25sf frbl boiler insulation 10/20/2017
2663 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1760-8, #X1609-01,Montauk State Park Lodge/Restaurant Dent 132sf frbl boiler insul, 52lf pipe fttngs-Lodge/Restaurant Mechanical Rm 10/19/2017
2661 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-19 CP131822 MU Medical Science Bldg-Mchncl RmM1 Boone 30lf frbl thermal systems insulation-Mechanical Rm M1 10/18/2017
2662 Wyandotte Corporation Fort Leonard Wood Building 1701 Pulaski 10000sf n-f 12"x12" VAT, 10000sf n-f mastic assumed 10/17/2017
2660 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-38, ZN-1315 Rosemary LLC, 3 Dwelling House-Bsmnt Boone 105sf frbl duct wrap-Basement 10/17/2017
2659 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1774, St. Peter's Church, Selinger-Cafeteria Cole 1300sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT/mstc-Cafeteria 10/17/2017
2658 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-43, Residential 4-Plex Unit Throughout Inside Cole 300sf non-frbl mastic, 43 frbl fittings throughout inside 10/12/2017
2657 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1760-7, Algoa Correctional Center, State House #2 Cole 140sf frbl sheet vnyl on wd, 50sf nf VAT on wd, 4sf nf flshng-Kitchen,Bthrm,Roof 10/12/2017
2656 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 29318 Hwy B (House) Warren 2000sf non-frbl transite 10/10/2017
2654 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1771, Single Family Residence, Basement Area Cole 75lf frbl thermal insulation wrap with associated ductwork 10/06/2017
2655 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-17,MU P#CP131822,WA#83,Univ MO-Physics Bldg Rm114 Boone 12lf frbl asbestos-containing thermal insulation 10/06/2017
2651 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1775, Democratic Building Cole 892sf non-frbl VAT/mastic, 40lf frbl ductwork 10/05/2017
2650 Midwest Service Group Redwing Factory (17-0-412) Washington 3lf frbl TSI 10/05/2017
2652 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1773, Immaculate Conception Rectory, Basement Gasconade 10lf frbl aircell insulation-Basement 10/05/2017
2653 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Multiple Family Residence (8 Apartments) Greene 5290sf non-frbl floor mastic 10/05/2017
2649 A-1 Wrecking & Salvage Page (2-Story 2-Family Brick House to demolish) St. Louis City None. 10/03/2017
2648 DeLisle Associates LTD Ameren/Callaway Station (Stator Bar Removal) Callaway Stator Bar removal 10/03/2017
2647 Spartan Services LLC 08-638 Phelps 16-300sf frbl black flooring mastic, 160-300sf non-frbl black flooring mastic 09/29/2017
2646 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1760-7, Employment Security Office Bldg-Drip Pans Cole mastic adhesive-coated drip pans-95ea fan coil units 09/29/2017
2645 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-9, MODOT Job#J5P3119, Bridge A2109 Callaway 11sf non-frbl insulating compounds under tube rail posts 09/29/2017
2644 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1728, 3M-Steamline near Press 22 Boone 4lf asbestos-containing pipe insulation on steamline near Press 22 09/28/2017
2643 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Paraquad 5240 Oakland Avenue St. Louis City 6000sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 09/28/2017
2642 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1753, Single Family Residence Cole 1500sf n-f transite siding, 12lf n-f transite flue pipe 09/26/2017
2641 US Environmental Solutions LLC Don Schanche Warren 4000sf non-frbl asbestos transite 09/25/2017
2640 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1762, Shed Bath & Beyond, Exterior-North Side Cole 790sf non-frbl transite siding-Exterior-North Side 09/22/2017
2639 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1722-6, Two Mile Prairie Elementary, Kitchen Boone 242sf non-frbl VAT/mastic-Kitchen 09/22/2017
2638 Koncen Construction Company LLC Former Walmart Store Christian non-frbl asbestos floor tile 09/21/2017
2637 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-6, Single Family Residence-Exterior/N Main Level Audrain 2200sf n-f transite siding, 240sf n-f VAT 09/19/2017
2636 Spray Services, Inc. St. Charles County Parks-Pitman St. Charles 235sf non-frbl 9x9 floor tile 09/14/2017
2635 Jonathan's Construction Transit Building Roof Replacement Greene 600sf non-frbl roof flashing 09/13/2017
2634 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1734-15 Callaway Energy Cntr TB-2065 Turbine Flr Gnrtr Callaway 20sf non-frbl fire proofng material-Generator 09/07/2017
2633 CENPRO Services, Inc. AMEREN General Office Building St. Louis City 150lf frbl pipe insulation and pipe fittings 09/06/2017
2631 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1768, Former Lucy's Diner-Lower Dining Area Boone 640sf n-f mastic adhesives-Lower Dining Area 09/06/2017
2632 US Environmental Solutions LLC House owned by Mobama Investments LLC (will demo house) St. Charles 390sf frbl linoleum flooring/chrysotile/antigorite 09/05/2017
2630 Cannon Excavation Co., LLC Vacant Home St. Charles 390sf frbl linoleum/chrysotile/antigorite RACM 09/05/2017
2629 Spartan Services LLC 08-631 (vacant single family residence) Phelps 1400sf non-frbl Category II transite siding 08/31/2017
2628 Littles Wrecking Company II Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 8sf frbl duct wrap 08/30/2017
2627 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 340sf frbl duct wrap 08/30/2017
2626 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 2sf frbl duct wrap 08/30/2017
2625 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 2sf frbl duct wrap 08/30/2017
2624 Brock Industrial Ameren-Labadie Franklin 40lf frbl pipe insulation and fittings 08/28/2017
2623 Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. Union Pacific Railroad-Building 3192 & 3193 Scott 12sf frbl 12x12 flr tile,1sf n-f conduit putty,50sf n-f transite signal pnl ptty 08/25/2017
2622 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-6, Single Family Residence-Exterior Audrain 1545sf n-f transite siding, 10ea n-f windows with caulk (Exterior) 08/25/2017
2621 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-6, Single Family Residence-Kitchen & Back Porch Audrain 195sf non-frbl VAT/mastc on wood subfloor-Kitchen & Back Porch 08/25/2017
2620 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1706-3, City of Columbia-Flat Branch Steam Line Boone 36lf n-f lids on steam tunnel, 72lf frbl pipe insulation on steam pipe 08/25/2017
2619 CENPRO Services, Inc. Pump Room (M17.97) St. Louis City 60sf frbl tank insulation,60sf n-f vermiculite,50lf frbl pipe fttg/hangar insul 08/23/2017
2617 Abatepro, Inc. Vacant House at 6452 Nashville St. Louis City 85sf frbl duct wrap, 3800sf n-f transite diding, 400lf n-f window caulking 08/22/2017
2615 Bryan K. Podkul Target Store T-1279 St. Louis County None. 08/22/2017
2618 Harvey Brothers Trucking & Wrecking Co., Inc. Single Family Residence with Detached Garage Jackson 20lf non-frbl roof flashing 08/22/2017
2616 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1712-4, 1712-5 Unilever Home & Personal Care Cole 20sf frbl masonry block wall 08/22/2017
2614 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1757, Lincoln University Former Police Department Cole 5sf frbl ductwork, 5sf Cat. I non-frbl chimney flashing 08/17/2017
2613 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-16, Univ of MO-Basement & 2nd Floor Boone 24lf frbl pipe insulation 08/11/2017
2612 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-15, Univ of MO-Old Student Health Center-Room 35 Boone 300sf Cat I non-frbl VAT/mastic-Room 35 08/09/2017
2611 Marschel Wrecking LLC Vacant Single Family Residence St. Charles 40sf paper 1st layer backing on wood, 380sf floor tile/mastic on wood 08/08/2017
2610 Bryan K. Podkul Target Store T-1509 St. Louis City None. 08/07/2017
2609 Midwest Service Group GSA- Building 103 Crawlspace (17-0-339) St. Louis City 50000sf non-frbl soil contamination enclosure w/membrane 08/03/2017
2608 Cardinal Environmental Operations A3069-2 SLCC Forest Park F-Tower & E-Tower St. Louis City 2558sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 08/01/2017
2607 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1759, Single Family Residence, Northwest Room & Closet Boone 125sf Cat I non-frbl VAT/mastic-Northwest Room & Closet 07/31/2017
2606 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1722-3, Blue Ridge Elementary School, North Corridor Boone 240sf Cat I non-frbl VAT/mastic-North Corridor 07/31/2017
2605 Harvey Brothers Trucking & Wrecking Co., Inc. Single Family Residence Jackson 9ea windows, 150sf frbl linoleum, 120sf non-frbl floor tile 07/31/2017
2604 CENPRO Services, Inc. AMEREN Forestry Garage St. Louis City 6000sf non-frbl roofing 07/31/2017
2603 Midwest Service Group 412 South Sarah Street (17-0-329) St. Louis City 80sf frbl tank insulation, 4950sf n-f transite, door caulk (33 windows/9 doors) 07/28/2017
2600 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-14, Univ of MO-Lewis Hall, Rooms 625 & 626 Boone 500sf n-f VAT/mastic-Lewis Hall-Rooms 625 & 626 07/27/2017
2601 MAB Environmental Hyde Park-Renovation Recreation building St. Louis City 17lf/76lf frbl ext door/wndw clk,100lf frbl fence clk,57lf frbl pipe ins/mudfttg 07/27/2017
2602 GEI (Global Environmental, Inc.) Vacant Office Space St. Louis City 200lf frbl TSI (behind lead contaminated ceramic tile) 07/27/2017
2599 C.L. Richardson Construction Company Inc. Single Family House (abandoned-will demo) Boone 16sf frbl tan sheet flooring (front entry), 120sf frbl floor tile (kitchen) 07/26/2017
2597 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-12 Univ of MO-Clark Hall,Rms121,122,122A,122B,124 Boone 520sf n-f carpet, ACM floor tile/mastic, 140sf frbl sheet vinyl 07/25/2017
2596 Godi's Excavating, LLC Old House Pulaski None. 07/24/2017
2595 Church of Jesus Christ LDS 3 Vacant Commercial Structures Daviess 96sf transite on exterior of 2nd bldg 07/24/2017
2598 CMEC Missouri Engineering Building Phelps 6000sf non-frbl 9x9 floor tile 07/21/2017
2594 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-13, Univ of MO-Lewis Hall, Basement Area Boone 2500sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic in the basement 07/20/2017
2593 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Hyde Park Apartments St. Louis City 3500sf n-f floor tile/mastic 07/17/2017
2592 Godi's Excavating, LLC Home Dent None. 07/14/2017
2591 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-25, Single Family Residence Boone 16sf frbl sheet floorng on wood, 120sf n-f vinyl asbestos tile 07/13/2017
2590 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-8 MODOT-Lincoln County Bridge A2609R1,JobJ2P3058B Lincoln 32sf non-frbl tube rail attachments 07/13/2017
2589 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-4, Two Single Family Residences Audrain 10ea n-f windows, 3085sf n-f cementious siding 07/11/2017
2585 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-1, MODOT-Callaway County Bridge A1959,Job#J5S3058 Callaway 25sf non-frbl ACM under tube rail posts 07/07/2017
2588 Spartan Services LLC 08-622 Pulaski 160sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 07/07/2017
2587 Wynes Excavation & Demolition Inc. Vacant Residence (will demo) Buchanan None. 07/07/2017
2586 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1754 Stephen's College-Roblee Hall Bsmnt N End/3 Rms Boone 800sf non-frbl VAT/mastic-Roblee Hall Basement N End & 3 Rms 07/07/2017
2584 B & R Insulation Inc. North Platte Elementary Platte 80sf frbl tank insulation, 215lf frbl mudded joint fittings 07/06/2017
2583 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Single Family Residence Greene 140/143sf frbl wall plstr/vnyl flrng,4400sf trnst sdng,200lf/80lf frbl duct insl 07/05/2017
2580 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-6, MODOT Bridge J-0359R,Job#J2S3107,ID#170217-B03 Lewis 5sf cat. I non-frbl ACM North Wing Wall Joints 07/03/2017
2579 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-7, MODOT-Camden County Bridge A2095 & A2097 Camden 39sf Cat. II non-frbl tube rail posts (102 each) 07/03/2017
2582 Horsley Specialties, Inc. BNSF Railway-Compressor Shed (upgraded to P#A7392-2017) Clay 120sf n-f rolled roofing 07/03/2017
2581 City Utilities of Springfield Harper Avenue Water Renewal Project Greene 300lf non-frbl 8" asbestos cement water pipe 06/30/2017
2578 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1756, Baymont Inn Suites, Basement Boiler Room Cole 16lf frbl ACM fittings-Basement Boiler Room 06/27/2017
2577 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-11,MU P#CP132091, MU Orthopaedics-Elctrc Manhole Boone 4lf n-f transite piping-South Side of Electrical Manhole 06/27/2017
2576 Koncen Construction Company LLC Grove Springs Elementary School Wright 1894sf non-frbl asbestos floor tile 06/23/2017
2575 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Loy Lange Box Co. St. Louis City 900sf non-frbl transite 06/22/2017
2574 Donald Maggi, Inc. Vacant Rental House (to be demo) Phelps None. 06/21/2017
2573 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-17, Single Family Farmhouse, Basement Area Camden 340sf frbl sheet vinyl-Basement 06/21/2017
2572 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-6 Univ of MO-Ellis Library-Basement Mechanical Rm Boone 40sf non-frbl transite ceiling panels-Basement Mechanical Room 06/21/2017
2571 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1755, City of Jefferson-Riverside Park House Cole 450sf n-f VAT, 10sf frbl ACM paper duct boots-2nd Floor Rooms & Cellar Area 06/20/2017
2570 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1752, Harry S Truman Elementary School, Boiler Room Phelps 18ea frbl mudded pipe joints, 45sf frbl boiler insulation 06/20/2017
2568 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-10, CP131822,WA#73, Univ of MO-Clark Hall,Rm 731A Boone 45sf non-frbl 1" ceramic,VAT,blonde mstc & ACM filler-Clark Hall, Rm 731A 06/19/2017
2566 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1733-3 Harbison-Walker, Cooling Tower near Rotary Kiln Callaway 280sf Cat. II non-frbl transite siding-Cooling Tower near Rotary Kiln 06/16/2017
2569 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Regions Bank Facility Cole 810sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 06/16/2017
2567 CENPRO Services, Inc. AMEREN U2 Elevation 534 (UEP17.24) St. Charles 35lf pipe insulation 06/16/2017
2561 Abatepro, Inc. 4301 Olive Street St. Louis City 3200sf non-frbl floor tile 06/12/2017
2560 Spartan Services LLC Algoa Correctional Center Cole 52367sf n-f roofing material (base roofing felt) from 7 roofs 06/09/2017
2559 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1726, GLWACH-Bldg 310, Men & Women's Restrooms Pulaski 20-30lf assumed frbl TSI 06/06/2017
2558 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1735-1, Milan C2 Schools Sullivan 135sf n-f VAT & mastic 06/06/2017
2557 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 127 N. 5th Street St. Charles 150sf n-f floor tile/mastic, 1118sf n-f window caulk, 1lf frbl pipe insulation 06/05/2017
2556 City Utilities of Springfield Republic Rd,Campbell W to Broadway,Water Main Relocation Greene 100lf non-frbl 8" diameter asbestos concrete pipe 06/05/2017
2554 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1751, Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Basement Storage Room Boone 20lf frbl TSI in Basement Storage Room 06/02/2017
2555 Patrick Duffy Construction Vacant Residential Structure & Outbuilding Saline 20lf non-frbl window glazing 06/01/2017
2552 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1740, St. Brendan's Catholic Elementary School Audrain 762sf non-frbl VCT & mastic 05/26/2017
2551 GenCorp Services Commercial St. Louis City 3500sf nf flr tile,3502sf nf glue spots,18lf/45lf nf cloth expnsn jnt/wndw glzng 05/26/2017
2553 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1734-10 Masonry Wall, Callaway Energy Cntr,Switchyard Callaway 8ea 3/4" diameter holes thru masonry wall which may have asbestos inside cavity 05/25/2017
2550 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Grand View School Jefferson 452sf non-frbl floor tile 05/25/2017
2549 INSCO Environmental, Inc. Lake City Army Ammunition Plant Jackson 200lf frbl TSI 05/23/2017
2548 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1725-A, Hubbell Power Systems-Engineering Bldg Strg Rm Boone Approx. 70sf Cat I n-f VAT/mastic-Engineering Bldg Storage Room 05/22/2017
2547 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-7, Bridge A2095 & A2097 Camden 39sf non-frbl tube rail posts (102 each) 05/22/2017
2563 Target Corporation Target Store T-1031 (Springfield) Greene None. 05/19/2017
2562 Target Corporation Target Store T-0239 (Columbia) Boone None. 05/19/2017
2564 Target Corporation Target Store T-1280 (St. Charles) St. Charles None. 05/19/2017
2565 Target Corporation Target Store T-1515 (Hampton Village) St. Louis City None. 05/19/2017
2546 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. KOMU TV-University of Missouri Boone 1550sf n-f floor tile/mastic, 1425sf n-f floor tile 05/18/2017
2545 Spray Services, Inc. Lewis Hall, University of MO-Columbia Boone 4205sf n-f floor tile/mastic 05/17/2017
2544 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-2, #CP161411 University of Missouri, Manhole #158 Boone 30lf TSI in Concrete Steam Trench 05/17/2017
2542 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-5, Job#J5S3144,Contract #170217-D06,Bridge A-1840 Osage 86ea n-f tube rail 05/12/2017
2541 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1747, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Basement Boone 112sf n-f floor tile-mastic-Basement 05/12/2017
2543 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-8 University of Missouri, Tucker Hall/Waters Hall Boone 450sf nf flr tile/mstc (Tucker), 262sf nf flr tile.mstc (Waters) 05/12/2017
2540 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-20 Single Family Residence-Bsmnt,Kitchen,Entryway Boone 650sf non-frbl tile/mastic, 520sf frbl sheet vinyl 05/11/2017
2539 Cardinal Environmental Operations A3103-2 Fox C-6 SD Ridgewood Middle School Abatement Jefferson 35sf frbl transite panel/fume hood, 1065sf n-f floor tile/mastic 05/10/2017
2538 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. University of MO KBIA 3rd Floor Studios Rooms 370-377 Boone 1040sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 05/09/2017
2537 Weathercraft Inc. Moberly Area Technical Center Randolph Non-frbl ACM in the felt of the built-up roof (no amount given) 05/09/2017
2536 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Lake City Ammunition Plant-Building 83 Jackson 2000sf non-frbl exterior transite siding 05/08/2017
2535 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-15, Joe Machens Ford, Interior & Exterior Cole 55sf frbl sheet vinyl, 720sf nf flr mstc, 280lf nf wndw clk,12sf nf roof flshng 05/05/2017
2534 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1703-7, University of Missouri, Heinkel Building Boone 1775sf n-f vinyl asbestos floor tile & mastic 05/05/2017
2532 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-10, Former Frontier Bldg-1st Flr SE Storage Rm/Ki Cole 258sf n-f VAT/mstc,manual removal n-f seam sealant on piping 05/02/2017
2533 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-13, Single Family Residence Cole 30sf frbl seam tape & duct wrap 05/02/2017
2531 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Holiday Inn Hotel Henry 3716sf n-f floor tile mastic 04/27/2017
2529 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-3, Single Family Residence Audrain 300sf n-f glue pucks 04/25/2017
2528 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1726, GLWACH-Bldg 310, Mammogram Room 133-13 Pulaski 270sf n-f VAT/associated asbestos-containing mastic 04/25/2017
2527 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-14, Potted Steer, Basement Bathroom & Hallway Camden 160sf n-f VAT/mastic 04/25/2017
2530 Security Storage Service, Inc. Mercy Health Systems-Renovations Greene 35lf frbl pipe insulation, 230lf non-frbl pipe insulation mastic 04/25/2017
2526 Midwest Service Group UMC-Med Science (17-0-103) Boone 520sf n-f floor tile/mastic, 65lf frbl TSI 04/19/2017
2525 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-2, Job#J5S3145, Cooper County Bridge A-1691 Cooper 32sf n-f insulating compounds under Tube Rail Post 04/19/2017
2524 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1706-1, Single Family Residence, Various Areas Boone 9sf n-f flr tile, 15lf n-f cementous flue pipe, 2ea n-f window glazing 04/18/2017
2523 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1706-1, Single Family Residence, Throughout Boone 70lf frbl seam tape,15lf nf cmnt flue pipe,300sf nf tile/mstc,1510sf nf ext sdng 04/18/2017
2522 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1744, Automotive Shop Cole 1920sf n-f built-up roofing from damaged/collapsing roof 04/17/2017
2521 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1738-1,2,3Harry S Truman Veterans Hsptl Mchncl Rm CO11 Boone 4 frbl fittings 04/14/2017
2520 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-11, Capital Mall, Southeast Wing Cole 3389sf n-f mastic, 5sf n-f seam sealant 04/14/2017
2519 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 220 North 3rd Street Pike 120lf frbl pipe insulation & fittings 04/11/2017
2518 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1664-1, Helias High School, South Tunnel Cole 6 frbl fittings, 30 frbl hangers-South Tunnel 04/11/2017
2517 Midwest Service Group Killark Electric (17-0-155) St. Louis City 160lf frbl TSI 04/11/2017
2516 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. New Testament Christian Church St. Louis City 130sf n-f floor tile, 4lf frbl thermal systems pipe insulation 04/11/2017
2515 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716-4 Job#J5P3102, Miller County Bridge A2810R Miller 28sf non-frbl tube rail attachments (74 each) 04/10/2017
2514 JDW Contracting & Trucking 4338 Juniata (collapsing house) St. Louis City None. 04/07/2017
2513 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1730, Single Family Residence, Basement Living Area Cole 500sf n-f VAT & mastic 04/06/2017
2512 Hillsdale Demolition Contracting 4301 Washington St. Louis City n-f window caulk from 1 window 04/04/2017
2511 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Mercy Medical Center Greene 200lf frbl thermal pipe insulation, 50lf frbl thermal pipe fitting insulation 03/31/2017
2510 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-4, Single Family Residence, Basement & Exterior Cole 1500sf n-f transite, 8sf frbl duct paper, 4sf n-f chimney flashing 03/28/2017
2509 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1737, Former Gas Station, Interior of Building Ralls 320sf n-f mastic@117 E. Main, 920sf n-f VAT@119 E. Main 03/27/2017
2508 Z & L Wrecking Company Vacant Residence@4340 St. Louis Avenue (will demo) St. Louis City 200sf n-f transite 03/27/2017
2507 AT Abatement Services Inc. Dobbs Hall Boone 20lf TSI 03/24/2017
2506 Gateway Construction Services, Inc. House St. Louis City 150lf frbl pipe insulation, 100sf n-f floor tile/mastic 03/23/2017
2505 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1760-1 MO State Hwy Patrol Headqrtrs, Toxicology Lab Cole 936sf Cat I n-f asbestos-containing mastic adhesives 03/22/2017
2504 Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. Vacant Residence for Demolition Boone None found. 03/22/2017
2503 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1742, Ameren Missouri-Osage Plant, Generator Miller 4lf frbl TSI 03/21/2017
2502 Z & L Wrecking Company Vacant Residence@4915 Geraldine Avenue (will demo) St. Louis City 175lf frbl pipe insulation 03/21/2017
2500 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1725-D, Hubbell Power Systems-Bldg 22 Roof Boone Approx. 15sf Cat II transite wall panels-Roof 03/20/2017
2499 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1725-C Hubbell Power Systems-Bldg North Half East St Boone Approx. 15sf Cat II transite wall panels-Roof 03/20/2017
2498 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1760-2 MO State Capitol Bdg-BasementMechanical Rooms Cole 200lf n-f seam sealant-Basement Mechanical Rooms 03/17/2017
2497 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1731, Single Family Residence-Basement Cole 135lf frbl ACM piping-Basement 03/16/2017
2495 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. ROI Facility Greene 1400sf n-f floor tile/mastic 03/16/2017
2501 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Civitas Media Pettis 2652sf n-f floor tile & mastic 03/16/2017
2496 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1724, Eldon Middle School, Mechanical Room 2 Miller 20lf frbl abandoned piping-Mechanicla Room 2 03/16/2017
2494 The Gehm Corporation Former UPRR Facility Pettis Unknown amount gasket mtrl/thermal insul/rfng mtrl/trnst pipe/floor tile 03/15/2017
2493 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1749-1, Single Family Residence, Exterior of Home Audrain 350sf n-f transite siding, 8ea n-f windows with window glazing 03/15/2017
2492 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. Single Family Residence Randolph 2000sf frbl plaster on walls (wet demo of house & contents will be done) 03/13/2017
2491 GEI (Global Environmental, Inc.) 2172459 (will demo) St. Charles 465sf n-f floor mastic, 30sf n-f floor tile, 390lf n-f window glazing 03/10/2017
2490 CENPRO Services, Inc. Blackhawk Middle School Warren 16lf frbl pipe fittings 03/10/2017
2489 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1670 United Methodist Church-2nd Flr Hllwy/Storage Rm Boone 1040sf n-f mstc-2nd floor Storage Room, 285sf n-f VAT/mstc-2nd floor Hallway 03/07/2017
2488 Midwest Service Group St. David Catholic Church (17-0-099) Jefferson 4800sf n-f floor tile/mastic 03/03/2017
2487 Midwest Service Group UMC-Stanley Hall (17-0-101) Boone 282sf n-f floor tile/mastic 03/03/2017
2486 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1621-3, St. Peter's Selinger Center, Upstairs Kitchen Cole 418sf n-f VAT /mastic-Upstairs Kitchen 02/28/2017
2484 Envirotech, Inc. Columbia Mall Boone 1300sf n-f floor tile & mastic 02/24/2017
2483 Wellington Environmental Harcros Chemical St. Louis City est. 2900sf n-f transite panels 02/23/2017
2485 Parouder Demolition 2-Story Single Family Frame House St. Louis City None. 02/22/2017
2480 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1727, Central Dairy, Alley Cole 60lf frbl asbestos-insulated piping 02/21/2017
2479 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1729, James Foster Single Family Residence, Basement Cole 256sf non-frbl VAT/mastic-Basement 02/21/2017
2481 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1710, Heart of America Beverage Company, Vacant Lot Jasper 390lf non-frbl abandoned gas line 02/21/2017
2482 ALM Environmental Services & Construction LLC Residential Houses Henry 4sf frbl linoleum, 120sf frbl ceiling texture, 1168sf n-f transite siding 02/21/2017
2478 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence St. Louis City None. 02/17/2017
2477 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence St. Louis City None. 02/17/2017
2475 Midwest Service Group UMC-Mumford Hall 17-0-075 & 17-0-463 Boone 520sf non-frbl floor tile/mastic 02/16/2017
2474 MAB Environmental 5977 Delmar Blvd St. Louis City 352sf n-f reddish brown floor tile/mstc, 200lf n-f cove base (gray)/brown mstc 02/15/2017
2473 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1719 Central Electric Power Co-op, Maries Sub-Station Maries 946sf non-frbl VAT/mstc-Main Bldg Control Rm 02/14/2017
2476 Midland Wrecking, Inc. Single Family Residence (to be demolished) Jackson None. 02/10/2017
2472 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1705, Capital Region Medical Center, Pathology Lab Cole 775sf Cat. I non-frbl VAT & mastic 02/08/2017
2471 Thornburgh Abatement Inc. R.A.Y. Federal Building St. Louis City 500sf non-frbl mastic 02/08/2017
2469 B & R Insulation Inc. Eastern Jackson County Courthouse Annex Jackson 40lf frbl 12" boiler flue insulation, 40lf frbl 4" pipe insulation 02/07/2017
2468 S & A Equipment & Builders LLC Residence Callaway 1050sf n-f transite siding, 70lf frbl HVAC duct work seam tape 02/06/2017
2466 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1603-20, Univ of MO, Stewart Hall Auditorium Attic Boone 100sf frbl asbestos containing debris, 14lf frbl abandoned pipe 02/01/2017
2467 Z & L Wrecking Company Residence (will demo) St. Louis City 10sf frbl duct wrap 02/01/2017
2464 Environmental Operations, Inc. Hickory Street Residences (will demo) St. Louis City 172sf nf flr tile/mstc,144sf nf sheet flrng,80sf frbl tar paper,388lf clk/glzng 01/31/2017
2465 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1713, Single Family Residence, Exterior Siding Boone 340sf Cat. II non-frbl transite siding 01/31/2017
2470 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Baptist Bible College-Gymnasium Greene 100lf non-frbl thermal insulation fitting (mastic) 01/31/2017
2462 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1722, Frederick Douglass High School Boone 50sf non-frbl VAT & mastic 01/30/2017
2463 Envirotech, Inc. 1021-29 South Grand Blvd. St. Louis City 45sf frbl insul paper,270sf windows-glzng,270sf wndws/3doors-clk,100lf blr clk 01/29/2017
2461 City Utilities of Springfield Republic Road, Hwy FF to Golden, Water Main Relocation Greene 400lf non-frbl 8" asbestos cement water pipe 01/27/2017
2460 Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. MDH Rolla Regional Office Phelps 1500sf n-f 12x12 tile, 1500sf n-f mastic 01/27/2017
2459 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 4874 Fountain Avenue St. Louis City 1493sf n-f asbestos roofing 01/26/2017
2458 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1714, Single Family Residence, 2nd Floor Bathroom Boone 36sf frbl sheet flooring-2nd floor bathroom 01/24/2017
2457 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1707-1, Eugene Field Elementary, West Addition Audrain 25sf n-f glue pucks-Rm 117, 3775sf n-f mstc from various classrooms 01/20/2017
2456 Hayden Wrecking Corporation Trigen Stack 5 & 6 St. Louis City None. 01/20/2017
2455 Envirotech, Inc. Wohl Community Center St. Louis City 100lf frbl pipe insulation in gymnasium 01/20/2017
2454 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1799-1,PO#PO21650 Danuser, Inc-Double Car Garage/Bsmnt Callaway 1050sf n-f transite siding, 70lf frbl HVAC duct work seam tape 01/19/2017
2453 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1733, Harbison Walker Refractories, Tunnel #4 Kiln Audrain 6sf frbl asbestos on kiln 01/18/2017
2451 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. Paraquad 5240 Oakland Avenue St. Louis City 25lf frbl fittings 01/12/2017
2452 Gerken Environmental Enterprises Inc. Heritage Cafeteria Building Greene 30lf frbl thermal insulation fitting, 120lf frbl exterior caulking 01/12/2017
2450 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1718, Chamois Power Plant, Exterior Unit 2 Mud Drum Osage 10sf frbl ACM cleanup and repair-Exterior of Unit 2 Mud Drum 01/11/2017
2448 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1716, Exterior MoDOT Maintenance Facility Jefferson 2sf n-f flashing, 209lf n-f caulking/glazing 01/06/2017
2449 Crossroads Construction Services, Inc. 6900 N. Broadway St. Louis City 140lf frbl TSI pipe 01/06/2017
2446 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1726-2, DFAC-Building 1010 Exterior-Chilled Water Line Pulaski 4lf n-f transite piping 01/05/2017
2444 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1603-29, MU P#CP131822, Univ of MO, Lewis Hall-8th Flr Boone 1935sf non-frbl vinyl asbestos floor tile/mastic-8th Floor 01/05/2017
2447 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1699-54, Single Family Residence-Kitchen/Bsmnt/Crawlsp Cole 200sf n-f floor tile/mstc, 28sf frbl ductwrap (Kitchen/Basement/Crawl Space) 01/05/2017
2445 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1699-57, 708 Business Loop 70 E Boone 44lf non-frbl roof tar/corner & curb joints 01/04/2017
2442 Gateway Construction Services, Inc. Fairground Swimming Pool Renovation St. Louis City 130sf frbl tank insul,6000sf n-f roofng mtrl,32lf n-f door clk,8lf nf trnst pipe 01/03/2017
2441 Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. P#1699-50, Cole East Head Start, East End of Basement Cole 608sf n-f mastic under non-ACM VCT (east end of basement) 01/03/2017