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What is the Air Program Advisory Forum?

The Air Program Advisory Forum consists of people in industry, consulting, regulatory agencies and environmental groups who want to exchange information regarding air quality. The forum helps maintain open communication as well as identify, evaluate and develop ways to better protect human health and the environment. Anyone with an interest in air quality may participate.

Upcoming Meetings

1 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 31
Roaring River and Bennett Spring conference rooms
Elm Street Conference Center
1730 E. Elm St.
Jefferson City
Call-in number: 866-288-5731

Red Tape Reduction

In response to an executive order issued Jan. 10, 2017, the air program reviewed its 101 rules in the Missouri Code of State Regulations.
During the March 2018 meeting of the Missouri Air Conservation Commission, the program distributed a memo outlining its progress on reducing red tape.
To listen and watch the discussion, access the video of the meeting.

Email bulletins

The air program regularly sends email bulletins about red tape reduction. Subject matter includes rules and amendments on which the public may comment as well as upcoming public hearings and votes during meetings of the Missouri Air Conservation Commission. Subscribers to the topic "Air Public Notices" regularly receive these notices. Click on the above envelope to sign up for emails. Click to review your subscription and update it, if necessary.

The air program has sent several related bulletins in recent months.

Related documents

The air program also is developing a revision to its construction permit rule.
Click to read the current draft of the revision..
For related information, see material, below, from the forum meeting in February 2018.

2018 Forum Meetings

May 31

Feb. 1
Department presentation: Construction Permit Rule Rewrite (10 CSR 10-6.060)
Memo to air commission: Summary of air program's rulemaking plans

2017 Forum Meetings

Focus: overhaul of permitting process
May Agenda
January Agenda

2016 Forum Meetings

September Agenda; Updates to the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR)
May Agenda

2015 Stakeholder Meetings and Conference Calls

Focus on permit and asbestos fees
January Agenda; Presentation
May 26: Agenda; Asbestos fee proposal;
May 19: Agenda
May 19: Agenda
April Presentation

2014 forum and stakeholder meetings

Forum meeting

Fee Stakeholder Meetings
Aug. 28 Agenda | Fee Update Message | Revised Fee Options
Aug. 21 Agenda
June Agenda | Fee Adjustment Options | Presentation | Fee Recommendation Message | Fee Stakeholder Options
May Agenda | Presentation
April Agenda | Air Media Fee Calculator | Presentation

Other 2014 stakeholder meetings
July Carbon Pollution Proposal
Meeting Agenda |Clean Power Plan Proposal | Overview and Role of MDNR in Clean Power Plan / 111(d) process | Understanding EPA's Proposed Carbon Pollution Goal for Missouri
June Sulfur Dioxide
Meeting Agenda | Meeting Summary | New SO2 Rule Development | SO2 Missouri Implementation | SO2 Presentation