Ready to Recycle

When we talk about electronic products, we are talking about more than just televisions, cell phones and computer products. We are also referring to DVD players, VCRs, video cameras, digital cameras, gaming consoles, stereos, answering machines, photocopiers, scanners, printers and the list goes on. When you decide that it's time to trade up your product for a newer model, consider these possibilities before you pull the plug:

Where to Recycle

EPA estimates that in 2013:

  • 3.1 million tons of consumer electronic products were ready for end-of-life management; and
  • 40.4 percent of these tons were collected for recycling.

This is up from the 2012 recovery rate of 30.6 percent!

Source: Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures 2013.

What to Recycle

Each collection site has its own list of accepted items and fees, if applicable. The most commonly accepted items are:

Note: Fees are often necessary to cover the recycler’s costs to dispose of the hazardous components. Check with the individual recycler to find out more about their services and fees.