The 26th annual Earth Day celebration sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources will be held April 24, 2020!

Save the date for 2020 Earth Day!

Do you want to take your class on a fun, educational field trip before the school year ends? Consider coming to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ annual Earth Day event. Because of a construction project on the Capitol lawn, the event will be held a block away from the Capitol at the beautiful Carnahan Memorial Garden, located in the backyard of the Governor’s Mansion.

Bring your students to see the live bird show by the World Bird Sanctuary, create crafts from recycled items, or use their hands to create a watershed our interactive augmented reality sandbox. Several agencies and educational institutions will be on hand with activities to help students learn about their environment and natural resources.

Encourage your students to bring rocks and fossils to our "Ask a Geologist" booth to have the specimens identified by staff geologists.

Teacher Registration
Teacher Registration



2020 Slogan Contest - Calling all fifth-grade teachers!

We invite your class to participate in the slogan contest for Earth Day 2020. Ask your students to put on their thinking caps and submit a slogan about any aspect of Earth Day. The deadline to enter is Feb. 28, 2020. Learn more about the contest.

2019 Slogan Contest - The winner has been chosen!

Earth Day 2019 Activities

  • Environmental Survivor logoZero-waste challenge. Can you pack a lunch with no waste?
  • On stage Environmental Survivor trivia game with prizes. How much do you know about Earth Day and ways to respect the environment?
  • See live birds from the World Bird Sanctuary.
  • Attendance prizes.
  • Booths with games and activities from many government agencies, for example, the department's Air Pollution Control Program's smokestack filter display demonstrating how factories, power plants and other businesses reduce air pollution.
  • Crafts using recycled items. Make a wind chime from string, old CD-ROM discs, beads, old keys, pipe cleaners and canning lids; or magazine art from cereal boxes, construction paper, magazines and old picture frames.
  • An interactive sandbox that shows students how erosion affects our landscape. Sandboxes aren’t just for little kids. Create hills, streams and even rain showers in our interactive sandbox.
  • And many more items and activities.

For more information about Missouri's Earth Day celebration contact us at 800-361-4827.

2017 Earth Day photo gallery

Earth Day committee members receive prestigious award for commitment to educating youth about importance of recycling

The Missouri State Recycling Program selected the Department of Natural Resources’ Earth Day Committee as the recipient of the 2016 Annual Recycling Award. 

The state’s Interagency Recycling Committee was impressed with the long term commitment and goals applied to the Zero Waste Challenge as well as the results of this program. These elements along with the marketing effort were key in the selection of the Earth Day Committee as the team recipient of the 2016 State Recycling Award. Further, the Missouri State Recycling Program applauded the Earth Day Committee for its ongoing commitment to educate students throughout Missouri about the importance of stewardship of our vital resources.

For the last nine years, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Earth Day Committee has arranged with the Missouri State Recycling Program to host a Zero Waste Challenge during the department’s Earth Day celebration at the Capitol. Annually, more than 1,300 students, teachers and citizens learn about the environment. Educating attendees about recycling is paramount, and one of the long-term goals of the Zero Waste Challenge is to encourage Earth Day participants to strive for zero waste. The challenge for each year’s participants is to reduce the amount of waste (trash and recyclables) as compared to the previous year.

An award ceremony was held Nov. 3, 2016, at the Lewis and Clark State Office Building. The energy efficient building holds a Platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating – the highest rating a LEED-rated building can receive. Learn more about the Lewis and Clark State Office Building.  

Read the nomination narrative.

Pictured above are committee members: Brenda Wansing, Division of Environmental Quality, Air Pollution Control Program; Laura Payton, Division of State Parks; Christa Dickneite, Division of Administrative Services; Van Beydler, Division of Environmental Quality, Soil and Water Conservation Program; Hylan Beydler, Missouri Geological Survey; Susan Bloomer, Division of Environmental Quality, Water Protection Program; Renee Bungart, Director’s Office. Not pictured: Larry Archer, Division of Environmental Quality; Stacy Bandelier, Division of State Parks; Amy Poos, Division of Environmental Quality, Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste Programs; Richard Loaiza, Division of State Parks; Lisa Nahach, Division of Environmental Quality, Air Pollution Control and Environmental Services Programs; Kendra Swee, Division of State Parks.

The 2016 Missouri State Recycling Award inscription is as follows: 2016 – Missouri State Recycling Program Annual Award – Presented in recognition of your outstanding contributions to the citizens and employees of the State Of Missouri – Earth Day Committee – Department of Natural Resources.

For more information about Missouri's Earth Day celebration contact us at 800-361-4827.