The Missouri Department of Natural Resources wants to help businesses, communities and industrial facilities better understand the requirements of their environmental regulations – and avoid future violations of those permits. Beginning July 1, 2014, the department’s Division of Environmental Quality began offering compliance assistance visits (CAVs) to those regulated by the department. These voluntary visits can be requested by answering the questions below or by contacting one of the department’s regional offices.

A CAV would be beneficial to a facility faced with a change in permit or regulatory requirements, or when there is a change in operational status or management at the facility. CAVs will assist with understanding regulatory requirements, help with achieving and maintaining compliance, and provide a continuing resource for technical assistance. CAVs are also a good opportunity to ask questions about permits or other environmental requirements.

During a CAV, a department representative will come to the facility to meet with the person requesting the visit, as well as any other staff that person invites. CAVs will vary depending on the nature of the request.  In general, the department representative will look at the aspects of the facility requested, go over any requirements, answer questions, offer suggestions and discuss any issues they see that need to be addressed.  Upon completion of such a visit, recommendations, if applicable, will be made regarding operations or regulatory compliance. A CAV is not intended to serve as a comprehensive inspection of the facility and will not result in a determination of compliance or noncompliance. However, if any non-compliant issues are observed, the facility will be asked to address them. In addition, it should be noted that if a violation that poses imminent harm to human health or the environment is observed during an assistance visit, the inspector will notify the facility and a compliance inspection will be made.

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