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Missouri's state parks and historic sites invite the public to attend a variety of special events held year round ranging from nature hikes to haunting cave tours. Some of the special events are designed to be a fun and educational experience where guests learn more about features of the park or historic site, while others are merely entertaining. Most events are free of charge, making them a great family activity.

Various other programs, such as informational meetings, fairs and sport shows, are also included in this online listing. These programs are usually in addition to the activities listed in the special events brochure published periodically throughout the year.
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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information. Because unforeseen circumstances may cause the date or location of an event to be changed, interested persons should contact the park or site office before making final plans to attend any of these events.

Improvements in Missouri state parks and historic sites have been made possible through funds from the nation's first dedicated sales tax for state parks. The tax was first approved by voters in 1984, and subsequently reapproved in 1988 and 1996.

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