Nutrient loss reduction strategy

The Nutrients Rulemaking and Trading Workgroup is a stakeholder workgroup organized by the department to discuss ways to protect Missouri’s streams, lakes and wetlands by reducing nutrient loads to surface water and groundwater. The group provides input and assistance to the department in developing and refining appropriate amendments to Missouri regulations and developing the Missouri Nutrient Trading Program. This program incorporates the most up to date policy guidance supplied by EPA with regards to nutrient trading.  


Meetings are held as needed and are open to everyone. Attendance at these meetings may be in person, by conference call or through Webex. The department cannot guarantee the quality of the Webex or conference call options. The department attempts to correct any technical difficulties as they arise, but the meeting will not be subject to change or repeat due to any technical difficulties.

If there are issues you would like to discuss during the meeting, you will need to notify the department before the meeting. You can do this by emailing the staff coordinator noted below. 

Staff Coordinator: Victoria Bushan, Water Protection Program,, 573-751-1419

Upcoming Meetings

Video Attendance Available!
Lewis and Clark State Office Building
LaCharrette/ Nightingale Conference Rooms
1101 Riverside Drive
Jefferson City, Missouri

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Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

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