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The department’s Environmental Remediation Program regulates the management of hazardous waste, oversees the cleanup of contamination, regulates the operation of underground tanks and oversees removal and cleanup of petroleum storage tanks.

This interactive map allows users to readily access information on site investigations and cleanups, as well as certain regulated sites within a specific community or area. The map contains information about the following types of sites:

  • Superfund.
  • Federal Facilities.
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Corrective Action.
  • Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program.
  • Brownfield Assessments.
  • Petroleum and Hazardous Substance Storage Tank Facilities.

Users may click on a point or area to review a site information summary, and links to important documents from department files are available. Local governments and utilities are encouraged to use the downloadable data layers to assist in permitting, planning and development activities.

Most environmental cleanups are risk-based, which means the site is cleaned up to a level sufficient for its likely future use. Such cleanups may include physical controls, like barriers and caps, or restrictions on future use of the property to prevent exposure to residual contamination. This map is designed to provide information about all cleanups and any related physical controls or property use restrictions. The department’s goal in making site information easily accessible is to provide a transparent, consistent information resource that helps ensure property is used safely in Missouri. If additional data is required, the department's files can be reviewed or copied by making a Sunshine Law request. Contact the Custodian of Records at or call 573-751-3443 or visit for more information.

Although these data sets have been compiled by the department, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the department as to the accuracy of the data and related materials. The act of distribution shall not constitute any such warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by the department in the use of these data or related materials.

Any user of this map or related data sets accepts any faults or limitations with the data and agrees to hold the state of Missouri harmless from and against any damage, loss or liability arising from the use of this map or related data sets. By clicking “View Map” or “Download Data,” you acknowledge and accept these terms.