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The Ones Who Got it Done

The latest issue of Missouri Resources focuses on the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in Missouri, and how Missouri Department of Natural Resources staff helped Missourians put approximately $358 million in Recovery Act money to work. Ninety-seven percent of this money was passed directly to local communities and contractors through numerous projects.

The Winter 2011 issue of MR is entitled, “The Green Machine.” To see the money directed to each of these projects, as well as a county-by-county breakdown of the disbursement of these funds, click on the following links: and

Here are some of the Natural Resources staff who diligently worked to design the Missouri Recovery Act programs, handle the federal paperwork and document that proper procedures and oversight were taking place to put these funds to work for all Missourians.

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Photo of Group 1


Left to right
Front row: Henry Vincent, Patty Chapman, Sheila Owens, Betty Finders
Middle row: Laura Luther, Valerie Garrett, Vickie Olive, Marlene Kirchner
Back row: Aaron Clare, Hashim Mukhtar, Jeff Heisler and Matt Alhalabi

Photo of ARRA Group 2


Left to right
Front row: Cindy Wolken, Phil Schroeder, Jane Beetem, Melissa Adams
Middle row: Layne Washburn, Sharon Biggs, Michael Corbin, Ted Koenig
Back row: Marilyn Lehman, Scott Totten, Brett Bottomley and Byron Shaw.

Photo of ARRA Group 3


Left to right
Front row: Linda Jaegers, Becca Vernon, Deanna Boland, Joe Boland
Middle row: Tonya Roth, Debbie Deeken, Cindy LePage, David Potthast
Back row: Traci Newberry, Doug Garrett, Mark Bockstruck and Joe Blume

Photo of ARRA Group 4



Left to right
Front row: Carolyn Kliethermes, Kelly Bowers, Missy Seeligman, Cynthia Smith,
Middle row: Debbie Ickes, Cari Schulte, Gina Verslues, Kelley Wieberg
Back row: Jerry Smith, Steve Jones, Jeff Pinson and Tod Hudson.

Photo of ARRA Group 5


Left to right
Front row: Brenda Wilbers, Elena Seon, Jennifer Emory, David Harrison
Middle row: Mark Leath, Sreedhar Upendrum, Marsha Boone, Laura Wolfe
Back row: John Buchanan, James Trout, Eric Medlock and Andy Popp.

Photo of ARRA Group 6


Left to right
Front row: Mary Dallas, Leigh Ann Wilbers, Lisa Stuecken, Ed Schneider
Middle row: Ming Xu, Brenda Bardwell, Michelle Distler, Denise Massman
Back row: Bernard Thompson, Nicholas Newport, Steve Busch and Kendall Blythe.

Photo of ARRA Group 7


Left to right
Front row: Jennifer Terry, Cindy Luebbering, Janet Mertens, Melanie West
Middle row: Lori Hogue, Teresa Rogers, Nina Medlock, Diane Matthews
Back row: Janet Laughlin, Mari-jo Wilkes, Patricia Chamberlain and Adam Coon.

Photo of ARRA Group 8


Left to right
Front row: Michael Kilker, Marcy Oerly, Tim O'Brien, Kevin Scherr
Middle row: Kathy Jeffries, Mary Vander Veen, Rosemarie Nichols, Joe Gassner
Back row: Cari Gerlt, Ron Wyse, Todd McVicker and Rob Mock.

Photo of ARRA Group 9


Left to right
Front row: Andrea Kliethermes, Dru Buntin
Middle row: JoAnn Saunders, Dana Muessig, Roger Korenberg
Back row: Sharon Tejan, Pam Cain

Not pictured are:

Greg Anderson, Capt. Greg Bacon, John Balkenbush, Jim Belcher, Richard Brown, Debbie Bruns, Mark Buersmeyer, Renee Bungart, Emily Carpenter, Cindy Carroll, Hillary Clark, Joe Engeln, Karl Fett, Kirby Finders, Jon Fitch, John Ford, Tucker Fredrickson, Joe Gillman, Lori Gordon, Trent Griffith, Beverly Grote, Richard Harris, Valerie Hentges, Larry Hirsch, Karen Hoelscher, Matt Jarrett, Kay Johannpeter, Jessica Kavanaugh, Lisa Keilholz, Ken Koon, Karen Kremer, Jeff Kuttenkuler, Jane Lale, Nona Lancaster, James LeRoy, Anita Light, Geoff Luebbering, Karla Marshall, Karen Massey, Angie McMichael, Linda Mebruer, Annie Mueller, Diane Muenks, Sarah Nagel, Randy Niemeyer, Angela Oravetz, Tracy Parker, Chris Plassmeyer, Janet Pointer, Paige Pointer, Sandy Repper, Tim Rielly, Trish Rielly, Jarrod Robertson, Amanda Sappington, Darlene Schaben, Elizabeth Scheppers, Amanda Sifford, Shannon Slater, Marcia Smith, David Uhlig, Chris Veit, Brittany Voss, Mike Washburn, Sgt. Jim Winlund and Mary Ann Young.

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