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Energize Missouri Homes

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has received Recovery Act funding through the U.S. Department of Energy's State Energy Program and Weatherization Assistance Program. These funds will provide Missouri residents with the opportunity to realize measurable energy savings that will result in reduced energy costs.

Energize Missouri Homes - Homeowner Upgrades and Geothermal Program

The Energize Missouri Homeowner and Geothermal Program is no longer accepting applications. All funds have been reserved.

The department provided rebates to owner-occupants of single-family homes to receive energy audits, implement whole-house energy saving measures identified in the audits and install geothermal systems. The department selected six organizations, called program aggregators, to serve as a local point of contact for homeowners in different regions of the state.

The department launched the Homeowner Upgrades and Geothermal Program on Nov. 15, 2010. Within 45 days, 100 percent of the total available funds for the program were reserved for 600 projects in five out of the six program aggregators. Within 60 days, all six aggregators reserved rebate funds for more than 730 Missouri homeowners. Applications were reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. To identify the program aggregator responsible for your area, please review the document below.

The following documents are available to learn more about the Homeowner Upgrades and Geothermal Program.

Homeowner participants with a pending application should continue to submit documents in a timely manner to ensure they receive a rebate quickly. Participants in the Homeowner Upgrades and Geothermal Program must schedule an energy audit with an Energize Missouri Homes qualified auditor. A directory of qualified energy auditors is provided below.

Missourians who want to participate in the HUG program that would also like to qualify for state and federal tax incentives need to make sure that they choose an auditor that is both a EMH qualified auditor and a DNR certified auditor.

Additional Resources

For more information about the program, please review the reference materials above, submit an email inquiry to or call 877-610-0834.

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Energize Missouri Homes - Neighborhood Challenge Program

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has selected two projects to receive Energize Missouri Homes grant awards.

The department has made Energize Missouri Homes grants available through funding received from the Recovery Act of 2009. The grant funds were offered in two program categories: Home Energy Reports and In-home Energy Monitoring Devices. The selected electric utilities will encourage participating homeowners to voluntarily reduce their energy use by providing them with information regarding how their usage compares to that of other program participants.

The grant recipients include:

The department received project applications for the Neighborhood Challenge Program through a competitive application process. Grant recipients have until January 2012 to complete their projects.

For more information about the Neighborhood Challenge Program, email

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Energize Missouri Homes - Housing Initiative

The Energize Missouri Housing Initiative is a special initiative focused on boosting energy savings and cutting utility costs for homes of income qualified Missouri families. The department allocated a total of $25.6 million statewide for this funding opportunity. Eligible applicants included not-for-profit organizations, community action agencies or public entities, including state, county and local governments. The department accepted applications for funding from eligible community action agencies and other public or nonprofit groups through March 31, 2010. A pre-bid informational meeting was held on March 9, 2010.

Recovery Act State Weatherization Plan


Missouri launched the Energize Missouri Housing Initiative to support innovative approaches to serving energy efficiency and housing quality needs for Missouri's lower-income families through the Weatherization Assistance Program, or WAP. The initiative seeks to wed traditional weatherization funds with other funding, talent and resources to amplify housing improvements and more effectively reach underserved populations. The department held a series of meetings throughout the state in December 2009 to inform potential applicants about the initiative and receive program input.

A primary component of all proposals must be delivery of energy-efficiency improvements and services to clients.  The funds awarded by the state agency must be spent in accordance with allowable uses of WAP funds as dictated by federal regulation. Successful applicants will combine this primary component with additional ways to enhance service delivery, save energy, create jobs, improve housing quality for clients, or improve clients’ self-sustainability. 

The Energize Missouri Housing Initiative is made possible by funding from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The funding will help stimulate the economy and create and retain jobs. The further purposes of energy-related Recovery Act funds are to increase energy efficiency, reduce reliance on imported energy, improve the reliability of energy resources and services, and reduce the impacts of energy production and use on the environment.

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Energize Missouri Homes - Weatherization for Missouri Families

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, or Recovery Act, Missouri is administering $128,148,027 in funding for energy efficiency improvements to homes of income qualified families. In July 2009, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Division of Energy issued grants to 18 regional agencies.  These agencies deliver weatherization services to low-income Missourians throughout the state on behalf of the Department of Natural Resources.

Citizens interested in determining their eligibility or applying for assistance should contact their local agency office. Citizens may use an agency map to help determine the appropriate agency to contact located online at For additional information about the Weatherization Assistance Program, please visit the department's main page at

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