Affton High School, 8520 Mackenzie Rd, Affton (8/12/10)

Alswel, 12696 Alswell Lane, Sunset Hills vicinity (1/03/89)

Archambault House, 603 Rue St. Denis, Florissant (5/13/76)

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 6900 Delmar Blvd., University City (9/23/80)

Aubuchon, August House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 1002 St. Louis, Florissant (9/12/79)

Aubuchon, Baptiste G., House, 450 Rue St. Jacques, Florissant (5/06/76)

B'Nai Amoona Synogogue, 524 Trinity, University City (4/22/84)

Ball-Essen Farmstead Historic District, 749 Babler Park Drive, Wildwood (12/28/01)

Barretts Tunnels (map [see note]), 3015 Barrett Station Rd., Kirkwood vicinity (12/08/78)

Barteau House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 305 N Costello, Florissant (9/12/79)

Barton House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 680 Ste. Catherine, Florissant (9/12/79)

Bassett, Dr. Samuel A., Office and Residence, 1200 S Big Bend Blvd., Richmond Heights (2/3/93)

Bayley, Romanzo N., House (Kirkwood MPS), 419 E. Argonne, Kirkwood (10/03/02).

Beaumont-Tyson Quarry District, address restricted, Crescent Hills vicinity (also in Jefferson Co.) (10/10/74)

Bellecourt Apartments, 1107-1123 Bellevue Ave., Richmond Heights (9/16/02)

Bennett Avenue Historic District, 7901-8027 Bennett Ave. & 1221-1282 Laclede Station Rd., Richmond Heights (3/20/08)

Benoist, Louis Auguste, House (Oakland), 7802 Genesta St., Affton (6/23/69)

Beverly Theater, 7740 Olive Blvd., University City (8/04/05)

Big Chief Restaurant, 17352 Old Manchester Rd., Wildwood (4/02/03)

Bissell, Gen. Daniel, House (Franklinville Farm), 10225 Bellefontaine Road, Bellefontaine Neighbors (11/28/78)

Blake, John P. and Dora, House (Kirkwood MPS), 549 N. Taylor, Kirkwood (10/03/02).

Bockrath-Wiese House, St. Ferdinand Park, Florissant (2/02/79)

Bonhomme Creek Archaeological District, address restricted, Chesterfield (11/21/74)

Bopp, William, House (Kirkwood MPS), 12120 Old Big Bend Rd., Kirkwood (4/05/06)

Bouas House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 1290 St. Joseph, Florissant (9/12/79)

Brentmoor Park (map [see note]), Brentmoor and Forest Ridge District, Brentmoor and Forest Ridge, Big Bend and Wydown Blvds., Clayton (9/23/82)

Burkhardt Historic District (map [see note]), 16662-16678 Chesterfield Airport Rd., Chesterfield (08/31/00)

Burkhardt Historic District (boundary increase; map [see note]), 16626-16660 (even numbered properties only) Chesterfield Airport Rd., Chesterfield (5/05/06)

Busch's Grove, 9160 Clayton Rd., Ladue (9/09/82; removed 1/07/05)

Cape, Dr. Leander W., Buildings (map [see note]), 7401-03 Hazel and 2737-47 Sutton, Maplewood (11/15/05)

Carney-Keightley House, 930 Hawkins Rd, Fenton vicinity (7/08/10)

Carrswold Historic District(map [see note]), 1-26 Carrswold Dr., Clayton (9/09/82)

Casa Alvarez, 289 Rue St. Denis, Florissant (6/18/76)

Central Webster Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by W and E Cedar, Plant and W Maple Aves., E and W Jackson Rd. and Gray Ave., Webster Groves (6/11/86)

Charbonier Bluff, address restricted, Hazelwood vicinity (9/28/95)

Church Street Commercial District (map [see note]), 2-100 Church St., Ferguson (8/23/84)

Clarke, Judge Enos, House (Kirkwood MPS), 503 E. Monroe, Kirkwood (12/12/02)

Claverach Park, Roughly bounded by Broadview, Claverach, Crestwood, Harcourt, Hillvale & Ridgemoor Drs., Clayton Rd. and Wydown Blvd., Clayton (8/24/15)

Coldwater Cemetery, 15290 Old Halls Ferry Rd., Florissant vicinity (5/19/04)

Comfort, James H. and Marietta, House (Kirkwood MPS), 235 E. Jefferson, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

Coral Court Motel, 7755 Watson Rd., Marlborough (4/25/89; demolished)

Cori House, 1080 N Berry Rd., Glendale (10/02/86)

Cragwold, address restricted, Kirkwood (12/30/09)

Crescent Quarry Archaeological Site, address restricted, Crescent (2/12/71)

Curtiss--Wright Aeroplane Factory, 130 Banshee Rd., Hazelwood (9/06/16)

Czufin, Rudolph and Dorothy C., House, 24 Dielman Rd., Ladue (7/12/02)

Delmar Loop-Parkview Gardens Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Kingsland Ave., North Dr., Delmar Blvd., and Eastgate, University City (also St. Louis City) (2/16/84)

Des Peres Presbyterian Church (Old Stone Church), Geyer Rd. between Clayton and Manchester Rds., Frontenac (4/14/78)

Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park Historic District (ECW Architecture in Missouri State Parks 1933-1942 TR), Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park, Wildwood (2/27/85)

Donaldson Court Apartments, 601-15 Westgate Ave., University City (10/13/83)

Douglas House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 801 St. Francois, Florissant (9/12/79)

Downtown Kirkwood Historic District, 105-133 E. Argonne, 100-159 W. Argonne, 108-212 N. Clay, 105-140 E. Jefferson, 100-161 W. Jefferson, Kirkwood (10/28/09)

East Monroe Historic District (Kirkwood MPS; map [see note]), roughly bounded by Madison Ave., S. Holmes St., Scott Ave., and Smith St., Kirkwood (7/14/04)

Fairfax House, 9401 Manchester Rd., Rock Hill (4/15/04)

Farmers State Bank of Chesterfield, 16676-78 Chesterfield Airport Rd., Chesterfield (8/20/99)

Ferguson, Charles W., House (The Lockwood Group), 15-17 W Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves (9/18/84)

Ferguson School-Central School, 201 Wesley Ave., Ferguson (9/07/84)

Fishback, George W. and Virginia, House (Kirkwood MPS), 440 E. Argonne, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

Fort Bellefontaine, Address Restricted, Blackjack Vicinity (2/23/16)

Garrett, Louisa, House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]) AD), 280 Washington St., Florissant (6/27/07)

Glen Echo Historic District (map [see note]), 3401 Lucas-Hunt Rd., 7202-48 Henderson Ave., 7200-71 St. Andrews Pl., Normandy and Glen Echo Park (10/25/07)

Goldbeck House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 1061 St. Louis, Florissant (9/12/79)

Gorlock Building, 101-113 W Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves (11/08/84)

Grace Episcopal Church (Eliot Unitarian Chapel), Taylor and Argonne, Kirkwood (4/12/82)

Greenwood Cemetery, 6571 St. Louis Ave., Hillsdale (2/24/04)

Greenwood Historic District (map [see note]), 3500-3540 Greenwood and 7518 St. Elmo, Maplewood (4/12/06)

Haarstick-Whittemore Houses, 6420 and 6440 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton (9/20/82)

Halsey, Egbert W., Cottage (Kirkwood MPS), 126 E. Washington, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

Hammerman, Harry, House, 219 Graybridge Ln., Ladue (3/20/08)

Hampton Park (map [see note]), 1108-1176 Center Dr., 1012-1259 Hampton Park Dr., 1140-1173 Hillside Dr., 7914-8045 Park Dr., 8000-8062 South Dr., 7510-7600 Clayton Rd., Richmond Heights (12/21/05)

Hanley, Martin Franklin, House, 7600 Westmoreland Ave., Clayton (5/27/71)

Hanson House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 704 Ste. Catherine, Florissant (9/12/79)

Hawken House, 1155 S Rock Hill Rd., Webster Groves (2/16/70)

Henry Avenue Historic District (map [see note]), 120, 210, 211, 218, 220, 226, 230, 310, 314 and 320 Henry Ave., Manchester (1/08/03)

Hi-Pointe - De Mun Historic District, roughly bounded by S. Skinker Blvd., Clayton Rd., Seminary Place, De Mun Ave., and Northwood Ave., Clayton (also in St. Louis City) (5/07/05)

Hi-Pointe - De Mun Historic District (boundary increase), roughly bounded by Clayton Rd., De Mun Ave., San Bonita Ave., and Big Bend Blvd., Clayton (3/22/07)

Hubecky House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 197 Lafayette, Florissant (9/12/79)

Hunt, Wilson Price, House, 7717 Natural Bridge Rd., Normandy (9/23/80)

J. Milton Turner School, 238 Meacham Ave. and 245 Saratoga Ave., Kirkwood (8/22/02)

Jarville (Renard-Queeny House), 1723 Mason Rd., Manchester (2/16/84)

Jefferson-Argonne Historic District (Kirkwood MPS), roughly defined as both sides of Jefferson Ave., the N side of Argonne bet. Taylor St. and Holmes Ave., Kirkwood (7/14/04)

Jefferson Barracks Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Mississippi River and Gark, Boundary and Sheridan Rds., 10 mi. S. of St. Louis (2/01/72; AD, 10/08/10)

Jefferson Barracks Historic District (Additional Documentation) (10/8/10)

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPS), 2900 Sheridan Rd., Green Park vicinity(10/02/98)

Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital ( United States Second Generation Veterans Hospitals MPDF), 1 Jefferson Barracks Dr., St. Louis (7/14/15)

Keith, David, House (Kirkwood MPS), 116 N. Woodlawn, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

Kirkwood Missouri Pacific Depot, W Argonne Drive at Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood (7/05/85)

Koch, Robert, Hospital, 4101 Koch Rd., Oakville vicinity (10/31/84)

Kramer House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 520 Ste. Catherine, Florissant (9/12/79)

Kraus, Russell and Ruth Goetz, House, 120 N Ballas Rd., Kirkwood (01/31/97)

Kreienkamp Store, 19160 Melrose Rd., Wildwood (05/05/00)

Kuehn House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 410 S Harrison, Florissant (9/12/79)

Ladue Estates, 1-80 Ladue Estates Dr., Creve Coeur (5/26/10)

Lance House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 508 St. Antoine, Florissant (9/12/79)

Laramie, Marcus, House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 929 St. Denis, Florissant (9/12/79)

Larimore, Wilson, House, 11510 Larimore Rd., Bellefontaine Neighbors (2/10/89)

Link, Theodore, Historic Buildings, 7100, 7104 and 7108 Delmar Blvd., University City (9/11/80)

Long, William, Log House, 9385 Pardee Rd., Crestwood (12/05/78)

Lyceum, The, 920 Manchester Rd., Manchester (4/03/79)

Manchester Methodist Episcopal Church, 129 Woods Mill, Manchester (2/10/83)

Maplewood Commercial Historic District at Manchester and Sutton, roughly bounded by Manchester, Marietta, Marshall and Sutton, Maplewood (12/20/06)

Marshall Place Historic District (map [see note]), Marshall Place and Elm St. vicinity, Webster Groves (6/17/82)

Maryland Terrace Historic District, 7001-7419 Maryland Ave., and 7001-7394 Westmoreland Dr., University City (9/03/98)

McGarry House, 6965 Pershing Ave., University City (4/12/82)

McLagan, Lizzie, House (Kirkwood MPS), 549 E. Argonne, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

McMullen, Patrick and Moire, House (Kirkwood MPS), 212 W. Monroe, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

McPherson-Holland House, 115 Edwin Ave., Glendale (9/16/82)

Meramec River U.S. Bridge - J421 (Route 66 in Missouri MPS), historic U.S. Rt. 66 spanning the Meramec River, Eureka vicinity (9/16/09)

Meyer House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 915 N Lafayette, Florissant (9/12/79)

Moellring, Frank, House(St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 1002 Boone, Florissant (9/12/79)

Moller House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 200 Washington, Florissant (9/12/79)

Moorlands Addition Apartment District, roughly bounded by Clayton Rd., Glenridge Ave., Wydown Blvd. and (both sides) Westwood Dr., Clayton (9/30/09)

Mount Hope Cemetery, 1215 Lemay Ferry Rd., Lemay (10/03/03)

Mudd's Grove, 302 W Argonne Drive, Kirkwood (4/05/84)

Murphy, Joseph and Ann, Residence, 7901 Stanford Ave, University City (5/10/10)

Myers, John B., House and Barn, 180 Dunn Rd., Florissant (12/13/74; boundary increase, 9/19/77)

Narrow Gauge Railroad Station (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 1060 Ste. Catherine, Florissant (9/12/79)

New Mount Sinai Cemetery, 8430 Gravois Rd., Affton (12/22/05)

Nicolay House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 549 N St. Jacques, Florissant (9/12/79)

Nipher, Prof. Frances E., House (Kirkwood MPS), 435 N. Harrison, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

North Taylor Avenue Historic District (Kirkwood MPS), roughly bounded by Manchester Rd., E. Adams, & N. Taylor Aves., Kirkwood (8/07/12)

Norwood Hills Country Club (map [see note]), 1 Norwood Hills Country Club Dr., Ferguson (2/25/05)

Old Ferguson West Historic District (Ferguson, Missouri, MPS), roughly bounded by Carson Rd., Harvey & Tiffin Aves. & Florissant Rd., Ferguson (11/02/11)

Old Stone Church (Old Bonhomme Church), Conway and White Rds., Chesterfield vicinity (4/13/73)

Old Webster Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Allen Ave., Elm Ave., W. Lockwood Ave. and the Missouri Pacific RR Tracks, Webster Groves (8/04/04)

Olive Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Kirkwood MPS), 309 S. Harrison Ave., Kirkwood (4/20/04)

Orrville Historic District (map [see note]), 526 and 538 Eatherton Rd., Wildwood (10/18/03)

Osage Hills School, 1110 Glenwood S, Kirkwood (5/24/07)

Pappas, Theodore A., House, 865 Masonridge Rd., Creve Coeur (2/14/79)

Parkview Historic District, roughly bounded by Delmar, Skinker, and Millbrook Blvds. and Mellville Ave., University City (also in St. Louis City) (3/14/86)

Pasadena Hills Historic District (map [see note]), bounded by the city limits of Pasadena Hills, Pasadena Hills (12/04/04)

Patterson, Elisha and Lucy, Farmstead Historic District, 15505 New Halls Ferry Rd., Florissant vicinity (11/17/04)

Payne-Gentry House, 4211 Fee Fee Rd., Bridgeton (4/17/79)

Peters House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 903 Rue St. Francois, Florissant (9/12/79)

Pine Lawn Carriage House, 6292-94 Stillwell Dr., Pine Lawn (2/16/84)

Plant, Samuel, House, 800 Cella Rd., Ladue (4/19/84)

Pond School (One-Teacher Public Schools of Missouri MPS), 17123 Manchester Rd., Wildwood (11/06/12)

Price School, Price School Lane, Ladue (2/14/85)

Rannells, Charles S. and Mary Warder, House, 2200 Bredell, Maplewood (9/20/06)

Red Cedar Inn, 1047 East Osage, Pacific (4/02/03)

Reeb House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 446 St. Charles, Florissant (9/12/79)

Richter, Theodore and Lena, House (Kirkwood MPS), 229 S. Van Buren, Kirkwood (12/05/02)

Rickelman House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 680 Washington, Florissant (9/12/79)

Ripple, Otto, Agency (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 753 Rue St. Francois, Florissant (9/12/79)

Robinson, George R. and Elsie, House (Kirkwood MPS), 443 E. Argonne, Kirkwood (10/31/02)

Rock House (Edgewood Children's Center), 330 N Gore, Webster Groves (9/09/82)

Rockwood Court Apartments, 330 W. Lockwood, Webster Groves (4/05/06)

Rott School, 9455 Rott Rd., Sunset Hills (9/15/05)

St. Ferdinand Central Historic District (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), roughly bounded by Rue St. Francois, Rue St. Ferdinand, and Rue St. Denis, and Lafayette St., Florissant (9/12/79)

St. Ferdinand's Shrine Historic District (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), between Cold Water and Fountain Creeks, Florissant (9/12/79)

St. Stanislaus Seminary, 700 Howdershell Rd., Florissant (9/22/72)

St. Vincent's Hospital, 7301 St. Charles Rock Rd., Normandy (4/12/82)

Sappington, Joseph, House, 10734 Clearwater Dr., Affton (10/14/82)

Sappington, Thomas J. House, 1015 S Sappington Rd., Crestwood (6/28/74)

Sappington, Zephaniah, House, 11145 Gravois Rd., Crestwood (9/18/80)

Saratoga Lanes Building, 2725 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood (1/29/08)

Schmidt House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 359 St. Jean, Florissant (9/12/79)

Schoonover House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 983 St. Antoine, Florissant (9/12/79)

Seed, Miles A., Carriage House, 2456 Hord Ave. (rear), Jennings (3/25/87)

Seven Gables Building, 18-26 N Meramec, Clayton (7/16/85)

Shanley Building, 7800 Maryland Ave., Clayton (9/20/82)

Sioux Passage Park Archaeological Site, address restricted, Florissant (7/24/74)

Smith House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 310 Florissant Road, Florissant (9/12/79)

Stroer House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 700 Aubuchon, Florissant (9/12/79)

Sutter-Meyer House, 6826 Chamberlain Court, University City (4/12/82)

Taille de Noyer (Mullanphy-Chambers House), 1 Rue Taille de Noyer, Florissant (1/10/80)

Tebeau House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 250 Ste. Catherine, Florissant (9/12/79)

Tebeau, Marvin, House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 449 St. Joseph, Florissant (9/12/79)

Thornhill (Governor Bates Estate), Faust County Park, Olive St. Rd., Chesterfield (7/18/74)

Tolhurst, G. W., House (Kirkwood MPS), 345 E. Argonne, Kirkwood (10/03/02)

Tuxedo Park Christian Church, 700 Tuxedo Blvd., Webster Groves (11/08/06)

Tuxedo Park Station, 643 Glen Road at Tuxedo Blvd., Webster Groves (3/22/84)

U.S. Army Publications Distribution Center, 1655 Woodson Rd., Overland (10/5/15)

University City Education District (Jackson Park Elementary, Hanley Junior High and University City Senior High School), 7400 and 7401 Balson Ave., and 951 N Hanley Rd., University City (1/31/85)

University City Plaza, bounded roughly by Delmar Blvd., Trinity, Harvard, and Kingsland Aves., and S residential property line, University City (3/07/75)

University Heights Subdivision Number One (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Delmar Blvd., Yale, Dartmouth and Harvard Ave., University City (9/23/80)

Unsell, Elijah J., House (Kirkwood MPS), 615 E. Monroe, Kirkwood (12/12/02)

Washington University Hilltop Campus Historic District, roughly bounded by Big Bend, Forsyth, Skinker, and Millbrook Blvds., Clayton (1/12/79; NHL 3/09/87)

Way, James W. and Mary, House (Kirkwood MPS), 305 N. Harrison, Kirkwood (12/12/02)

Webster College-Eden Theological Seminary Collegiate District, 470 and 475 E Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves (12/28/82)

Webster Park Residential Historic District, roughly bounded by Newport, Bompart, E. Lockwood, N. Maple and Glen Rd., Webster Groves (12/30/08)

White Haven (Grant-Dent House; Ulysses S. Grant NHS), 9060 Whitehaven, Grantwood Village (4/04/79; NHL 6/23/86)

Wildwood House, 40 Dames Court, Ferguson (4/05/06)

Williams Creek Archaeological District, address restricted (11/23/77)

Withington House (St. Ferdinand City MRA [see note*]), 502 St. Marie, Florissant (9/12/79)

Wydown-Forsyth District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Forsyth, Skinker Blvd., Fauquier and Wydown Terrace Dr., and University Ln., Clayton (also in St. Louis City) (5/23/88)

*Each bold-faced link in the list above leads to a word-searchable of the NATIONAL REGISTER NOMINATION for that resource; other links provide maps or additional context for the resource. The items may be downloaded (right-click) or viewed in your Web browser (double-click). File sizes range from 1 MB to several hundred MB, the time required for loading will depend on your connection speed. You may obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader software required to read the materials by visiting our Help page.

*Please note that the maps and nominations reflect the terms used to categorize significance at the time the properties were listed in the National Register. A district or building that may have been determined to be a contributing element in a district when it was listed in the National Register may have been so altered since that point that it is no longer a certified historic district or a certified historic structure for the purposes of historic rehabilitation tax credits — this determination is made based on the nomination supplemented by recent photographs provided with the Part 1 (federal) or Part 1a (state) form submitted at the beginning of any historic rehab tax credit project.  Also note that Thematic Resource (TR) and Multiple Resource Area (MRA) nominations were essentially survey documents; ONLY the individual properties or districts listed on this Web page were actually listed in the National Register. Finally, nominations for some properties and districts are provided for their historical value -- the resource itself may have vanished.