Fund assistance has played a direct role in the preservation of some of Missouri's most significant properties: 

White Haven - In 1986, the St. Louis County home of President Ulysses S. Grant was for sale and threatened by surrounding subdivision development. Through a federal/state/county/private partnership, the house was purchased with funds from St. Louis County and the Historic Preservation Revolving Fund and transferred to the National Park Service. Today the house is restored and operated as the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.

Missouri Theatre - In 1987, the 1928 Missouri Theatre in Columbia was endangered by demolition for a parking lot. With a $185,000 loan from the fund, the theatre was purchased by the Missouri Symphony Society. The loan was repaid in 1998 and the theatre, undergoing restoration, serves as home for both the symphony and other community arts events.

Byrd House - This 1820s stone house near Jackson in Cape Girardeau County was considered a liability by Washington University in 1998. To prevent the house from being burned by the local fire department, the Department of Natural Resources accepted the house as a donation to the fund. The house was soon sold and is under restoration.

Choplin House - In 1994, the Harry S Truman Historic District in Independence was listed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as on of America's Eleven Most Endangered Properties. The dilapidated Choplin House, located close to the Truman Home, symbolized the fate of houses in the district. When the front facade collapsed, local citizens applied for a fund loan to reconstruct the facade. Today the facade is rebuilt, the loan is repaid, and the house has been rehabilitated under private ownership.

Warden's Home - In 1991, the Warden's Home in Jefferson City was a candidate for demolition by the Missouri Department of Corrections. Working with the DNR, the home was transferred to the fund for resale. After marketing efforts, the house was sold at a profit of over $79,500.00. The attorney purchaser restored the house for use as his offices.