Grants available for Historic Courthouses - Round 5

The Department of Natural Resources is pleased to announce Round 5 of the Missouri Heritage Properties Program, a grant program established to assist in the preservation of historic buildings in public, governmental ownership. The program provides matching grants for the preservation of important National Register listed courthouses that currently cannot benefit from other assistance programs such as the state and federal tax credits.

The current funding cycle will provide funding to assist in the preservation of Missouri's historic county courthouses. Grant awards in this round will consist of planning grants or construction activities aimed at the long term preservation of the historic courthouses. Buildings selected for funding should primarily be used for their historic purpose. Courthouses used as museum properties or community center projects will not qualify for funding.

Applications are currently being accepted for proposed grant projects under this program. This will allow the department to solicit, review grant applications and make recommendations for funding. $326,000.00 will be available in this round of grants. Grants are funded at a 70/30 ratio with the grant providing 70% of the project costs and the local recipient responsible for 30% of the project cost. Construction grants will be limited to $100,000.00 per project and Planning grants to $25,000.00.

Applications must be postmarked or received at the SHPO on Friday, September 11, 2015 by 5:00 p.m. Final applications will be scored based on the proposed project's contribution to Missouri's statewide preservation priorities and the technical quality of the application. Only governmental entities are eligible to apply for these funds.

For more information or assistance with Historic Preservation Fund Grants or Missouri Heritage Properties Grants, you may contact our Preservation Planner and Grants Manager via email or by calling 573-751-7958.

  • 2015 Round 5 Application for Missouri Heritage Properties Grant
  • 2015 Round 5 Instructions for Missouri Heritage Properties Grant