Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque, 601 St. Louis St., Springfield (9/09/82)

Ambassador Apartments (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 1235 E. Elm St., Springfield (10/29/08)

Anderson, Elijah Teague, House, 406 N Pine, Republic (11/14/80)

Bentley House, 603 E Calhoun, Springfield (11/14/80)

Benton Avenue AME Church, 830 North Benton, Springfield, (10/14/01)

Berry Cemetery, 1431 W. Farm Rd. 74, Ash Grove vicinity (11/13/04)

Boegel and Hine Flour Mill-Wommack Mill, E side of North Main St., S of intersection with MO 125, Fair Grove (11/06/86)

Boone, Nathan, House, Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site, 1.75 mi. N of Ash Grove on Hwy. V (10/01/69)

Camp Manor Apartments (Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), 423 E. Elm St., Springfield (12/06/05)

Campbell Avenue Historic District (Springfield, Missouri MPS); map [see note]), 200 and 300 blocks of S Campbell Ave., and 300 block of Park Central W, Springfield (6/25/99)

Campbell Avenue Historic District (boundary increase I; Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), 318 and 322-326 S. Campbell Avenue, Springfield (12/23/05)

Christ Episcopal Church, 601 E Walnut, Springfield (3/26/87)

College Apartments (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 408 E. Walnut St., Springfield (5/01/03)

Commercial Street Historic District (map [see note]), Commercial St., Springfield (5/24/83)

Day House, 614 South St., Springfield (11/07/76)

Fallin Brothers Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 211-229 S. Market Ave., Springfield (7/25/12)

Finkbiner Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), 509-513 W. Oliver St., Springfield (5/25/05)

Franklin Springfield Motor Co. Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 312-314 E. Olive St., Springfield (11/15/06)

Gillioz Theater, 325 Park Central E, Springfield (7/09/91)

Gilmore Barn, US 160, 3.5 mi. E of Ash Grove, Ash Grove vicinity (4/08/94)

Gottfried Furniture Co. Building, (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 326 Boonville Ave., Springfield (12/18/07)

Greene County Courthouse, 940 Boonville Ave., Springfield (11/14/07)

Heer's Department Store (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 138 Park Central Square, Springfield (10/24/02)

Holland Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 205 Park Central East, Springfield (11/15/00)

Hotel Sansone (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 312 Park Central E, Springfield (05/05/00)

Jefferson Street Footbridge, Jefferson Ave., bet. Commercial and Chase Sts., Springfield (9/02/03)

Keet-McElhany House, 435 E Walnut, Springfield (3/22/84)

King, J.E., Manufacturing Co. (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 1350 St. Louis St., Springfield (7/27/05)

Kite, Robert B. and Vitae A., Apartment Building, 769-771 South Ave., Springfield (1/28/04)

Landers Theater, 311 E Walnut, Springfield (8/12/77)

Lincoln School, 815 N Sherman, Springfield (5/31/00)

McDaniel Building, 316 Park Central E., Springfield (10/22/14)

Marquette Hotel (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 400 E Walnut, Springfield (05/05/00)

Marx-Hurlburt Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 311-315 E. Park Central Sq., Springfield (9/02/03)

Mid-Town Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Pacific, Clay, Pythian, Summit, Calhoun, Washington, Central, Benton, Division, and Jefferson, Springfield (7/13/89)

Mid-Town Historic District (boundary increase I; map [see note]), roughly along N. Robberson Ave. and N. Jefferson Ave., Springfield (8/09/02)

Netter-Ullman Building, 317 Park Central East, Springfield (4/18/03)

Oberman, D. M., Manufacturing Co. Building, 600 North Boonville Avenue, Springfield (4/18/2002)

Old Calaboose (Old Springfield City Jail), 409 W McDaniel, Springfield (11/14/80)

Palace Hotel (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 501 College St., Springfield (11/27/02)

Pearl Apartments and Windsor Apartments (Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), 728 and 722 S. Jefferson St., Springfield (12/06/05)

Pearson Creek Archaeological District (district includes: 23GR28; 23GR46; 23GR47; 23GR48; 23GR49; 23GR50; 23GR61; 23GR116; 23GR117; 23GR119; 23GR120; 23GR123; 23GR130; 23GR133; 23GR134; 23GR135; 23GR167; 23GR176; 23GR177; 23GR341; Phelps Diggings; Pierson Mines; Gem Mines; Suffold and Eversal Shafts; Daisy Mine; Lewis and Benz Mines; Meyers Mine; Wolverine and O'Day Mines; Nathalie and Kodak Mines; Kershner Cemetery; Schoolcraft's Camp and Marker; and Simpson Cemetery), address restricted (10/11/78)

Producers Produce Co. Plant (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 501 N. Main Ave., Springfield (4/12/10)

Pythian Home of Missouri, 1451 E. Pythian St., Springfield (10/07/09)

Rail Haven Motel (Route 66 in Missouri MPS), 203 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield (5/10/10)

Rock Fountain Court Historic District (map [see note]), 2400 W. College St., Springfield (4/02/03)

Route 66 Steak 'n Shake (Route 66 in Missouri MPS), 1158 E. St. Louis St., Springfield (8/01/12)

St. John's Mercy Hospital Building, 620 W. Scott, Springfield (9/02/03)

St. Paul Block (Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), 401 S. Ave., Springfield (1/15/09)

Schneider, Henry, Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 600 College St. and 219-231 S. Main Ave., Springfield (8/24/06)

South Avenue Commercial Historic District (Springfield, Missouri MPS; map [see note]), Walnut and Pershing Sts., South and Robberson Aves., Springfield (6/25/99)

South-McDaniel-Patton Commercial Historic District (Springfield, Missouri MPS; map [see note]), roughly bounded by S. Campbell Ave., W. McDaniel St., South Ave., and W. Walnut St., Springfield (3/07/03)

Springfield Furniture Co. (Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), 601 N. National, Springfield (7/05/06)

Springfield Grocer Co. Warehouse (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 323 N. Patton Ave, Springfield,  (7/08/10)

Springfield National Cemetery (Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPS), 1702 E Seminole St., Springfield (8/27/99)

Springfield Public Square Historic District (Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD; map [see note]), 149,138,137,134,127,132,124, and 122 Park Central Sq., 219, 221, South Ave., Springfield (5/05/06)

Springfield Public Square Historic District(boundary increase; Springfield, Missouri MPS, AD), E. side Public Square, part of the 300 block Park Central E., N. side of 200 block of W. Olive, Springfield (1/13/10)

Springfield Seed Co. Office and Wholesale Building, 319 N. Main Ave., Springfield (9/14/2006)

Springfield Warehouse and Industrial Historic District (Springfield, Missouri MPS; map [see note]), E Water, W Mill and W Phelps Sts. and Boonville Ave., Springfield (6/25/99)

Stone Chapel, Drury College Campus, Benton and Central Sts., Springfield (10/21/82)

U.S. Customhouse and Post Office, 830 Boonville Ave., Springfield (6/27/79)

Walnut Street Historic Commercial District (Springfield, Missouri MPS; map [see note]), Walnut St., Springfield (6/25/99)

Walnut Street Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by McDaniel, Walnut, Elm Sts. and Sherman Parkway, Springfield (3/21/85)

Walnut Street Historic District (boundary decrease I), along East Elm Street, Springfield (10/19/01)

Walnut Street Historic District (boundary increase I), roughly along E. Walnut St., from the 700 and 800 Blocks, Springfield (8/05/02)

Washington Avenue Baptist Church (Second Baptist Church), 729 North Washington, Springfield (12/22/00; removed 10/06/01)

West Walnut Street Commercial Historic District (Springfield, Missouri MPS; map [see note]), roughly 400-300 blocks of West Walnut Street and 300-400 blocks of South Campbell Avenue, Springfield (3/20/02)

Wilhoit, E. M., Building (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 300-330 E. Pershing St., Springfield (1/31/05)

Wilhoit, Edward M. and Della C., House, 903 S. Weller Ave., Springfield (12/23/04)

Wilshire Apartments (Springfield, Missouri MPS), 520 S. Jefferson, Springfield (4/10/08)

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, SW of Springfield on MO 174 (also in Christian County) (10/15/66)

Wise Feed Co. Building, 438-440 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield (1/06/03)

Woods-Evertz Stove Co. Historic District (map [see note]), bounded by N. Jefferson Ave., E Phelps St., N. Robberson Ave. and E. Tampa St., Springfield (10/23/2003)

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*Please note that the maps and nominations reflect the terms used to categorize significance at the time the properties were listed in the National Register. A district or building that may have been determined to be a contributing element in a district when it was listed in the National Register may have been so altered since that point that it is no longer a certified historic district or a certified historic structure for the purposes of historic rehabilitation tax credits — this determination is made based on the nomination supplemented by recent photographs provided with the Part 1 (federal) or Part 1a (state) form submitted at the beginning of any historic rehab tax credit project.  Also note that Thematic Resource (TR) and Multiple Resource Area (MRA) nominations were essentially survey documents; ONLY the individual properties or districts listed on this Web page were actually listed in the National Register. Finally, nominations for some properties and districts are provided for their historical value -- the resource itself may have vanished.