Regarding recent nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

Archbishop O'Hara High School, 9001 James A. Reed Rd., Kansas City, Jackson County NOT APPROVED

Aurora Apartments, 3012-3014 Linwood Blvd., Kansas City, Jackson County (Working-Class and Middle-Income Apartment Buildings in Kansas City, Missouri MPDF) APPROVED

Banneker School, 2840 Samuel Shepard Dr., St. Louis [Independent City] APPROVED

Benton Club of St. Joseph, The, 402 N. 7th St., St. Joseph, Buchanan County APPROVED

Burgherr's Service Station, 1956 Utah St., St. Louis [Independent City] (Historic Auto-Related Resources of St. Louis, Missouri MPDF) APPROVED

Garfield Historic District, 914-916, 915 and 921 Garfield St., Poplar Bluff, Butler County APPROVED

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Elementary School, 1351 North Hanley Rd., University City, St. Louis County APPROVED

Howardville High School, 6916 US Hwy. 61, Howardville, New Madrid County APPROVED

Interstate Securities Building, 215 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Jackson County APPROVED

Luzier Special Formula Laboratories Building, 3216 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Jackson County APPROVED

Nims Mansion, 2701 Finestown Rd., Oakville, St. Louis County APPROVED

Pennington Drug Company, 512-520 Virginia Ave., Joplin, Jasper County APPROVED

Publicity Building, The, 1133 Pine St., St. Louis [Independent City] APPROVED

St. Francis Xavier School, 5220 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Jackson County APPROVED

Salisbury School, State Highway K, Kirksville Vic., Adair County (One-Teacher Public Schools of Missouri, c. 1774 to C. 1973 MPDF) APPROVED


Once a nomination has been approved by the Missouri Advisory Council and any required changes made, it is submitted to the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places staff. Upon submission to NPS, a decision on whether to list the property is made within 45 days. Overall, the process of listing a property from the time the SHPO receives the nomination to the time NPS lists the property typically takes approximately 180 days provided that a complete and fully documented nomination form has been completed for the property.

For all other preoperties listed in the National Register of Historic Places in Missouri, please consult the lists arranged by counties.