The Missouri Department of Natural Resources regularly proposes new rules and amendments to rules (i.e., “regulations”) based on direction from its Commissions and mandates from the legislature. The Department's Rules in Development Index List is provided below with the intent to facilitate understanding, participating and providing input to our rulemakings by interested parties – individuals, industry, community groups and local governments.

In most cases, Department of Natural Resources rulemakings involve amending existing rules, rather than proposing entirely new rules or rescinding rules. Moreover, many of these amendments address relatively minor issues, such as a removing outdated information, or updating referenced documents. In all rulemakings, regardless of significance, the Department of Natural Resources will provide information on the need for the rule, the benefits and costs of the rulemaking and the alternatives considered.

The Rules in Development Index List contains all program listings of rule actions underway or completed and effective within the last 90 days. This listing identifies each rulemaking by program, rule number, topic and the stage of development. Briefly, the stages of development are as follows:

In Initial Development:
The conceptualizing, information collecting, and drafting period before filing a proposed rule action with the Secretary of State.  This stage of development can also include a draft rule text and regulatory impact report comment period for rulemakings that set environmental conditions or standards.

On Public Notice:
The proposed rule action has been filed with Secretary of State and put on public notice. Typically, proposed rulemakings are published in the Missouri Register within 30-45 days of being filed with the Secretary of State.

In Final Development:
The public notice period has been closed and any changes deemed necessary as a result of comments received are incorporated into the rule action. During this stage, rulemakings for some programs are adopted by their commission and all rulemakings go through the final legislative review (JCAR).

Decisions Completed:
At this stage of the process, the rule action has already been filed and the final legislative review is complete.  During this stage, the final order of rulemaking is filed with the Secretary of State and published in the Missouri Register.  The Code of State Regulation is updated to reflect the rule action and the rule action becomes effective 30 days after the code is updated.

In Effect Last 90 Days:
Those rule actions that have become effective within the last 90 days are included in this stage.

Emergency Rule:
This is a special rule action that may be published and implemented without public notice but that has a limited effective time.

For more detail on an individual rulemaking, select the I.D. in the Rules in Development Index List. The detail screen provides the rule name, Missouri Register citations, a brief abstract, staff contacts and the completed and expected rulemaking calendar. Where Regulatory Impact Reports are required (rulemakings that set environmental conditions or standards), it is indicated in the far right column in the Index List as Available and a link to the online report is provided.  However, for your convenience we have provided a link at the bottom of this page to a page that has links to each of the programs Rules in Development page.

For general information about the rulemaking process, contact the Department of Natural Resources at 573-751-0763. For more information on specific rules, direct contact names and phone numbers are provided for each individual rulemaking action.

Please note the information on the Index List will be updated nightly.

You may obtain complete copies of the proposed and final rule actions published in the Missouri Register from the Secretary of State website or by calling 573-751-3367.