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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is currently accepting comments on all rules under Title 10 of the Missouri Code of State Regulations. Comments will also be accepted online, by email or by mail through Dec. 15, 2017.

  Division 50 - Oil and Gas Council

The Oil and Gas Council was created in 1965 (Chapter 259, RSMo). The department and council promote the economic development and production of Missouri’s oil and gas resources, work to ensure that wastes generated by oil and gas wells are managed properly and protect groundwater aquifers that may be affected by oil and gas well drilling.

Chapter 1 - Organization, Purpose, and Definitions
Chapter 2 - Oil and Gas Drilling and Production
Chapter 3 - Well Spacing for Oil and Gas Pools
Chapter 4 - Authorization for Pooling Units and Unitization Agreements for Oil and Gas Pools
Chapter 5 - Special Projects and Research Projects

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