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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is currently accepting comments on all rules under Title 10 of the Missouri Code of State Regulations. Comments will also be accepted online, by email or by mail through Dec. 15, 2017.

  Division 40 - Missouri Mining Commission
  (formerly Land Reclamation Commission)

The commission was created in 1971 to regulate and control strip mining to prevent or minimize its injurious effects on the resources and people of the state. (Sections 444.510 to 444.980 RSMo). The department’s Land Reclamation Program administers the policies and general programs developed by the commission to assure Missouri’s mineral resources are available for economic development and the land is returned to the best possible condition for use after mining is completed.

Chapter 1 - Organization
Chapter 2 - Land Reclamation Performance Requirements for Coal Strip Mining
Chapter 3 - Permanent Performance Requirements for Surface Coal Mining and Related Activities
Chapter 4 - Permanent Performance Requirements for Special Mining Activities
Chapter 5 - Prohibitions and Limitations on Mining in Certain Areas and Areas Unsuitable for Mining
Chapter 6 - Permitting Requirements for Surface and Underground Coal Mining and Reclamation Operations and Coal Exploration
Chapter 7 - Bond and Insurance Requirements for Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Operation
Chapter 8 - Definitions and General Requirement
Chapter 9 - Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund; Abandoned Mine Reclamation and Restoration
Chapter 10 - Permit and Performance Requirements for Industrial Mineral Open Pit and In-Stream Sand and Gravel Operation

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