Natural Disaster Assistance for Missouri Citizens - Disaster Response for On-Site Wastewater (Septic) Systems

Department of Natural Resources fact sheet
Department of Natural Resources Director: Carol S. Comer

Natural disasters can damage an individual on-site wastewater treatment (septic) system. Many systems may be adversely effected by flooding. Some of these systems may be so damaged that they require major repairs or replacement. Most of these systems will remain inoperable until the flood water recedes and the soil dries.

One problem is the release of untreated sewage from the septic tanks onto the ground. The ponding sewage left behind on the soils surface from the septic tanks can be a significant health hazard. Another issue is sewage backup into the building, caused by a blockage that results from the damaged system or piping.


Wastewater System Abandonment

Some on-site wastewater treatment systems might be abandoned after a natural disaster. The following are recommendations that will help ensure that the site formerly used for wastewater treatment and disposal is safe:

Produced in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.