Missouri Technical Reference Manual

Division of Energy fact sheet
Division of Energy Director: Craig Redmon

The Missouri Technical Reference Manual (MO TRM 2017) has been released after a year of collaborative development by 14 partners.

Energy efficiency benefits all Missourians by reducing their energy bills and the cost of energy itself. There are over 100 energy efficiency rebates offered to Missourians through their utility providers. The MO TRM 2017 contains the formulas for calculating the energy savings that result from implementation of energy efficiency programs. While customers will not be directly impacted by the creation of the MO TRM 2017. The MO TRM 2017 is intended to result in more effective energy efficiency programs being offered through utilities by:

MO-TRM-2017 - Origin and Next Steps
MO-TRM-2017 - Volume 1: Overview and User Guide
MO-TRM-2017 - Volume 2: Commercial and Industrial Measures
MO-TRM-2017 - Volume 3: Residential Measures
MO-TRM-2017 - Considerations and Recommendations to Missouri TRM Update and Maintenance Process. 2017, Vermont Energy Investement Corporation
MO-TRM-2017 - Supporting Documentation