Water Protection Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Leanne Tippett Mosby

What is the fee for each application?
The ePermitting system is being developed in phases, so not all of the Permit Types and Permit Categories will be available upon implementation of ePermitting. Phase I will cover Land Disturbance (MORA00000) Permit Category types and was put online in June 2012. Phase II will contain most other general permits, construction permits (sewer extensions), and permits-by-rule. Phase III will include new master general permits.  Individual general permits requiring public notice will come in Phase IV.

The fee amounts below are based on Missouri Revised Statutes §644.052 and §644.053.  Additionally, these fee amounts are also contained in Missouri Regulation 10 CSR 20-6.011 – Appendix A. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is required to revise fee amounts periodically.  If fee amounts are changed, this document will contain the new fee information. These fees will likely change in 2015.  The Clean Water Fee helps pay for much of the work necessary to run the NPDES permitting program, however, there are critical gaps that need to be filled to keep an effective program with state delegation.

For New Applications:

Permit Type Permit Category Application Fee Annual Fee? Renewable?
General Land Disturbance (MORA00000) $300 No No
General Land Disturbance (MOR100000) $300 No Yes
General Animal Feeding Operations and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations $150 Yes Yes
General Chemical Fertilizer or Pesticide Facility $50 Yes/$50 Yes
General All Other $150 Yes/$150* Yes
Construction Sewer Extension (under 1,000 feet long) $75 No No
Construction Sewer Extension (equal to or more than 1,000 feet long) $300 No No
Construction Lift Station (if a lift station is part of the above two rows, it falls under this fee amount) $300 No No
Permit-by-rule Permit-by-rule $25 No N/A

*For new general permits, the annual fee is $150. Upon renewal the annual fee drops to $60.

For Renewal Applications/Permits Only:

Permit Type Permit Category Application Fee Annual Fee
General Land Disturbance (MOR100000) $300 No
General Animal Feeding Operations and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations $150 No
General Chemical Fertilizer or Pesticide Facility No $50
General All Other No $60

For Modifications and Ownership Transfers Applications/Permits Only:
The fee for any major modification is 25 percent of the annual permit fee.
There is also a $100 fee for any minor modifications including name changes, address changes, or other nonsubstantive changes.

Permit Type Permit Category Application Fee
General Animal Feeding Operations and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Yes/$150
General Chemical Fertilizer or Pesticide Facility Yes/$12.50
General All Other - New (has not been renewed) Yes/$37.50
General All Other - renewed (has been renewed Yes/$15

For terminations application only:
No application fee is required for terminating a permit. However, it may be in the best interest of the permittee to have all fees paid in full prior to submitting an application for termination. Failure to pay annual fees is a violation of the Missouri Clean Water Law and its implementing regulations. Outstanding annual permit fees may cause the termination application to be revoked.

What are the accepted payment types?
When making a payment in the ePermitting system, the user will actually make the payment in a third party, private site known as Collection Services Inc, or CSI. The types of payment acceptable are credit card (includes debit card) and electronic checks (e-checks).

What do I do if I don’t have a credit card or electronic check?
If the user does not have a credit card (includes debit card) or have the use of e-checks, then the user cannot use ePermitting. The user will need to contact the Department of Natural Resources Water Protection Program and request permission to submit a paper application.

Which credit cards are acceptable?
Visa®, Master Card® and Discover®.

Why can’t state agencies use ePermitting?
The State of Missouri’s Purchasing Card Policy and Procedure Manual (revised February 2011) was drafted and finalized by the Missouri Office of Administration. This document, under Chapter IV – Section Interagency Payments states, “Payments to state agencies are not allowed on the P-card. Examples include, but are not limited to, payments to Missouri Vocational Enterprises, Secretary of State and Division of Professional Registration. Payments for goods or services to State agencies should be processed directly through SAMII Financial.”  This means other state agencies and the Department of Natural Resources cannot use ePermitting to receive an issued permit.

What happens to my application if my payment is not successfully processed?
When the user enters all applicable information in the Collector Solutions Inc. portion in the ePermitting system, there is chance the payment may not have been successfully processed.

The CSI system can generate several different messages for a variety of errors that may occur. The messages CSI generates should provide some detail of the problem. Regardless of the error type, if the payment is not processed, then the permit application cannot be finalized (i.e., issued). The user should make sure all information entered is correct and the form of payment is acceptable in the ePermitting system.

What happens to my application if my payment is successfully processed?
When the payment is successfully processed by CSI, the next page the user will see is the ePermitting Confirmation Screen. From this screen, the user will access the ePermitting home page to receive the issued operating permit.