Well Installation Section Online Services Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Geological Survey Program fact sheet
Missouri Geological Survey Director: Joe Gillman

What is the Well Installation Section Online Services Portal?

This system makes it possible for users to test for a permit, renew a permit, submit a record, search for well or pump installation contractors licensed to do business in Missouri, and search well records for wells drilled, reconstructed or plugged after July 1987.

What is the link to the Well Installation Section Online Services Portal?



Why is a confirmation number necessary?

The email address you use to register is associated with your permit number. If your email address changes, you will need your four digit confirmation number to change your email in the system. Please write it down and keep for future reference.

Why does the access code change?

The access code will change every 90 days, and it will be emailed to you each time you log in to the system. The code length is cumbersome, but standard for this type of application used by the state of Missouri. We recommend copying the code from the email message and pasting the access code into the system.

Can I submit more than one type of record?

Yes. Water well, monitoring well, heat pumps, pump, plugging and reconstruction records can be entered into the system.

How do I know the department received the records I entered online?

You will receive a confirmation email from the system. This information is updated immediately.

Can I submit records that are late?

Yes. The online system will calculate the late fee based on the completion date. The amount will be added during the checkout process.

Why does the online system require me to go through the checkout when I do not owe any fees? (Example: pump or plugging records with no fees due)

The system requires all users to go through the checkout process to send the information you entered to our database. You will notice a zero balance in your cart during checkout.

Can I leave the online system while I am entering records and return at a later time?

No. Unfortunately, the online system “times out” after 45 minutes of inactivity. Like other online applications you must complete the checkout process and receive a confirmation email for successful entry in the system.


If I am an apprentice can I renew my permit online?

No. At this time an apprentice cannot renew their permit online. Staff will review work completed and progress made by the apprentice before their permit is renewed.

Does an apprentice receive credit for forms submitted online?

Yes. As long as the permit information is correctly entered for the type of permit they are applying for.

If my permit has expired can I just renew online?

Yes. However, if your permit has been expired for more than one year you must contact the Well Installation section at the number below and retest as a new applicant.

What if I have a change to my rigs or service vehicles that are registered with the department?

You can make these changes online as they occur or when you renew your permit. You will be prompted to review vehicles permitted under your permit number.

Can I take the test for my permit online?

Yes. The general open book portion of the test is available online. The specific closed book portion of the test must be taken in Rolla at 111 Fairgrounds Road, Rolla, Missouri.

How do I gain access to the online test?

An application to test must be submitted to Well Installation section along with a $40 fee. The form can be found on the Well Installation Section Online Services Portal. After your request is processed, staff will contact you with a test ID number. Enter your test ID number and Social Security number to gain access to the online test.

For more information:
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