Solid Waste Management Program fact sheet
Division of Environmental Quality Director: Ed Galbraith

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is authorized to reimburse fraternal, charitable or other nongovernmental nonprofit organizations for disposal costs of scrap tires collected during voluntary cleanups of land and water resources. These monies only apply to scrap tires. Other wastes collected as part of these projects are not eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement funds are available subject to the conditions outlined below:

  1. Nonprofit organizations wishing to use these funds must obtain prior approval. This can be accomplished by completing the Non-Profit Scrap Tire Cleanup and Disposal Application (Form 780-1997) and submitting it to the Solid Waste Management Program, along with a copy of the group’s current registration with the Office of the Secretary of State verifying their non-profit status should be included with the application form. This form is available on the Web at

  2. The group must have a current vendor input number issued from the State of Missouri Office of Administration to request reimbursement.
    No reimbursements can be made to a group without this number. Vendor numbers can be obtained through the online Vendor Services Portal at  Upon approval, the department will notify the group by returning a copy of the approved application form to the group. Tire collections that occur prior to receiving approval may not be eligible for reimbursement.
    When seeking reimbursement upon completion of the collection, the group must follow the instructions below:

  3. For each tire collected and taken to a legal recycler, end-user, processor, etc. the group will be reimbursed up to the actual cost of disposal or $2 per tire, whichever is less.

  4. After the tires from the cleanup have been properly disposed of, the group must:
    • Complete and submit the Non-Profit Scrap Tire Cleanup and Disposal Invoice (Form 780-1998) available on the Web at
    • Submit a receipt from the entity receiving the tires indicating the number of tires taken and the total amount paid for their disposal. The individual or company receiving the tires must sign the receipt. The original receipt must be submitted.
    • Submit a copy of the front and back of the organization’s cancelled check (to the entity receiving the tires.)
    • Make sure your organization has a current vendor input number from OA.

  5. The department, upon approval of the information submitted for reimbursement will issue a check to the organization or individual for the costs incurred for disposal of the tires. Processing of complete reimbursement requests will take approximately two weeks from the date the department receives the request.

  6. While there is no limit to the number of times a group may receive funds under this program, requests may be denied due to insufficient funds available to the department. Groups are strongly encouraged to take collected tires to scrap tire processors or end users for recycling or resource recovery. Tires can be landfilled, but only if they have been cut, chipped or shredded prior to disposal. Groups are encouraged to arrange for proper disposal of the tires before collecting them. Groups are encouraged to contact the appropriate department regional office for assistance in locating a legal destination to deliver scrap tires.