The following are summaries and other information related to Proposed Rules that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has submitted to the Secretary of State for Publication in the Missouri Register.  These rules will not go into effect until the public has had an opportunity to submit written comments, and to attend a public hearing if one is scheduled.

Any person may offer comments on a Proposed Rule. The instructions for submitting comments, and the location and date of a hearing if one is scheduled, are located after the text of each rule. Please note that the official text of a Proposed Rule is the version that appears in the Missouri Register, not the draft copy on this site.

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10 CSR 40-10.020 The amendment will increase acreage, site and total fees for Industrial Mineral Open Pit and In-Stream Sand and Gravel Operation mining more than five thousand (5,000) tons per year. The amendment will clarifying public notice certified mail out requirements, aligning the rules with a name change of a federal government agency and changing a recommendation to a decision by the director for permit issuance or denial. Yes Rulemaking Report 10 CSR 40-10.020 Yes 9/15/2015
10 CSR 25-12.010 Sections 260.380.1(10)(d) and Section 260.475.8 RSMo give the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the authority to work with stakeholders to develop recommendations for changes to the hazardous waste fee structure, and for the Hazardous Waste Management Commission (HWMC) to approve those recommendations. This proposed amendment adjusts the hazardous waste generator registration and renewal fee, the in-state fee for hazardous waste generated in Missouri, as well as the minimum and maximum amounts for the in-state fee, and the land disposal fee for hazardous waste land disposed in Missouri.




Rulemaking Report 10 CSR 25-12.010 Yes 07/16/2015