This also includes Applications, Licenses, Registrations, Operators or Certification received or being reviewed by the department.

Permit AssistantLink to Permit Assistance website

If you are seeking an environmental permit, registration or certification for your business, school, community or activity, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Permit Assistant can help! This tool is designed to help users determine what type of environmental permits they need and provide the forms to apply for these permits. This easy-to-use tool will ask you a few simple questions to determine your needs. Let's get started!

Please call 800-361-4827 for a permit you may not see listed. We also offer online forms and manuals.

The following is a list of pending and approved permits required from the Department of Natural Resources as well as permits on public notice.

Air Pollution Control

Drilling and Pump Installation

Hazardous Waste

Land Reclamation

Oil and Gas

Solid Waste

Water Protection

Feel free to view our online Rules in Development information.

For those interested in attending and submitting comments for public notices at any of our meetings, visit our Online Calendar.

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