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The Lower Grand River Watershed in north-central Missouri is in an area of the state with water quantity problems, where drought conditions can threaten the drinking water supply for many communities. This watershed contains areas of diverse wet prairie and bottomland forest that are remnants of the natural wetland habitat once common in northern Missouri. The watershed also contains streams impacted by channelization, sedimentation, and nonpoint source runoff. The department is building partnerships to identify opportunities to address water quantity and water quality problems in this watershed.

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Please send your questions about the watershed or the Our Missouri Waters effort to the Northeast Regional Watershed Coordinator Mary Culler at Mary.Culler@dnr.mo.gov

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Sara Parker Pauley - Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources at the Lower Grand River Watershed Summit

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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources along with the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission hosted a Lower Grand River Watershed Summit, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013. The summit was held at the Knight and Rucker Hall on Hwy 24 in Brunswick. Activities included presentations and group discussion about water supply and drought, flooding, regulatory requirements for wastewater systems, and funding opportunities for communities. There was also a demonstration of watershed best management practices, a visit to the Grand River Access in Brunswick, and a tour of the Brunswick Missouri River Terminal at MFA Agri-Services of Brunswick.

For additional information and questions, contact Mary Culler at 660-385-8000.  

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Lower Grand Watershed Summit Sept. 10, 2013 Videos and PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint Presentations
Welcome - Sara Parker Pauley  
Randy Railsback  
Turning Point 1  
Bill Jackson Brunswick at the Bottom of the Hill pdf
Tina Reichert  
Ryan Mueller Water Resources of the Lower Grand Watershed pdf
Brad Scott East Locust Creek Reservoir pdf
Discussion 1  
Speakers answer questions  
Steve Fisher Watershed Function and Impacts of Manipulation - Lower Grand Summit pdf
Discussion 2  
Phil Walsack  
Financial Panel  
Turning Point 2  
Turning Point 3 and wrap up  

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