Spring River Water Summit Videos


Drew Holt – Harry S Truman Coordinating Council

Keri Teal – Mo Dept. of Conservation

Mike Kruse - MoDNR

Ronda Headland – Mo Dept. of Conservation

Ryan Mueller – MoDNR Water Resources Center and Gail Melgren – Tri State Water Resources Coalition

Sara Parker Pauley and Ginny Wallace - MoDNR

Diana Sheridan and Lynn Jenkins – Natural Resources Conservation Service

Eric Ferrell and Tony Noehr – Environmental Task Force of Jasper and Newton Counties

Ginny Wallace – Turning Point exercise

Ginny Wallace – Turning Point results

Jim Triplett – Grand Lake ‘O the Cherokee Watershed Alliance Foundation

Mark Doolan – EPA Region 7

Phil Walsack – Missouri Public Utility Alliance Part 1 of 2

Phil Walsack – Missouri Public Utility Alliance art 2 of 2

Robert Wilson and Josh Roe – Kansas State University

Tim Rielly – MoDNR and Scott Hamilton – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ginny Wallace – breakout session

Jim Macy – MoDNR Financial Assistance Center

Karen Flournoy – EPA Region 7

Spring River Action Items

Spring River Call to Action – Robert Stout – MoDNR and Jim Honey – Jasper County Commissioner